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Adventures in Dieting: The Last Cheat Day

A few days ago, it was about one month since I had eaten any sugar!

I was curious to see what sugar would do once re-ingested, since it had been so long.

So I had a cheat “evening” as I call it because I was only eating a cake + ice cream.

Here’s the story.

Sugar-Free = Amazing

Before eating the sugar, I was feeling absolutely fantastic. The sugar was eaten last Friday night, and I had just completed one of the hardest work week’s in a while.

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Feeling Lonely, Missing Home

The past few days have been some of the hardest of this year. 

To update you, I got deported unexpected from Bulgaria with about a week’s notice. I’ve lived in Bulgaria for the past 7 months, and I fell in love in Bulgaria but also with Bulgaria. 

My friends, lifestyle, and home in Bulgaria were the best I’ve had in my whole life. For many moments I could admit I was genuinely happy. 

The Deportation & Cyprus

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How To Find Your Life’s Purpose

There is no one “secret” or “trick” to finding & being on your life’s purpose. 

Anyone that says otherwise is a liar, or clueless. 

Feeling purposeful & living life fully requires multiple keys. In today’s videoI cover many of the keys I have found for myself. 

Today’s video will cover the keys of feeling purposefulas well as how to put it all together.

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Experiencing Extreme Choice Fatigue & Culture Shock

Today was grocery-shopping day in Cyprus. I grabbed my wallet, walked to the store, and…


The store was huge! It was like a small Walmart which, in Europe, is huge.

In the center in Bulgaria, everything is so tightly packed together. Even in my girlfriend’s village, the supermarket was quite small & packed. There was not a lot of free space.

I’m sure there are huge supermarkets in some places in Europe, but so far my experience has been that all across Europe things are… small.

Small by North American standards, that is. Everyone in the USA is used to insanely huge Walmarts, Targets, HyVee’s, and the likes of that.

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First Impressions of Cyprus

Just last night I landed in Pafos, Cyprus, and I’ve spent my first day exploring & preparing for my extended stay here.

I’ve met locals, tried some local cuisine, and even went to the beach! Here’s what I think so far…

I’m Now Bulgarian

First I must mention just how “Bulgarian” I’ve become. I’ve adopted so many traditions of Bulgaria’s culture that it’s a culture shock coming here!

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