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The Hustle Is A LIE

You read that title right. Everything about the hustle is one big F*%#!&# lie!

I simply don’t buy into it. Don’t get me wrong, you gotta “hustle” for small periods of time here & there, but it should never be a lifestyle.

There are too many issues with “the hustle.” In today’s post, we’re going to break down why you shouldn’t aim to hustle, why it’s a lie, and what you should do instead.

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Fulfillment Found Through Experiences

You ever feel dull sometimes? Bored, not exactly happy, but not unhappy either?

Yeah, I know this feeling. It’s shitty.

Unfortunately our societies are designed to be this way, all around the world.

Many people walk aimlessly, with no direction or purpose.

It’s okay to not have a purpose, but I refuse to let life be dull. Here’s what I’ve discovered about boredom, fulfillment, and life experiences.

Boredom Is The Enemy

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Expanding The Business

In the past year, I’ve enjoyed a great pay for a relatively low work-load.

My goal then wasn’t too work too hard because I was dealing with a lot of chronic pain.Now that I know what it is & how to beat it, I’m excited to get back into business.

My Work n’ Travel Business

For those of you that don’t know, I am a freelancing digital marketer.

This means that I setup & monitor Facebook Ad campaigns, Google Adwords campaigns, grow social media accounts, and also do E-mail marketing.

I’ve got a variety of other skills as well, but that’s the gist of it. The short is “I grow business’s online presence through digital advertising & social media.”

Expanding & Conquering

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Certain Sugars Are Actually Healthy

Not even one hour after sending my last post, I got a great response from a great friend, Taylor, regarding sugar occurring in fruits & jams.

I’ve been asked this before, so I thought I should respond for everyone to see.

Taylor’s Message

Your article was very intriguing, you say you don’t eat sugar which of course means cake and ice cream. There is natural sugars in apples, bananas, and stuff like that. Do you eat any natural jams? I love peanut butter & jelly which is why I ask.

These are all great points & questions. Here we go!

Fruits & Natural Sugars

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Avoiding Sugar Traps

Most people in today’s Western World are drug addicts. Their unknown drug of choice?


Sugar is infested into our food supply. Most foods have added sugar, or they’re processed.

Either way these are foods not designed for humans to eat. They are designed to trigger pleasure in the mouth, so you keep buying them.

Eating Healthy Is… Hard

When I first started experimenting with no sugar half a year ago, I found the challenge rather difficult.

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