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How To Digital Nomad

For over 2 years now, I’ve been making money online and able to travel the world. I’ve lived in Bulgaria for almost 1 of those years, and actively visited at least 13 countries. 

Everyone asks the same question: how? Am I lucky trust fund kid, or a magical wizard? 

Neither, it’s actually surprisingly easy to make money online and travel, but you of course don’t realize that until you join the community of people doing it. ​​

The term “digital nomad” refers to a (relatively) small group of individuals that make money online while traveling, or living in low cost-of-living areas such as Thailand. 

There are two big hurdles to being a digital nomad: income and logistics. 

First, you need to be making money to travel, that’s just a plain fact. Yesterday I went surfing in Bali, but I also worked on a few different advertising campaigns for clients. Some people save money working a job then travel, and simply can’t fathom that I’m not on perpetual reaction. As shocking as it is, yes, I am actually working. 

That’s where the second piece comes in: logistics. You could have a great job but if you’re tied to a single location then you can’t travel, except on vacation time or off time. 

Logistics also includes stuff like, “how do I get international data,” or better yet “how do I avoid international transaction fees with my bank?” 

Accommodation is a huge part of logistics as well. Most people don’t know that cheap accommodation exists so they blow away a month’s worth of work on an expensive hotel that’s actually no better than an AirBNB. 

I’ve made countless mistakes on this journey, but I’ve also done a lot of research so I’ve also been very prepared. I now take for granted my knowledge in the subject of online income & travel- it comes like instinct. 

Alas, I do remember the times when I thought it was just a fantasy to live in a place like Bali or Bulgaria. 

“If only I could be part of the New Rich making money online and traveling,” I thought every night in Phoenix. 

Lucky for us all, dreams do come true- if you focus on them and you’re willing to take massive action. 

Income & logistics is a long, complicated thing to explain, which is why I’d recommend getting this guide.

It was created by a digital nomad friend, and I was actually featured on his YouTube channel in an interview which you can view by clicking HERE. ​​

The guide is currently discounted, and I do make some affiliate commission. 

However, I assure you it’s a completely legit guide. I was uneasy at first at promoting something to my friends- in fact I believe this is the first “offer” I’m sending out! 

After looking through the guide though, I became impressed. It actually has a TON of information about creating an online career, securing online fortunes, and traveling on the cheap. ​​​​​​​

It’s hardly any cost for the value that you’re provided with. Telling the digital nomad story is filled with a lot of confusion- and sharks that only make their money hyping up how to make money online! 

The friend that made the guy has an “actual” online job- coding at ActiveCampaign (and this is actual the Email marketing service I use personally as well as recommend to my online clients). 

If you want to know how to digital nomad, get the guide now. ​​​​​​I don’t stand by a lot of digital nomad stuff except this guide. You will learn several ways to make money online, have several resources, as well as how to travel on the cheap. I will personally be skimming it again after writing this because even I saw things I didn’t recognize. 

Hard link:

If you have questions hit me up. 

-Michael  ​​​​​​​



Waking Up

Today I was randomly browsing some YouTube videos relaxing in the shade when the reason why I love travel/adventure/business so much: waking up.

No, I’m not speaking about the kind of waking up you do at 8:03 in the morning.

What I’m referring to is whether you’re actually conscious of your life, or if you’re stuck in some kind of haze not really going anywhere.

In many of my posts, I have referred to Bulgaria as some of the happiest times of my life- the reason for that was because I was living in a foreign country, making more money than I ever had, but most importantly the entire experience forced me to be conscious.

Currently I am in Canggu, Bali (Indonesia) and feeling very alive and great also. That being said I’d also be lying if there wasn’t a tiny bit of stress/discomfort involved.

Now though I’ve learned that stress is actually good for you. It helps you grow, stay alive, and most importantly stay awake!

For example, a recent struggle I had was finding better accommodation. I was staying in a wooden bungalow that had sound transfer literally right through it, so I wanted to find something better and cheaper.

I searched over many places, drove to many locations and researched the town of Canggu.

It wasn’t always pleasant, but it was necessary. I’ve now moved into a place which is in a prime location and just $425 for one month! That being said, there still might be better so I’m giving it a shot for a few days and then going with the flow.

I also have other goals/things up in the air such as whether I’ll go to Bangkok or stay longer, when a friend will come visit me in Thailand, etc. (the list goes on and on, such as where I’ll do yoga too, etc.).

Adapting to Bali while also getting a social life, handling business stuff, and all the other things of travel is not easy. It’s not always pleasant either.

It does keep me awake though, more than anything else. This is also why I’ve previously enjoyed “picking up girls” so much (or being in a great relationship). Sales is also exhilarating because you have to be very conscious to succeed in it.

I’ve also made a commitment to become excellent in Facebook Ads, and while not all days are pleasant, it sure keeps me awake too. Today I got a client 2 new leads for just $14 which feels amazing, but the next day I may waste $20 and I will feel frustrated.

But it’s worth it- and it’s not worth trading for anything.

What is “Waking Up?”

Waking up is more a feeling of general aliveness than anything else. It’s something you can’t easily put into words but rather just feel.

Deep down you know whether you’re awake or not. You know whether you’re truly living on the edge or losing yourself to a derp state.

In Phoenix for the past few months, I spent too much time not conscious. I was derping on video games, moping around about my ex, and while a lot of the tears were necessary I also was neglecting growth.

It also just didn’t feel like I was actually growing or improving, or that I was completely alive- perhaps that’s because of the long commutes because the family home is so far away from the center.

There’s just something about being completely independent, alone, and out in the world that makes me feel so alive. Better than alive, I’d say it wakes me up.

Again the same is true of entrepreneurship. Working a job was a derpy thing to do, but now my income rests on my own shoulders. Everything is my responsibility, and that wakes you up- fast!

It should be noted that being “awake” doesn’t always mean you’re completely happy or feeling good, however being awake tends to make you feel better.

If you’re practicing gratitude along with being authentic/living “on the edge” to be awake, then you will likely feel amazing- this is where I’m at right now.

Are You Awake?

The more I grow, the more I realize just how asleep I was and how so much of the world is. It feels like I’ve truly broken out of some matrix.

Freedom is invaluable. Working hard on it brings such a sense of purpose to my life.

One quote looms in the back of my mind is I write all of this- Tim Ferriss in his book “The 4 Hour Work Week” states something critical: boredom is the enemy.

As soon as you become bored with life, you aren’t really living.

I feel finally fresh again, here in Bali is where I’m meant to be right now, for I am so awake.

Everything is worth waking up for, otherwise I don’t think you’re really living life.

Are you awake?


Master Skills

Hey friends! I haven’t been writing so much recently and that’s because I just landed in Bali, Indonesia last week and it’s been a blast. 

I’ve also been really focused on upgrading my skill-set with Facebook Ads. 

The resolve has been made to become a true expert- someone who can get tons of leads for almost anyone at the lowest price possible. 

It’s been an exciting adventure filled with many ups/downs. Some days I got leads for my clients as low as $3 per lead, and I was filled with ecstasy… then the next we wasted $30 just for no leads and I crashed into the lows. 

As intense as I make that sound, I’m enjoying the whole process, and committing to excellence in something has brought me a lot of energy & purpose recently. 

If you haven’t committed to excellence in anything, then I’d highly recommend it. It really helps set your priorities, and it also guarantees future income. 

In my case I’m focusing only on giving value until my skills are top notch. Financially I’m good now, so minus well sign on some free clients and bring them exceptional results before charging anyone. 

If you or anyone you know is in need of Facebook Ads, NOW is your one chance to leverage my services free-of-charge. 

Normally I charge thousands of dollars per month to sign on a client, and I’m very picky with the clients I bring on. 

However now that I am obsessed with becoming an expert marketer, I’m taking on as many clients as possible in order to upgrade my skills to that next level. 

Eventually I will charge you (or whoever you refer), but only when exceptional results are first being delivered. Give value first, cash in later. That’s what I’m doing. 

Think you (or someone you know) needs Facebook Ads? Hit reply right now to this Email and let me help! 

It feels great to focus more on giving, and it’s making me also incredibly passionate about business. My focus these days are to make other people money, and once I perfect that process, I’ll be making a fair amount myself, too. 



Daily Universal Synchronicity

The Universe is so clearly interconnected and energetic, it’s absolutely crazy. In fact ever since making the choice to “be happy” and stop moping over my ex and go to Montreal, I’ve been experiencing new connections, surprises, and TONS of synchronicity.

When I came back from Montreal, I immediately purchased a one-way flight to Bali, Indonesia.

Since then about DAILY I’ve experienced a new synchronicity or strange coincidence. I am super upbeat and energized writing this for a new one literally JUST happened!

In this post, I will share with you some of my life synchronicity recently. Keep in mind this is happening to you too- you just have to open your eyes and be aware. Living authentically will help aid the process as well because when you’re on your “true path” things will start aligning in strange ways.

Wild Universal Synchronicity – Stories & Meanings

In Montreal I met a girl and we became good friends for the duration of the stay. We met with her randomly sitting across from me in a coffee shop.

We connected then, and when I went to add her on Facebook we were both utterly surprised to find out we were friends- but we didn’t remember each other! We had no chat history either.

Upon trying to figure out how we could’ve met (as we both were traveling frequently in the past year), we realized that 9 months prior we met on the street in Montreal randomly and she was going to give me some advice on moving to Germany as an American.

I traveled the world from there, and she around Europe. When we met in Montreal I was there for 2 weeks and her for 2 months. We both left to travel. When we met again in Montreal, I was there for 2 weeks and her for 3 weeks- again we were in the same time period. Strange, huh?

Other synchronicistic events happened in Montreal, but it got especially juicy upon returning to Phoenix. I immediately purchased my one-way to Bali, and that’s when shit gets weird…

A day or two after returning, a random guy asked if he knew me, much similar to how me and the girl in Montreal met. Turns out we had crossed paths 3 years prior in Phoenix, and had several mutual friends.

We connected, chatted for a bit, and we both learned stuff from each other. He now may refer a potential client or two over to me, and I’ve offered up any travel help I possibly could as he wishes to live a lifestyle similar to me.

The day after, in the same restaurant, I met a girl from over 2 years ago from Phoenix. This story is especially crazy.

One day me & a friend were going to the mall to try meet some girls. He wanted to meet this girl but was nervous, so I pushed him to meet her. They met, then met randomly later at some epic party event. He then invited her to his New Year’s Party from 2017 to 2018.

Me and the girl met, we instantly connected and had a deep connection for about a week before going our own paths.

We then met 1 day after she broke up with her ex, and just a few days after I returned back from Montreal. That week we kept “coincidentally” meeting ALL OVER THE PLACE that week, and one time we met 2 or 3 times just in one day.

We decided we needed to hangout- the Universe was clearly connecting us! In fact, the way we reconnected was funny- I overheard her on the phone saying “I want a tattoo,” and after her call I told her I wanted one also. We then realized we knew each other…

Instantly our meeting had synchronicity because I wanted a tattoo, she was talking about getting a tattoo, and then we reconnected. Oh but it gets crazier…

We’ve been connecting a lot- she’s become a wonderful friend very quickly. She uplifts me quite a bit and she says I do the same for her. We’ve also been teaching each other a lot about relationships, spirituality, etc. especially as we are both getting over our exes.

Yesterday while hanging out, we were talking about travel. She was considering doing a travel trip somewhere- perhaps Asia & Europe.

She told me of a place she had always wanted to go to, where they teach something very particular. It was somewhere in Thailand. We looked up the location and… it was in the one place in Thailand I haven’t been to but really want to go to!

I’ve always wanted to go to Koh Phangan, Thailand, but haven’t gone yet. Suddenly she is free to travel, and she also wants to go to that island (but didn’t even know which island…). We are now currently planning to meet in Thailand and explore that island together.

Oh but it gets even crazier. This girl loves “Acro” yoga (am I misspelling this?) which is basically where 2 people work together to make one person fly or something like that.

Tonight I was invited to an event where they do this, and I decided to go. I will meet her and her friends and this community.

Of course first I must work- so I am currently in my favorite Phoenix coffee shop, and the barista I always see “randomly” asks what my travel plans are. I tell him that I’m moving to Indonesia next week. He says, “where, Bali?” I respond with “yes, Canggu!”

He tells me he has some friends there that practice.. can you guess it..? ACRO YOGA! He will now give me their contact information. I just texted my friend interested in Acro that I feel she will have to make a Bali trip too…

With no effort of my own, I already have 2+ acquaintances that I can meet in Bali. One is successful in business, so I’ll be plugged into that. The other practices yoga & spirituality stuff, so I’ll be plugged into that. I also randomly started messaging with a guy from Reddit who is surfing in Bali, so we may hit up some surf together.

Before I knew I was going to Canggu (famous for surf), I couldn’t decide between there or Ubud, which is more-so in the mountains. I asked my heart what I was feeling, and it leaned towards Canggu. That day I went to yoga, and my yoga instructor told me “a restless mind is like waves, and you need to learn to surf them” (or something close to that). Coincidence?

To make this all a bit more humorous, I randomly decided to read “The Celestine Prophecy.”

Guess what the first part of the fictional book is all about? Synchronicity and coincidences, of course! It’s just so hilarious how with all of this synchronicity I randomly pick up a book that is… about synchronicity!

The synchronicity goes on and on, my friends. The Universe is beautifully connected, and it wants what’s best for all. The Universe is working through all of us. If you pay attention to it and live authentically, you’ll notice all of the strange coincidences.

In fact the last time I wrote a post about synchronicity in this coffee shop 2 people behind me started talking about synchronicity in the Universe at the same time…

You can’t deny that there’s something “more” going on in this world. I used to not believe in such things, but now the evidence can’t be denied! The Universe is truly mystical and beautiful, and energy permeates through each of us and all things.

Pay attention to the synchronicity. It is everywhere. It is always. Everything is happening for a reason, IF you open your eyes to it and go with the right flow.

Every day recently I’ve been experiencing synchronicity to some degree. It’s truly beautiful to witness. Live authentically and pay attention and you’ll observe the same mystery (: