Conquering Inner Demons

Since April, it’s been my commitment to finally start financially growing in the way I’ve always wanted to. After creating my website, it came time to put my hands in the mud: sales.

First I made the mistake of launching Facebook Ads pre-maturely. In the moment it didn’t seem like quite a mistake, but now I have learned a lot more and decided to first increase my revenue and then experiment with ads when I have a larger budget.

In the past 2 weeks I’ve been highly committed to experimenting and learning sales. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster.

Conquering Inner Demons: It’s So Easy, In Mind

In theory, the prospect of anything is incredibly easy.

If you want to get several girls, all you have to do is buy a training program and then hit the clubs and talk to all kinds of girls. Within a year you’ll be an expert.

If you want to grow a business, you buy a training program and hustle hard. You just have to evaluate what’s most important (sales + closing deals) and then do that.

Yet that’s not what happens.

As humans we can so easily make two mistakes:

The first is over-analyzing, over-planning, yet never taking action. This is me- I have known so much for so long yet not applied it.

The problem with this one is you’re a “talker” but not a “walker.” People validate you because you sound intelligent, when in fact you are not applying what you’re talking about.

I’m purposefully writing way less on the blog for this reason, and from now on only writing about things I’ve already done rather than the theory of the future.

The second is indiscriminate action. I’ve also dipped into this, though my problem lies more in the first.

These are the people that blindly shout you need to work 90 hour work weeks. Yet they don’t make any progress. They rush to take action, yet without planning or any degree of reflection.

Alas, it is not yin or yang which we need yet both to create the whole. Success in any field is a combination of planning & thinking while also taking massive action. One without the other leads to mediocre results.

Conquering Inner Demons: Getting Assistance

One of my own problems has been being too stubborn combined with being too disorganized.

Getting organized has happened naturally as I’ve taken more action. It’s especially happening as I start to schedule sales calls and practice sales calls with other sales newbies.

Admitting that I needed help was difficult. I ended up purchasing the “Consulting Accelerator” program for $1,500 (my referral link gives you $500 off the $2k price if you’re curious) because it is the most comprehensive course on creating a consulting business.

It’s the best purchase I’ve ever made. I’ve also purchased coaching calls with others, some as high as $250 for just 45 minutes with an expert. That too was a good investment.

I’ve written previously about the “map of consciousness,” in which a “calibration” above 200 is productive and healthy and anything below 200 unproductive and not healthy.

Well I can see now that I’ve calibrated so close to 200 in terms of wealth creation- I’ve calibrated at the level of “pride.”

At pride you are taking action (sometimes), but more concerned with your appearance or image.

A prideful person also is insistent that they could “achieve it all on their own” and so they do not get help from courses or others, even when the time saved is so significant.

You see this pride rampant among the internet because the majority of the population on Earth calibrates below 200. According to the book Power vs. Force & Levels of Energy, the global average has only exceeded 200 and for long before that we calibrated right below the level of 200.

Everyone is so insistent that you can “find everything for free online,” yet they fail to realize in doing so you will lose countless hours and also get confused by free advice which is not useful.

Anyone can write a blog. It only costs me about $60 or $80 per year or something like that for each one of my websites. That’s not even the cheapest hosting either!

By going through the consulting program, I’ve been able to learn exceptionally valuable lessons and face my inner flaws.

It was not pleasant. I had to face the fury, and I still am.

Conquering Inner Demons: Facing the Fury

Recently I messaged a friend who had become quite successful in business, and recently became quite successful with the ladies as well.

Initially I had been more successful in business than he- but he soon overtook me as I regressed from courage (taking action) to pride.

What I told him was something like this:

“I realize now why I always delayed taking action. By taking action, I’m confronting all of my inner securities and even the positive beliefs I’ve had about myself that I’m smart. I feel rather stupid because I realize now ther’s so little I know, so many mistakes I’ve made, and so much to learn.”

Sometime in April, when I resolved to actually become great, I began to have some negative thoughts start popping in my head telling me that I was “stupid.”

Sometimes I’d fight it with thoughts like “I’m smart,” but that didn’t make me feel too good either.

I realized recently that thoughts like “I’m smart” did not feel so good because they came from a place of pride. What does it matter if you’re smart or not? It doesn’t matter, all that matters is the results and happiness.

I had some beginner’s luck in business, but I failed to be persistent in my action until recently.

This beginner’s luck left me with a bit of pride and self-belief that I was greater and more intelligent than I actually was.

No, I was wrong. I am far from great. Far from skilled. There is much to learn, in all aspects of online business.

Sometimes when I take action and I’m building a sales list to contact, I start to get negative thoughts and my brain gets cloudy. But I push on.

I remind myself that it doesn’t matter how smart I am, for it is an iterative process. For example, my second version of the sales outreach script was a disaster. My 5th iteration or V5 is what has performed best. V6 has been mediocre.

The problem with thinking that you’re smart is that you expect great results instantly or soon.

That’s not how life works. You must take action, measure the results, and then form a new hypothesis and take action again. This iterative process is what gets you success in all areas of life, whether it be fitness, business, or dating.

For example, one non-business epiphany I had recently was that getting a woman’s Instagram was reducing my “approach to conversation ratio.” This ratio is how many women go from approach to text conversation.

The problem with getting a girl’s Instagram is that if she has already a fair number of followers then my follow will not trigger a proper notification on her end, and my message to her will get trapped in the “message requests” folder.

I hardly have any followers yet I am constantly spammed with porno bullshit.

Does this mean that I’m “bad with the girls?” No, it just means that the previous method of acquiring a girl’s contact information was ineffective. It’s likely that some of the girls I talked to are confused why they “never got my message” because they mass delete all messages that go to spam!

The school system is a huge detriment to this as well no matter if you were considered “smart” or “stupid.”

Some believe they are not smart, yet they just had crap teachers and a broken system- they could be in fact so intelligent.

On the other end of the spectrum you could believe you’re smart and win in that system, but then feel afraid to take action (me) because when things “don’t work” the first time you feel insecure about your intelligence.

I’ve sent 690 Emails but only had 2 sales calls (with 1-2 more in the pipeline). That’s a shit ton of work. That’s a threat to my perceived identity of being “smart” or a “good communicator.”

However one iteration (V5) of the 690 Emails (128 Emails of the 690) performed particularly well. By doubling down on V5, which is where one of the sales calls were acquired and another 1-2 are in the pipeline, it’s easily possible that these numbers will be better.

Be… Without Form Like Water

If anything this growth experience has taught me that I have to let go of my identity and become like water. Having an ego is of no benefit, whether you have positive thoughts or negative thoughts. Both inhibit you when it comes time to hit a new goal.

Some days are a struggle, but I push on because I know that I must go on in order to succeed.

It’s only a matter of time until I crack the sales code, and at this point there is no limit to my success.

In the meantime, it’s more of an internal battle than anything. The consulting course gives you an easy framework to follow to get results.

It teaches you a scientific, iterative process that allows you to refine your sales processes & offer so that you and your clients get the best results.

The thing is, you can’t get attached to any identity or emotions because it’s almost a guarantee that V1 will not be effective.

Iteration is the key word here- you must always test new things and keep what works while discarding the rest!

Regulate Yourself With Data

Sam Ovens, founder of the course, reminds you to “regulate yourself with data, not emotion.”

There are several times in the past 2 weeks where I’ve felt down because I’ve opened my laptop to receive no responses after grinding on writing cold Emails.

But I had to remind myself: that’s just V1. Or that’s just V2. It’s an iterative process and you have to test a ton of things to get it right.

The great flaw with school is that you get a one-time grade that defines you. That makes no fucking sense and has no basis in the reality of life & business.

In real life, if you do not succeed the first time you are allowed to reiterate and improve over and over until you get results.

The fucking school & University system is a mess. If I send a cold Email that gets no response, that does not define me forever. I am allowed to resend another Email to a new person or hell even the same person!

What we perceive as our identity is just a temporary snapshot of where we are at in a particular moment. It’s always changing.

Conquer Your Demons

I’m sharing with you today so that you can remember to conquer your own demons and face them!

With whatever goal(s) you have in life, you can achieve them, but you probably won’t succeed on the first attempt. That’s because life is a scientific, iterative process in which you most constantly retake the test over and over until you pass.

Unfortunately modern schooling makes us think that one grade defines us forever. No, you’re allowed to try over and over until you succeed!

Even more unfortunate is that you may have an identity. Whether you think you’re smart or not, this identity will likely hold you back. You have to relinquish this identity such so that the demons have nothing to attack.

How can the demons attack if I am neither smart nor stupid? They have no beliefs to punch, and I can just focus instead on reiterating what needs to be done until I achieve the desired goals.

Be like water, and lose resistance to your goals. Plan & take massive action for maximum effect. Reiterate over an over until you get it right. Done.


Slowing Down and Organizing to Go Farther

Do you have deadlines to make? Goals to accomplish? Are you running out of time?

We often find ourselves as humans trapped in the midst of chaos between past and future.

Equally as often we realize not that our chains were shackled by ourselves, but instead point fingers to the excuses that are as abundant as the wealth we would like to create.

Life is not a sprint. This we know intuitively. Yet still heart attack is how many will end their lives- the question being, is the heart naturally so fallible, or is it that we are pushing our hearts too hard for too long?

Covering the beauty of each moment is a layer of stress and importance. We must “do this now,” yet fail to realize that the very thing which we wish to do can only be accomplished in the future. What happened to now?

This undercurrent of anxiety is pervasive in almost all cultures that I have observed around the world. The wars of the 1900’s are over, yet our hearts carry the stress of the past and the fears of the future.

Perhaps in a fleeting moment it feels as if this sense of fear is accomplishing something.

In 2018, I boasted once of finally achieving the “4 hour work week.” But each hour was filled with an intense, manic stress- I had to strain to focus. Had I relaxed my pace, the 8 hour work week would’ve been significantly more fulfilling than the 4 hour work week. Also, I could only achieve it for one week at a time.

Anyways, it left me feeling not well. There was more I knew I could do- achieving such a feat did not feel good, and so I read obsessively book after book trying to fill the hole in my life. Not even love could fill me back up.

What I failed to realize was the lack of sustainability in my habits and life patterns during this time.

When I worked, it was like a manic sprint to get to the end. It was all about trying to get it done as soon as possible.

An hour of work for me likely equated to multiple hours of work from others. Sometimes that is still so because I force myself to focus so intently.

On one end of the pendulum, you have those that brag about their 80 hour work weeks yet they fail to be productive in any. On the other you have those who sell themselves short and sprint as fast as possible during each minute they must work.

What does this accomplish, for both sides to rush obsessively to the same end? The heart, not in it for either method of life, puts out eventually.

Heart disease is the leading source of death yet perhaps we’re killing ourselves before we ever died. If the heart isn’t in it, it’s only a matter of time until reality catches up with how the heart feels.

The great lesson I’ve learned recently is to stimulate less, rush less, do less, all at the same time going farther.

Instead of anxiously rushing through each hour, enjoy each second of it, focusing on the breath and enjoying the moment. Take breaks to appreciate the flowers, the people, the sun.

In the end life is a marathon. Anyone who is coughing by the first mile of a marathon is certain to not complete the marathon, but those who run the first mile with relaxed attention are certain to complete the marathon.


In the past I worked like a maniac. It wasn’t the elusive “flow state” or “deep work” that is talked about today, but instead a state of anxiety-induced energy… An obsession to finish and get to the end now.

I would take a look at what must get done, and then proceed to rush through it as fast as possible. Sometimes my work suffered, though sometimes I produced quality work- it just wasn’t that fulfilling.

After a few hours I could accomplish more than what most people could accomplish in an entire day. But I would be wiped out.

It would then be hard to clean, make plans, feel inspired, or do anything. The sense of anxiety would pervert all areas of my life. I had to get laid “now.” I had to run faster “now.”

Many of us forget that the sprinting method was only to be available on unpopular occasions, such as when a lion was about to eat us, or when a deadline needed to be met.

Like the gluttonous creatures we are, we abused this ability and made it the norm. For many, gluttony is the most popular deadliest sin of today’s time.

I believed that because I was not fat I was not gluttonous, but oh I was so wrong.

I indulged too much in travels that burnt me out, worked anxiously until burnout, and over-stimulated my brain with social media and even self-help garbage.

Entering Slow Motion

It’s a tough lesson to learn, but one day it clicked. Sometimes the anxious energy sneaks up on me, I must be aware to relinquish it before it takes hold of me like a ship in stormy waters.

Instead of rushing so quickly to get my work done, I try to make a point of walking slowly. Of appreciating the moment.

Today I enjoyed a coffee, and tried to drink it slower, appreciating the wonderful taste it had.

There were flowers on the road, a mountain view at the end of the road, and new bookstores opening up. My Bulgarian is so good, yet I pretended to understand and looked at the books.

The flowers were captivating and appreciating their beauty brought with it a sense of calm and peace that people spend their whole life looking for.

In every purchase, every mission, every minute I was searching so hard for this sense of fulfillment. I walked so fast down the street to each next destination looking for peace, yet there were flowers lining the streets ready and willing to share with me the beauty they had to share all along!

It’s no wonder we’re killing our planet- we have eyes yet are blind to what our Earth is excitedly trying to share with us.

If the flowers could speak, they would cry- “why don’t you appreciate me?” They spent their whole lives growing into wonderful specimens just for us to rush right past them anxiously searching for the very gift they offer to us.

When you take that minute- just one minute- to appreciate their beauty, you do indeed lose a minute, but you gain the energy to work for a whole extra hour!

If you work slower, appreciating each moment of your work, you gain the ability to become fulfilled from it, work longer, and in the end go farther.

It is truly like the sport of running. If you sprint 400 meters as fast as you can, you are certain to collapse and be unable to run the rest of the mile. But if you jog calmly the first 400 meters and the other 3 laps, then you are certain to complete the mile with ease.

Connecting With Self

How many people do you see in the metro or on the streets walking calmly, with no stimulation?

No, we are already cyborgs. We had it wrong: we don’t own our phones, they own us.

It is they who choose whether we shall watch YouTube, become angry on Reddit, see photos on Instagram, or listen to music.

It took me so long to realize that this is not alone time. It is not time with others and it is not time alone- you are becoming the music, becoming the photo, or becoming the Reddit.

In each becoming, you are not with yourself. You do not feel your emotions or hear your thoughts. They become numbed out.

Today I started by playing some music on my headphones, but then observing how it disconnected me from myself, I chose to turn the music off.

The constant stimulation gets to be too much at times. It’s never enough!

When I decided to go inward, to my own emotions & thoughts, I felt calmer and better than before. It turns out that my joy was really found from within, and not from addiction called “phone.”

In going inward, I also went outward. The birds sang to me, the sun shone on just me, and the mountain offered its grounding presence to me.

The subtle things became the big things. What I was once blind to, I became one with.

I’m starting to see that many of life’s problems are not really problems. They all share the root cause of a lack of self-connection.

You don’t need advice from YouTubers or Reddit. You just need to disconnect from that, reconnect with yourself, and then those thoughts and feelings with naturally sort themselves out.

Organization & Preparation

With the anxious rush that is so prevalent today we often find ourselves lacking in organization and preparation. Alternatively the pendulum swings to the other side, and we do nothing but organize and prepare- but fail to act.

In my past I’ve either talked so much yet acted to little, or acted too fast and suddenly without care.

A fine balance of yin & yang is required to go far, or to go anywhere. To do so requires you to slow down and not get jammed on one side of the equation.

Every night it is wise to prepare for the day that is to become. This anxious energy assumes that future and past are here now, but truly relaxing in the now means that you acknowledge the future is not here- but instead you can prepare for it, and when it comes, act in the new now.

Going Farther

Through slowing down, organizing, and acting slowly yet certainly, the possibility to go very far becomes a reality.

Achieving goals is no longer difficult because a little progress is made each day. Alternatively, a lot of progress is made each day- but it is no longer through an anxious, obsessive energy!

I observe in myself so often that I will burnout by rushing things so fast. I’ll try to work too hard and fast. The wiser thing is to slow down and focus on the marathon so I can actually complete the marathon.

Smell the roses, appreciate the beauty of each flower. They are asking for it. You are asking for it, but you can’t even hear it amidst all the noise!

Let go of constant stimulation. Reconnect. Love everyone, and yourself. Relax. You need not arrive NOW, for it is each step that matters anyways.



A New Sofia: September Updates

It’s been almost 4 weeks since returning to Sofia, and it’s been filled with ups & downs.

Overall, things are good. I’m calling it “A New Sofia” because it really is unlike what it was before, in a good way.

Let’s dive in and see why that is. We’re also going to cover several interesting life topics, such as vibrations, energy, and self-improvement, so this is gonna be a long, packed post.

A New Sofia

Many things are completely different to how they were before. A lot of construction that had previously been taking place is now complete, which opened up some absolutely beautiful areas.

New shops have sprung up, and others have closed down. I’m happy for this.

Me and some friends went to get some “doners” (type of Turkish wrap sandwich, very popular in this area of the world) at a place which used to have what we believed some of the best in Sofia.

It was awful. Another place was closed. Things have changed surprisingly a lot.

Luckily we found a Gyros shop (which is similar to doners) which was even better, and I’m really glad for that. The doner shop and other shop which closed were associated with my ex, but these new places get to be a part of the “New Sofia.”

Some friends have drifted off, mainly in the sense that I feel I’ve grown up too much from them.

Others I’ve become even closer with, as it always is. I’ve made new friends already too. It’s always weird seeing these changes when returning to a city in which I had a previously large social circle.

I used to always go to this one cafe to do my work, and I initially did at first, but resentfully. It is about a 20 minute walk through several paths that require up/down stairs, which isn’t so fun when carrying a laptop & bag.

It didn’t even feel that good being there. Though it was nice seeing some of the old staff.

I found a new cafe to work remotely from, and so far I’m enjoying it a lot more than that other place. The seats are more comfy, the coffee tastier, and funny enough I’ve already made friends with some of the other regular faces I see in here.

The cafe/coffee scene is definitely subpar compared to Thailand, but I did find a couple places with high-quality coffee. Only one place truly stands out, with a taste as good as the high-quality Thai & American coffee I would drink.

On the other hand I’m really enjoying the parks & nature. Being able to go for a jog outside and around the city anywhere is amazing. In Thailand you’d eat up all that delicious pollution and potentially get hit by a vehicle!

I recently made a conscious decision to break my habits and routines. No similar restaurants, cafes, bars. I wanted to do new places that didn’t have memories with my ex.

It’s been really incredible. I’ve discovered some awesome restaurants with fascinating food.

Surprisingly I also found a place which serves Vietnamese food with Pho almost as good as the Pho in Vietnam. I’ll probably eat that again tonight.

Pushes in Business

Business has been the biggest focus since coming here and I’ve made significant progress. It’s a frustrating, iterative process testing different messages, ads, this, that, etc. until you get it right.

Of course when I finally do get it right things will just blow up such so that my problem becomes too many clients, not too little.

This is my biggest priority, and I haven’t been too concerned about dating. It’s great that I have many great friends here as well so I don’t have to worry about that area. I can just work and then hangout in the evening.

Coffee Addiction?

On Tuesday & Thursday I did no-caffeine days, and I am beginning to think there’s a chance I’m addicted to what little caffeine I do drink (100ML per day, about one cup, not often but sometimes 200ML or 2 cups).

Either that or my sleep hasn’t been good recently. I’m willing to bet it’s a combination of both.

Instead of quitting caffeine, I’ve decided to manage the potential addiction (which is NOT confirmed anyways).

You can only fight so many battles at once. Right now I’m focused on business, and not gonna lie but a nice cup of coffee helps quite the bit when it comes to the menial, repetitive, fucking annoying tasks that are 100% necessary in order to succeed.

My new routine I’ve designed is to wake up, meditate, drink coffee, get to work, and then after the first portion (or all) of my work I will eat, then workout, finish work if I have it, then hangout and do whatever.

The key thing is that I workout before the final caffeine crash, and the workout high will remove any potential withdrawal symptoms and keep me focused for the remainder of the day.

Again I’m not sure whether it’s coffee or poor sleep- so I’m also putting in an effort to fix my sleep, which is a bit difficult considering the whole “no AC in Europe despite it being a really hot summer” thing.


I do not eat until I finish the important, sales portion of my work. It seems to be an exceptional habit-building tool to force yourself to do the most daunting (or in my case occasionally repetitive and fucking annoying) tasks first thing in the day.

It quickly builds a habit: you get hungry, and the only way you’re allowed to eat is if you do the hardest thing in the day. My brain is already starting to love sales.

I don’t think I’d be loving sales so much unless it were for this habit-building trick. I’ve caught my brain saying things like “this is so much fun” when 4 weeks ago I would’ve vomited and what I currently find “fun.”

It does the trick though! I earn my food. I’m even occasionally repeating this in other parts of my day via habit.

For example while hanging out with a friend we’ve suddenly decided that before we eat dinner we have to approach pretty girls and talk to them. It’s almost a daily ritual now!

Focus & Calmness

I’m putting more effort into created a focused, calm life. Not so much social media, distractions, stimulations, etc.

Things like video games & reddit do not fulfill me anymore. I can literally feel how they pollute my brain, it’s really strange.

Instead, I often feel more fulfilled sipping coffee and getting some work done than I do relaxing playing a video game. I guess it’s not really relaxing to play a video game anyways.

A Personal Transformation

I’m starting to see why entrepreneurs that become successful often want to do nothing but work:

It’s so fucking fulfilling.

The days where I send out dozens of sales proposals, produce a new sales video, write new sales copy, and run around Sofia all while sipping coffee and making clear, legitimate progress on my goals are epic.

Then it feels often dull and boring when I decide it’s time for “pleasure and relaxation.”

My definition of pleasure & relaxation is changing from social media, video games, YouTube, and drinking to just relaxing with no notifications at a restaurant or having a good conversation with friends. Even a legit nap is better.

I often wanted to create wealth so that I could be free, yet the funny thing is I may end up choosing just to work anyways.

Already on the weekends I get agitated by the fact that I’m “not supposed” to work. A part of me really believes I should take the days off and relax, but the other just wants to keep making progress in some way.

It’s not coming from a desperate, needy frame, but from the type of frame like “dude it feels good let’s just sip coffee and work!”

I’m currently trying to find a balance in all of this. Being self-employed can be… confusing.

Anyways, I’m trying to consume less, talk less, and just do more. I want to be more successful than people think, and I think that for the past couple years everyone has thought I’m more successful than I legitimately am.

It sickens me to think that I was just full of hype like everyone else. Now I don’t want to talk about business, please no. I just want to do things.

Self-Employed Difficulties

Do I create a schedule? If I do, what if I finish work early or have more work? How do I plan my days? When should I take a day off, or a vacation?

These things really confuse me. I find myself searching for answers in Google, yet Google caters to the masses- it’s extremely difficult to find proper blogs that are not hyped up bullshit about being self-employed.

Most blogs that I do know of are hyped-up BS that ignores the true difficulties of the unique situation that the niche is in.

That’s because the truth is these blogs are not for people in that niche, but for people wanting to be in that niche.

Example: “digital nomad.” These are people that work remotely from anywhere and can travel.

That is technically me for past couple years. I find though that these blogs do not talk about the legitimate difficulties of being a digital nomad, and instead focus on all the hype.

This is because digital nomad blogs are not for digital nomads. Digital nomad blogs are for people that want to become one, or fantasize about it. Same for entrepreneurial blogs.

The truth is there are many downsides to being an entrepreneur or digital nomad. For me they are better than the alternative, but nonetheless they are problems that must be mitigated in order to maintain your sanity.

In short, I’m finding that I’m forced to find my own solutions to my problems- I am unable to find answers so easily on Google, and even many of my friends could not give the proper advice.

Often my friends give great advice, but some things are very contextual and require direct experience in order to truly understand.

Gratitude for Pains of the Past

You know what I’ve been thinking about recently? Thank GOD I was bullied so badly in school.

Okay, maybe if I could’ve changed the past, I would’ve wished myself a better childhood. I didn’t enjoy feeling like an outsider, a weirdo, an outcast. I would’ve liked to get laid, too.

But what I’ve realized is that it’s quite probable I may have never discovered entrepreneurship if I felt more like I belonged in my school, city, and social circle.

In a strange fashion I find myself grateful for many of the pains I had in my past because it’s forced me to become who I am today.

Today I often feel jaded- but in a good way. This means that little things don’t bother you. Sometimes my energy stoops into petty levels, but often I find myself super chilled out.

Sometimes someone will say something and I’ll look at them with an icy, blank stare and they suddenly put all their cards on the table. Friends that knew me in the beginning of Sofia (November 2017) report that I certainly have matured a ton- the vibe is different, more grounded.

I know now that I can overcome anything that is thrown my way. It’s a matter of when not if.

And as for things such as the isolation I felt in my teenage years, it is likely that which drew me to entrepreneurship and digital nomadism.

If I had “belonged” to a group, then perhaps I would’ve gone to University like everyone else and never even considered the possibility of an alternative. I would’ve succumbed to group-think, perhaps.

My own trials of the past led to me thinking independently and analyzing my options from an objective perspective. This helped me realize that entrepreneurship was much safer than having a “secure job,” and that the pay-outs would be a lot better.

I’ve just observed in myself a certain icy groundedness that I never could’ve imagined I’d actually get so fast.

Perhaps almost a year of daily meditation is to thank for this. There is usually a peaceful place inside I can always ground into.

I don’t remember when exactly I began (perhaps it’s even been more than a year), but for a very long time now I’ve meditated 10+ minutes every morning. Sometimes 15, sometimes 20, but 10 at the bare minimum.

The effects are compounding. It’s a solidified habit, and I’d feel disgusted if I didn’t meditate in the morning. I can go without eating- not without my morning meditation.

While I don’t want to die now, I even find myself now more comfortable at the thought of my eventual demise. It’s just another experience. Times have changed…

Letting Go of Fears & Emotionalness

In the big push to finally do what I’ve always wanted to do in business, I find myself confronting many fears and emotions and doubts.

When my online ads didn’t perform so well, I became emotional and worried. But I’ve learned to calm and ground myself, and see things objectively. Then I fixed it and it was all good.

Same for my new form of sales I’m currently doing. At first I wasn’t within KPI (key performance indicator). I became emotional and worried.

But then I was like “bro, you’ve done this for 5 fucking days, and this is version 1.”

I’ve realized now that the reason so many people do not achieve their dreams is simply because they lose sight of the iterative, scientific process that is required in life in order to succeed.

Whether you’re picking up girls, optimizing your health, or growing a business you need to be scientific and iterative in your methodology.

This means that you test, measure, collect feedback, and then re-test. It’s so crazy how we are not taught this in school, and even crazier how easy it is to forget this.

Today I think I’ll even print this out as a reminder to read & see every single day.

When something doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean that you are the problem but instead that the action does not produce a result.

My favorite book is “The Science of Getting Rich,” for no other reason than the title (but it’s totally worth a read, I’ve read it over and over).

Just like Chemistry, if you combine two elements there should always be an exact result. Is the true not same of life?

There are many variables, but there IS a scientific way to succeed. But it’s easy to forget that.

For me my “Beta 0 and Beta 1” sales letter performed very poorly. I created a “Updated V1” than has performed a bit better. Yesterday I initiated tests with “V2.”

It’s so ridiculous to think that I become so frustrated and emotional after just a few days of my sales strategy, when I hadn’t even tested multiple variations in the advertisement’s messaging!

That’s how emotions work though.

Now I’m not saying you should deny your emotions or self-attack. It’s important to feel them, express your anger in working out, and cry when you feel sad.

Just you can’t let it mess with reason. I recently went through an incredible course about business, and one of my favorite quotes is:

“Regulate yourself with data, not with emotions.”

Things almost never work the first time. It’s the 8th iteration of testing that makes you profit.

I keep reminding myself of this, and already it’s paying out. My V1 tests performed better than B0 & B1. I hypothesize V2 will perform significantly better, but I have to put it to the test before confirming anything.

In short, I’m not being so emotional. Instead when I get emotional I review the data, and this reminds me to not be so emotional.

Business is really like Chemistry. If you want an explosion, you will have to test several combinations of chemicals. The vast majority will not create the desired result.

When you finally get the desired chemical combination for the desired result, well then you know what works, and so you can create as many explosions as you want.

The metaphor of course being that when I finally master client attraction, it will suddenly be a problem of having too many clients because I’ll be able to create that desired result over and over.

Fluctuations in Vibration & Consciousness

Recently I’ve really taken a liking to the book I read earlier this year “Power vs. Force.”

In it is a map of consciousness. I find it to be highly accurate, and it’s fascinating seeing the dynamics play out in areas of my own life.

Here it is:

I believe that we have a “baseline level of consciousness” and then multiple layers without yourself.

For example your average may be an energetic calibration of 205. But over the weeks on some days you may calibrate at 125, and on other days 350, totalling an average of 205.

Anything under 200 is considered unproductive and unhealthy. You will not typically get positive results in life under 200.

It’s really fascinating. On some days in the past month I’ve derped on Reddit and gotten triggered by posts. Typically something on the relationships subreddit or “Am I The Asshole” subreddit. Just silly drama stuff, you know?

On those days I notice my vibe dipping into fear, desire, pride, and anger. During this temporary dip my muscles tighten, and things seem to become more difficult. My own energetic level becomes lower, I feel less inclined to clean and work, etc.

On other days where I’m identified with “higher level attractor patterns” as the author writes, such as Courage, Willingness, and Acceptance, I find myself filled with vitality, passion, gratitude, and a good energy.

Things come easier. I get results. I can focus longer. People smile at me.

When I first returned to Sofia, my vibe dropped substantially. I likely calibrated somewhere between grief and anger. This could be due in part to pain about my ex still, but there were likely other things I had to take responsibility for. For example, massive sleep deprivation & jet lag.

During the first two weeks, things seemed to be quite fucked up! My laptop stopped working effectively (though there were hints of this in Thailand), I dropped my phone and it shattered, I had an enraging encounter with a jerk, and other things.

Now most people would consider it “bad luck.” I don’t believe that.

I believe that I attracted shitty life circumstances because my vibe dropped.

For example, once I was crossing the street and a car decided to jump on the accelerator to intimidate me. I was already in an angry vibe, flipped him off and spit at him. I walked away, and he got out of his car. When I realized he was about to yell at me, I stormed back as he got back in his car and spit at him again for good measure. Then I left as he got out again.

Most people would say “wow he’s such an asshole, bla bla bla.” And probably justify my anger.

But I know that that’s not the case. The fact is this old man was in an angry vibe, I was in an angry vibe, and we came together and found a way to manifest our anger collectively.

When you’re in a certain vibe, you attract situations that justify that vibe and also focus on things that reinforce that vibe.

Perhaps from his perspective he was already turning and I was an asshole for running across the street. From my perspective I had the right of way and he was an asshole.

But you know what? I was in an angry mood. For all I know now, I may have unconsciously purposefully put myself in a situation that would trigger someone to treat me poorly so that I could unleash my own anger upon them.

Yeah, I know this might sound a bit “out there,” but upon reflection the only times I have ever experienced such things is when I was already in an angry vibe and looking to take it out on someone.

I once had a very similar situation happened a year and a half ago, same thing. Guy decides to jump the accelerator to intimidate me. But again, I was already in an angry vibe. Coincidence?

I also don’t believe it to be a coincidence that my laptop hard drive started to fail (it still works but the WiFi on my laptop is broken- and the hard drive will fail any day now). It also wasn’t a coincidence that I “accidentally” dropped my phone and shattered it. Nope.

Subconsciously these situations were created in order to perpetuate my grief, fear, anger, and desire- all energetic patterns that I was likely calibrated in during that time.

These “negative” things allowed me to be upset and despair (grief), made me fearful of the future because “what if my laptop fails and I run out of $ buying a new expensive one” (fear, and I need a high-powered laptop for video production for client), anger (why is this happening to me), and desire (I want a new laptop, phone, etc. but “can’t”).

But all these vibes I was in BEFORE these “negative” things happened! They were created by me or attracted to me to perpetuate my reality!

Another thing that happened is I rushed purchasing a new laptop. I ended up not researching laptop specs, and purchased a VERY slow laptop.

Now that I’m clear-headed, I am like, “oh shit,” because if I had just spent $500 more I could’ve got an exceptional laptop… and I’ll have to buy a better laptop anyways, so I’m kind of “out” on the money I spent for this temporary, low-quality laptop.

Increasing the Vibe

To increase my vibe I’ve meditated, visualized Buddha/Jesus or “the source of the Universe,” and actively taken responsibility and action for fixing the situation.

And strangely things started falling back into place. For example, a woman randomly messaged me on Instagram. She saw a comment I had made on an advertisement for that amazing course I bought.

She wanted to buy it, and I told her I had a referral link that would save her $500. It would also pay me $500, which would cover the laptop cost. She hasn’t been able to purchase yet, but she might.

My sales work is looking up too. One prospect told me that they didn’t want to hire me, but she may offer me a one-time payment for some video production for an online course she’s creating.

My guess is that the amount she will offer will be enough to cover my “bad laptop,” and potentially a new phone also.

As I’ve consciously made an effort to identify with “courage, acceptance, and willingness” by taking responsibility for my situation and actively improving it, I’ve observed things falling into place and everything improving.

By actively reminding myself everything is gonna be alright, things are becoming alright. It’s cool how that works.

I’m not an expert on increasing your vibration. And whether or not you believe in the map of consciousness (ie. the energetic component of it), the fact is that it is a highly accurate map and your average level of calibration will determine the results in life that you get.

Energetic Map + Dating

One final thing about this, is that what is fascinating is observing how even dating plays a role on the energetic map and how it affects my whole life.

As mentioned earlier I’m not too concerned about dating. I’m focused about business. But I’m not gonna lie, I’d like to get laid. Or at least go on some dates.

I’ve observed and spoke to my best friend about this. What I’ve been experiencing is “desire” for this particular result.

When I would see a pretty girl, I’d often think “damn I’d like her to be my girlfriend.” It’s okay to have these thoughts, but occasionally they’d dip into “desire” which means that you wish that it was true when in fact it isn’t.

Here’s the interesting thing: I notice that when I approach a pretty girl and ask for her number, I immediately feel healthier, energized, and happier. Even if she flat out rejects me.

This has ALWAYS baffled me. And EVERYONE- all men I’ve met- have observed this phenomenon as well.

“Wow, getting rejected actually feels amazing,” is a common thing you hear among men that go and approach girls they are interested in!

What the fuck? Isn’t it supposed to hurt? And sting? No, it often doesn’t, instead it often feels amazing.

Now I understand. Here’s why:

When you just look at the pretty girl and fantasize, you are in the state of “desire.” You want it but don’t have it. You aren’t doing anything about it.

Now when you approach her, regardless of the result, you move into the state of “courage.”

Remember that courage calibrates at 200, and anything above 200 is considered a “powerful attractor pattern” that will fulfill you and energize you. Anything less than 200 (ie. desire) is not healthy.

So the simple act of approaching a girl and asking her out immediately moves your calibration into at least 200. In some cases, when you are feeling neutral or willing to do it, you move into the calibration of 250-300 which is significantly greater than desire, which calibrates at 125.

Suddenly when you do that approach and go for what you want, you move into a higher level of consciousness regardless if you get a good result or not!

This also explains why I’m enjoying business & sales so much too. Things like Reddit which have the potential to trigger me lower my vibration and thus calibrate below 200, but business and taking action calibrates above 200 which gives me more energy.

Even though I’m “not focused on dating,” I’m observing that still approaching pretty girls makes me feel fucking amazing regardless of the outcome. It energizes the fuck out of me!

When you actively embody beliefs & actions that calibrate above 200 (again see the map of consciousness above) your entire vibration increases. You can also consciously release things like anger, grief, and shame, which is like letting go of chains.

It’s so cool to realize, and this map of consciousness is becoming something I am starting to live by. It explains many of the strange phenomenon I’ve observed in life, such as how getting rejected by a girl can make you feel 10x better than not approaching her in the first place- you took action, you embodied courage (or perhaps even willingness).

To Immigrate, or Not To Immigrate

I could honestly see myself living in Sofia, Bulgaria- at least for a whole year. Nothing is confirmed yet, I make no promises.

While I did love Thailand, I reported before that one problem of Chiang Mai is that they have a “smoky season” in which pollution reaches extremely dangerous levels. I haven’t been there then, but people who have only have negative things to report.

I think that I will often visit Thailand as almost a “second home,” but it’s probably off the tables for a primary home. That could change, but I don’t see it being my home for now.

This means that it’s Sofia or Phoenix (or somewhere in the USA) as a primary home base.

I don’t want to think about this right now. For now I’m just enjoying Sofia, and I really could see myself living here now.

At the same time I find myself nostalgic of some of the memories in Phoenix. The desert mountains, parties, and fun was great there too.

I’d need to earn a lot more in order to live there, but with my business goals that should soon become feasible. I’d sure be curious to try it out.

For now, I’m not worried about it. I’m happy in Sofia. So I’ll stay as long as I can, and deal with the next problem only when it comes.

What’s Good With You?

So that’s what’s up with me. What’s good with you?

You can hit “reply” and let me know. (:

Thanks for reading!


Taking the Plunge & Starting a “Real Business”

Long-time readers may have observed that recently my rate of writing has decreased massively, and same for the effort I put into my posts. I also have stopped posting YouTube videos.

In fact, I’m not gonna lie- a lot of my old posts (especially from a year ago) make me cringe so much that I have seriously considered deleting them.

By not watching those videos or reading those blog posts, I’ve saved myself from my own cringe and thus have left them up, both for those that could extract value from it and as a testament to my own growth.

I’ve hinted at this before, but the reason why I’ve stopped writing so much is because I’m focused on starting a legitimate business now. And I don’t want to talk about it.

Seriously, shoot me in the balls then the brain if I start writing more about this new business that I’m starting.

One of the things my ex said of me that really stung was that I was “more talk than do.” It stung because it was true.

I was just a talker. Talking about the theory of business. Talking about the theory of marketing. The idea of getting wealth and all that crap.

For a moment I believed my own bullshit. But with the help of her truth and an icy reality check in which all my friends started making wayyy more than me, I couldn’t deny it:

I was a talker. Not a do-er.

I started out over 2 years ago way ahead of the curve. I was doing better than everyone I knew at this online marketing stuff.

But I became complacent and started talking about ideas & success, and getting too caught up with the “4 hour work week” instead of actually finding work that I was passionate about and committing to excellence.

It often felt like something was missing in my life, and I never realized that it was because I wasn’t committed to excellence in any area of my life. Working more not from a place of avoiding pain but of legitimate commitment to excellence has been one of the greatest things for my mental health.

Anyways, in the past couple years I went from being #1 of my social circle to last. Even those that were “not smarter” than me blew me away financially.

While I was stuck checking my budget when it comes to accommodation and searching for the cheapest flights, my friends could fly first class and get luxurious accommodation in first world countries.

Now I’m not saying here that I have started this new “real business” just to compete with my friends- that’s silly.

I’ve always wanted to start it. I’ve always wanted to do “real shit.” I just made excuses and got trapped in all kinds of other distractions.

My ex-girlfriend was one of those distractions and that’s no fault of her own. I didn’t have my own sense of self in the relationship, and so she became too important to me. Instead of taking alone time to work on my purpose, sheand the relationship became my purpose which was so unhealthy for both of us and unfair to her.

I’ve always been inspired to run Facebook Ads and get really, really good at them.

When I first ran my own online ads in 2016 they were a complete disaster. I spent like $75 just to make $15.

Then in 2017 I ran my own ads again while in Montreal. Surprisingly they were profitable for like the first $20- I sold a couple T-shirts online which was insanely exciting.

At that time I didn’t have a deep understanding of Facebook Ads though, and so I made some mistakes with the advertisements that led to their demise. I was tight on cash in Montreal as I was saving up for some medical treatment, and never ran ads for this business again despite it always being in my mind.

After Montreal I traveled through Europe, and let myself get too distracted by alcohol and fun and parties. It was probably a necessary thing I had to go through as I had never felt so socially connected and had so much fun in my life.

The downside to this was that I burnt down previous client relations. I vividly recall not having any WiFi in Belgium and having to frantically work to make a deadline.

In Budapest when I had WiFi again I discovered that my ads I made for this client were so awful and filled with English mistakes you would’ve thought I was an Indian scammer. It was embarrassing. I fixed the situation but the client relationship was burnt and I never received more work from them.

It was in early 2018 in Bulgaria when the stagnation really began, and thus my temporary decline. For whatever reason I stopped trying to get new clients. I made a little from Cryptocurrency investments (remember when BTC was blowing up??) but that was it.

I also had little concept of “taxes” and no clue how they worked. When it came time to pay my 2017 taxes in 2018, I thought I could write off many of the medical expenses I had- turns out my understanding of taxes was wrong, and I owed thousands to the government.

I was able to pay it, but I was complacent in replenishing my reserves. Things got dangerous when I started to spend too much in Bulgaria. Again this was me getting distracted on my relationship- I was spending too much on her and on myself and to make it very clear it was not her fault but my own.

Then when I left for Cyprus, I found myself unable to adjust to the currency exchange of Euros compared to Lev. Things were 2x more expensive, but I was too complacent to adjust my living.

It was quite unwise and I really lacked a concept of how difficult it would be to get new clients- I had gone too long in “easy mode.”

I didn’t realize it then, but I learned an important life lesson then (which you should write down):

Never, ever become complacent.

You can observe in governments, celebrities, and large corporations that they have a great product/service but then things get “too good” and they lose their roots with what originally made them successful.

They ride the wave of success, but because they’re not doing what originally made them successful their downfall is inevitable.

I was lucky to not fall completely- I always had a client which was supporting me (which was more of a remote job, to be honest).

The great mistake I made was forgetting my roots in 2018. However I should add it wasn’t all bad as I was fixing my health and social life, areas which had always lacked as well. It was likely a necessary stage in my development.

Backstory aside, here’s what happened next.

I had a big mental crash in late 2018 as my finances were tight, my relationship had ended, and I felt really crushed in Thailand. When I went back to the USA for a while I found more work and began to actually take shit seriously.

The crash served as a stark reminder to not lose my way ever again.

In fact, I now understand why you have to do what makes you feel passionate or gives value to others. When things get “good,” you get complacent if you aren’t doing something that you love.

This is so important you NEED to understand it.

You MUST find something you love or learn to be passionate about it, otherwise you will become lazy when things get “good.” You will sacrifice becoming great for being good.

The thing is, good never lasts. Being great as an ever-evolving art which takes daily practice.

Good can last a day, week, month, or even years but ultimately good runs out. Only those committed to excellence and being a great survive.

Now that I’ve understood this, I’ve made it my commitment to become excellent in Facebook Ads, stop making excuses, and focus on serving clients rather than trying to print wealth off of the internet.

Whereas before the internet marketing felt dark & scammy, it now feels like a moral pursuit because I’m focused on legitimately giving value to my clients.

For the past several months I’ve been taking action on starting a REAL business. And I don’t intend on doing a lot of writing about it because it already takes up so much of my time I have no time or care to write (especially because this writing isn’t profitable).

Step 1: Skill Development

First I developed my skills for free. I could’ve told Facebook Ads but I decided to work for clients for free or heavily discounted rates.

Financially I’m okay because I have a remote job in which I provide social media + content creation (like writing) which is a great job that I love. I also met this client in Texas in person after 2 years of working together, and we had a blast so I’m really committed to giving value now.

Because I am okay I was able to focus on skill development. It was hard at first, but I knew more than I could imagine.

Very quickly my skills became validated as I was able to acquire leads for clients at a low cost per lead. For 2 realtors I was getting good results, and the same for a software development agency.

However I realized a problem: clients didn’t value my work when it was free and often lacked the follow-through to get results off of my work.

I was able to get them leads, but they weren’t able to close the leads. This is because they had pre-existing beliefs about Facebook Ads that were negative, or they themselves were too complacent.

For example, the software agency was getting leads from me at $1.69 per lead. Given their services are extremelyexpensive, they only needed to close something like .25% (1 in 400) of the leads to still be racking in a massive profit.

Yet they ignored my advice about Email marketing followup, and contacting the leads within 24 hours or same-day. The CEO was lazy about is sales and had investor funding, so they weren’t sharp.

He complained that some of the leads forgot about them. I said, “no shit that’s what fucking happens when you contact the leads 5 DAYS AFTER I GET THEM.”

Noting that clients are lazy, I’ve made adjustments to the lead generation system so that clients get only the highest quality leads. 99% of people are not cut-out to be salesmen, and so I had to do a lot of the qualification myself.

My new advertising system helps to prequalify leads so that clients are only talking with leads that are the most qualified and warm to boost their morale.

Even when the results were so great they only needed to close 1 out of 400 leads to be massively profitable, clients were still upset that they had 10 rejections in a row.

Anyways, I realized that charging my clients was the way to go because then they’d take my advice seriously and I could invest more of my time to developing the pre-qualification system so that clients don’t waste time on leads which could blow up their sensitive egos.

Skill development? Check.

Step 2: Web Development

In Bali & Chiang Mai I created my own website, which you can view by clicking HERE. It is

The website isn’t perfect, and I’ve received a ton of amazing feedback from ya’ll about what could be improved. Thank you!

The most important part about the website is that it builds credibility and acts as an online portfolio. Even more important than that I’ve created an extensive application process that new prospects have to go through before they can even get on the phone with me.

I’ve had prospects apply but they don’t meet my qualifications. Great. I was able to cancel the call before it even began and save myself time.

Again the website is absolutely not perfect. However it’s “good enough” and that’s all I need to move forward. I’ll adjust it as needed.

Step 3: Testimonials

Next I wanted to collect testimonials from clients that I had legitimately served. I am not satisfied with my current list of testimonials- I want to help more clients and get more testimonials from even better results, but for the time being what I have is “good enough.”

One realtor created a video for me saying I “over-exceeded his expectations by far… Thank you Michael!

I’ve also created case studies of clients that I’ve helped. Examples include getting leads at $1.69 per lead, getting 400k+ page likes and making the client #1 in the niche, and getting a 17x ROI on some Amazon Ads.

Did you know I’ve also successfully worked with Owange Pranks, the #1 prank YouTube channel in the world?

Click the link “Ownage Pranks” for the case study. Being a long-time fan I was always super pumped to work with them and receive the testimonial, “Michael’s expertise has been quintessential in getting us on the right track.”

All this being said, I’m not satisfied with any of this. I want more testimonials, better results, and one day a giant catalog of videos on my website of happy clients.

One day I want so many testimonials that I have to delete all these testimonials because they aren’t good enough.

For example the realtor testimonial feels slightly fake because he ended up deciding not to cancel the contract once I requested payment. He was happy to give the testimonial and help me out, but not happy enough to stick around long-term.

For the time being it’s all good- but like I said I have my goals for a true list of happy testimonials.

Step 4: Biting My Own Words

Most advertising agencies are full of shit and you can confirm this because they don’t even run their own advertisements!

Who the fuck would I be to run ads for clients but not for myself?

Right now I don’t have the greatest budget, but I’ve ran ads regardless. I’m investing my own cash even though I don’t have a ton and that’s because I know I can get myself results.

No more excuses. I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do for years now.

Today I woke up and finally got almost all preliminary metrics within KPI, which stands for “key performance indicator.” It’s a fancy way of saying that I’m on track to be printing off clients off of Facebook Ads.

Step 5: Facing Uncertainty

I’m not gonna lie though- there were some emotional moments during the course in which my ads ran.

On one night I got results that were around $1.70 per lead and I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep all night. Then no one opened my Emails (but a few leads) from Email marketing, and my “free course” basically accomplished nothing.

When I created a revised funnel, I felt uneasy about my ads.

I found it quite difficult to not be super emotional about the advertisements. I doubted myself, questioned whether what I was doing was right, and wondered whether I was good enough.

There were times when I opened my ads dashboard and I just wanted to scream and cry because I wasted the budget to get something like $50 per lead- and then the automation system was fucked up so I wasn’t even able to nurture the lead, making the cash lost!

Another time I screwed up a code which meant that the Facebook Ads dashboard was reporting my results were exceptional when in fact I had 0 results. A whole day’s worth of budget was lost, which I think was just $15 or $20… but still.

During every step of the process of fixing my ads, my website, and my funnel I had to relax and not freak out from the fact that it felt like I was tossing my hard-earned money into a black void.

I had to relax, and diagnosis the problem carefully. Sometimes my targeting was off. Sometimes my ad copy was not good.

When I learned finally to see the situation objectively, I found it quite easy to fix my ads. Instead of ads “failing” they were simply “out of KPI” for various metrics, and then I was able to fix those issues.

For example, maybe an advertisement was receiving clicks to the landing page but no one was converting. Well it was either the landing page which needed fixing or the advertisement was misleading.

In this case the advertisement I had created was misleading, and it didn’t fit well with the landing page.

I then deleted the advertisement and created some new ones, and the results started pouring in!

Today as I said I got all of the preliminary metrics within KPI. Now I’m ready for a larger-budget test, but first I have to fix some of the other parts of my funnel.

Step 6: Creating + Fixing the Funnel

The exact strategy I’d use for clients is what I’m using for myself. It is an advanced funnel that pre-qualifies the leads and limits the number of bad leads I have coming into my system.

I went from $1.70 per lead to $10 per lead, but now they’re much higher-quality, my email marketing emails are being opened, etc.

It’s calculated that I could spend as much as $15 per lead as long as they’re qualified and still make a massive profit, so I’m doing just fine.

My current funnel involves sending a prospect from my ad to a landing page, then they have to input their Email in order to get access to a free video.

The free video is intended to excite people about my services, and from there they can apply for a “free strategy session” with me. This isn’t the landing page, but if you were interested in my services you could apply HERE.

Once they apply for the free strategy session they have to fill out an extensive application that allows me to prequalify them. I only want to be on the phone with leads that are ready to buy.

If they don’t schedule a strategy session, the Email marketing system will send them an invitation to the free strategy session and then if they don’t they’ll be taken through a lengthy automation sequence which is a series of Emails over the course of 2-3 weeks.

I created a free course which I’ve turned into an Email automation sequence! The goal is to warm people up and give free value, which then will excite them to schedule that free strategy session.

Step 7: Moving Forward

I’m super excited for this “real business” as instead of me working kind of like a glorified job remotely I’ll actually be helping clients. The skills are validated, I have positive testimonials, now I just need to fix this process and then the sky’s the limit (and not even).

As soon as I get a new client all of those funds will be reinvested into my ads. Once I have the process for generating & closing leads via my Facebook Ads (which I’m quite close to achieving) things should “explode” via the “Law of Explosions” (based on my previous post).

Right now I don’t have the system perfected, but I will soon. As soon as the system is working and I have extra funds to invest into it things will really get going.

I’m working on setting up other processes and getting organized, as disorganization is a huge problem of mine that I’ve observed as well as all of my friends have reported on as well.

With organization I’ve estimated both an income cap and a client cap that I can personally achieve until I have to start hiring help. That’s a problem for another day.

It’s Hard, Yet Easy

I’ve accepted the challenges of starting a real business, such as investing my own funds, embracing difficulty, and having to learn online phone sales.

In a way it’s hard. There’s a lot of work to do. On the other hand, I realize that as soon as I get it right it’ll be “easy” and things will just explode.

I have realized that many of the income goals I’ve set are too short because as soon as this system is perfected of signing on new high-ticket clients from my ads there will really be no limit to how many clients I can sign on.

If my goal was to 3x my income, well that’s just too small because as soon as I do that I can invest all the additional funds into ads to sign on new clients, etc. This process will really explode until I need to hire help and cap out my max work.

This is It

That’s all. I just wanted to share and announce to the world my goals and what I’m currently working on. If I write too much about this, call me out and make sure I stay focused. Shoot me in the mouth if I talk too much. Not literally, please.

I have talked too much for too long, and the only reason I’m writing this now is because it’s more of a report than just talk.

There are legitimate results which I’ve earned the right to talk about now. I am currently averaging around $10 per lead, and a 1 in 3 open rate for my post-lead Email marketing. I have spent hundreds in my own advertising, and actually biting the bullet I’m selling to others.

I won’t be writing that much from here on out for the reason that this is my purpose, and writing is not a profitable activity. It’s not even that enjoyable anymore. I am kind of cringing at this post just for the fact that it’s like an hour of writing that doesn’t move me closer to my goals in any way.

My mission is to become exceptional with online ads, service clients and get astounding results for them, and scale this up and start hiring people.

I’m finally doing what I’ve always wanted to do, and it feels great.

Here’s to taking the plunge and doing some real shit!



Energetic Spirals & the Wave of Fortune

Have you ever had a day, week, or month where literally everything seemed to be going just perfectly?

First you close some extra business deals, then you get a girlfriend/boyfriend, then you get a free dinner for no reason…

Such occurrences can be observed on the micro level (minutes or hours) or on the macro (months). It can also be observed for little things such as getting a free coffee, or big things such as job promotions and dating.

Furthermore these occurrences are both positive or negative.

I was blessed to have been exposed to energetic-related books at a younger age and study this, and now I’ve been able to observe it in my own life and others.

It’s really freaky how it truly is a law of the Universe that things form energetic spirals.

Let me start by giving some examples of energetic spirals from my own life. You will soon be able to see the spirals in your own life.

Case Study 1: “Law of Explosions”

Something I may have written about a couple years ago is something I called “The Law of Explosions.” I can’t remember whether this was published, but I definitely observed this Law in Montreal.

Basically what I had noticed in my life up to that point was that I often saw that I’d have no results in a particular area of life, but then suddenly it would feel that overnight I would have all of the results in the world.

I first observed this in business. I would have no clients, and then suddenly I’d have more clients and work than I knew what to do with.

The time it took to close my first deal was quite some time, but the time it took to close my second, third, and fourth was significantly less.

When I went to Montreal and later Bulgaria I observed this “Law of Explosions” in my social and dating life as well.

First I’d have no friends and be completely new to the city. I’d put in a ton of effort into meeting a lot of people. I would not be invited to things.

Then seemingly one day I’d wake up and I’d feel like a mini celebrity. I’d be getting recognized on the streets, have more social invitations than I could imagine, and feel great socially.

In dating this effect is particularly pronounced. One day you have no girls, next thing you know you have more girls than you know what to do with!

In fact I even wrote a long post about this, but I haven’t published it yet because it might sound a bit too egoic and goes into some other interesting stuff such as NoFAP…

The short version is that I observed dating followed the same pattern in every single city:

First you have no partners. You have no dates. You have to put in a ton of effort, and nothing really comes of it. The first few dates in a new city almost always suck.

Then you meet someone with whom you connect a bit more deeper with. That’s great, and most people stop there. If you keep going you’ll meet exponentially more people that you connect with, and have more dating partners than you can possibly imagine.

What was this “Law of Explosions?” Why was it that everything seemed to explode out of nowhere whether financially, socially, or in dating?

I was onto something with the “Law of Explosions,” but it would take another year until I actually discovered what it was.

Case Study 2: The Breakdown of Everything

In Mid-2018 when I had to leave Bulgaria for visa reasons, I entered more of a victim, docile state and stopped participating with so much effort in life.

Not just one area of my life suffered- everything seemed to suffer.

First my finances started sucking. I had to work really hard to try to find another client. I was unprepared for Cyprus, and especially the cost difference compared to Bulgaria.

Suddenly my relationship began to fall apart as we fought more and more, and me and my ex could not handle the distance. Boundaries were crossed.

I was alone, I felt alone, and I didn’t ask for help when I needed it. Instead of taking massive action, I rode this energetic downward spiral until the end of 2018.

At the end of 2018 everything had seemingly fallen apart for me. The relationship which was previously so magical was dead and left me shattered, my finances were less than ideal as I would have massive taxes to make up on, and I felt more lost than ever.

Everything is Connected – Quantum Entanglement

During each energetic spiral the strange truth that everything is connected in life became quite apparent.

There was no such thing as finances falling apart while relationships were maintained, and vice versa. While some areas of life received a greater impact (ie. total relationship destruction), other areas subsequently suffered in the meantime as well.

It’s very rare that I’ve observed one area of my life going amazing while everything else sucks.

I’m sure that it’s possible with others, however I haven’t really observed that. In general what I observe in people is that a couple areas of their life are going great, and other areas are going well.

It’s less common to see someone that has one area which is doing absolutely amazing and others which are doing completely awful, but it is possible.

What is Happening Here?

This effect can be coined “Energetic Spirals,” and when things are going well the “Wave of Fortune.” You can read more about it in “Reality Transurfing Steps I-V.”

When something goes well and you feel great, you attract more great things into your life which creates a self-fulfilling prophecy so things continue to go well.

The same can be true for when things go bad, if you let it be so. Something goes wrong, you get upset, and then things continue to go wrong.

For example, I recently returned to Bulgaria from Thailand and everything seemed to go wrong.

I got sick. I couldn’t eat. I was heartbroken again for a week. My laptop also decided to fail me, so I had to purchase a new one. The culture shock was more than I could’ve imagined. My muscles had become tight.

You have to be careful about energetic spirals because they are sneaky, both in the positive and the negative. Most people are completely unaware of them and unfortunately ride negative spirals downward.

Energetic Spirals, Decoded

Why this happens I can’t even be 100% for sure.

On the logical level when something good happens your brain’s focusing system begins to focus on more good, which makes you positive. When you’re positive other people receive good feelings which makes them more likely to serve you and continue to give you good things.

Imagine if someone just started screaming at you at work today for no reason. You probably won’t respond positively.

What’s probably happening there is the angry person had something bad happen to them, and so they’re in an angry mood. Because they’re angry they begin to attract more angry events onto themselves.

I think that many people get trapped in these energetic spirals without even realizing it.

People say “The world is an angry, mean place,” and then they go about life treating everyone like shit, and then their reality gets confirmed because no one likes being around that person!

I believe that there’s also an energetic component, in that certain events are literally attracted to you when you are sustaining certain vibes for extended periods of time.

Riding the Wave of Fortune

The great news with this is that when things are going well, it’s easy to ride the wave of fortune and continue to attract greatness into your life.

All you have to do is to continue to mentally replay the great events that have happened recently, and actively express gratitude to others, yourself, and to the Universe/God/whatever.

The gratitude brings you closer to the good things which happened, and mentally replaying it helps you feel better and believe more in the goodness of the world.

Now you can ride the waves of fortunes!

Avoiding Pitfalls

The hard part is not falling for traps when something doesn’t go perfectly as planned. When things go wrong, it’s important to maintain a clear vision, and keep your brain positive otherwise you can activate a downward spiral.

That doesn’t mean you should deny your negative emotions. Cry & release if you feel sad. If you’re angry go for an intense workout, or channel it into a creative pursuit.

The important thing here is to not channel your negative energy into yourself or into others. It’s okay to ask for help, but don’t channel anger into random people or those around you, for example.

It’s also critical to avoid a “victim mindset.” It’s all too easy to fall trap into thinking that you’re a victim and the world is against you.

I’ve observed this within myself to be even more subtle. In my case my ego will maintain a facade of control & responsibility, but it’ll replay a mental story in my mind of how everything fell apart.

The mental story will be about how things were great, and then things fell apart. The mental story will repeat itself over and over.

The key thing in the story is that it is unconscious and happening suddenly in my mind. Things are happening “to me” and not “for me or with me or because of me.”

When this happens you have to consciously take control of the story and say, “Yes, this happened, but now THIS is going to happen.” Then you have to take massive action into making that thing happen.

Basketball Study

There was a study done in which professional and non-professionals had to shoot basketballs into a hoop.

First they did so in silence, and this served as collecting a benchmark for this person’s skill. For example, they may have scored 5/10 baskets, 6/10, etc.

Then the group of people were split into two groups. One group would have a crow that boo’d them and told them they sucked as they shot the basket. The other group would have a cheering, great crowd.

As expected the people with the cheering crowd did a bit better always. This is why it’s important to have people that support you and love you for who you are.

The other group of people had a crowd which actively put them down during the basketball shot.

A strange thing happened: some people become worse, whereas others did not get worse at all!

What the researchers uncovered was that some people were affected more by the negative crowd than others. Those that allowed the crowd to control their emotions performed worse.

On the other hand, those who were professional and were used to adversity were able to channel the negativity into an energy which worked for them, or drown it out entirely with focus.

In the same way this is how we overcome downward spirals- we acknowledge that the negative energy exists, but we don’t let it drag us down.

Sadness, anger, rage, hatred, lethargy, and all the negative emotions sometimes come about.

The important thing is to consciously acknowledge it, then focus on your objective anyways. If you feed into it then you will activate a downward spiral.

When you feel a good emotion you are allowed to indulge in it, not so much so that your happiness turns into pride, but indulging in such a way where that you are actively expressing your gratitude for this thing happening. This attracts more goodness, helps you perform better, and thus the wave of fortune gets activated.

Leverage in Life

To really understand energetic spirals you must observe them in your own life and others.

When things have gone wrong in the past, see if it let to things going more wrong as you indulge in the negative emotions and let it drag you down.

When things have gone well, try to reflect and recall if any other things went especially well in the hours, days, and weeks following the good event.

The first step to leveraging energetic spirals in life is to observe them. Once you can observe them and confirm their reality, then you are ready to leverage them.

When you can properly leverage energetic spirals by releasing negative energy and embracing positive energy, you can grow at an exponentially faster rate.

Decoding Energetic Spirals in Social Life

As an example, here’s a decoded energetic spiral in social life.

First I would have nothing in a new city. I’d have to put in a lot of energy in order to meet new people. The results would be little.

Over time though an exponential upward curve would begin to take place. On week 1 I’d have 1 friend, on week 2 I’d have 3, on week 3 I’d have 8, on week 4 I’d have 25, so on and so forth.

As you can see in that made-up example the increase every week was not linear. I did not gain a single friend every single week. Often what happens is I’d go from one friend to exploding over the course of a month.

Of course in this particular example you are limited to what you can socially handle, so eventually the exponential curve evens out once I hit my max.

The reason this happens is because when you don’t have social abundance it’s very hard to get more social abundance. It’s easier to get what you already have.

As soon as you make one friend, you can go to a party with that friend and meet all of their friends. Once you’ve met all of their friends, one of their friends will have several more friends to introduce you to.

The hardest part is finding that one friend to take you to a social event. Once you have that, everything “explodes” via the “Law of Explosions.”

Rich Get Richer…

If you look up the wealth map of various individuals, you’ll see that their wealth often follows a similar pattern. It explodes exponentially over time, and this is due to the Wave of Fortune that they have learned to ride!

Leveraging Spirals & Waves of Fortune

I have previously described how to leverage spirals & waves of fortune.

In short you must not get attached to negative events and never develop a victim mindset.

When things go well be grateful and replay those positive events over and over in your mind.

Take massive action towards creating a positive future (but do it in the now) and you’ll be more likely to activate a wave of fortune.

Once you activate a wave of fortune, keep putting in massive action and don’t become complacent.

What often happens in companies and governments (and even relationships) is that a lot of effort is made, but then when things are good the company/government stops trying and loses their grounding. They then crash and lose the wave of fortune.

As long as you stay committed to putting in the effort, your results in whichever area of your life will grow exponentially.

You will create more wealth, develop greater & higher-quality social circles, get a great dating life, and more.

The key is finding & riding the wave of fortune…

Surf on,