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Know Yourself + Life Update

Hey what’s up! In today’s blog post, I will share with you some useful life-things I’ve learned, and then share some updates on what’s been going on in my roller-coaster of a life.

I’m now in Sofia, Bulgaria, and a bit dazed to be honest. The culture shock every time I come back here hits me, perhaps because I don’t have a girlfriend here anymore to help ease me in.

I also partied it up + jet lagged myself AF in Amsterdam, which is why I’ve been feeling quite fatigued.

This experience has led me to realize some self-things, which I can share with you to your benefit. This first thing has been on my mind for a while.

The Distraction Addiction

I recently read a book called “The Distraction Addiction.” It was great, though quite lengthy, with fascinating tangents.

Reading it is a true test to one’s ability to focus. I’d say it’s an excellent book, but only if you can hang in there long enough for the all the pieces to epically come together.

In today’s society, we are filled with so many distractions: video games, TV, YouTube, social media, this, that, whatever.

I’ve blamed in the past many problems from this surge of internet usage, however now I am doubtful of the degree to which the internet has actually damaged us.

Simply put: now I believe, as realized from the book, that “distraction” comes from within. We simply find outlets to fuel that distraction.

I wouldn’t argue against the point that certain internet sites can inhibit your ability to focus. They are literally designed to distract you, and keep you on their sites.

However, I realized that the “need for distraction” came from within. It was “ego,” in a sense.

Even without the internet, your mind wanders everywhere. It can hardly stay focused on even the breath in meditation.

We must learn to use the internet consciously- to not go down endless loopholes, get triggered by keyboard warriors, or get distracted when we’re supposed to be working or studying.

You can download some software to help with that (I use BlockSite for Chrome), cut out some sites, and try to use the internet less…

But ultimately your ability to focus is reliant primarily on your mindfulness. If you are aware of what you are focusing on, and aware of those tempting feelings that make you distracted, then you can let go of them… And focus.

I think this is becoming increasingly important. I know that for myself, distraction addiction is a huge problem hindering my success in life.

It prevents me from self-connection, identifying my own needs, growing my business, getting dates, and ultimately doing what would make me truly fulfilled.

Distractions are low-hanging fruit that temporarily ease the pain of being a human. Embracing the pain and handling the situation is what’s better for you, though harder in the short-term.

Speaking of this, I recently downloaded video games and started playing again. Oops…

Know Yourself

Now I’ve learned a self-lesson. I play video games to self-medicate the pain of jet lag, culture shock, emotional pain, and well… Fear.

I typically have video games deleted completely off of my computer, but during intense periods of my life, I tend to re-download them.

The gaming is typically great at first. My recent go-to game has been CS:GO, but I’ve played all kinds of other games.

At first dying or losing doesn’t bother me. Then, I get on an epic win streak. Because I haven’t played the game in a long time my focus is razor-sharp & the game pairs me with new players that I can easily defeat.

The wins are exhilarating. Sometimes I save the game for my team, eliminating 3 enemies and defusing the bomb all on my own with no help!

Then the high/low cycles start… Maybe I get angry at a teammate for not playing with the team and costing us the game. Or I rage when I lose focus (Distraction Addiction?) and miss some otherwise easy shots.

The truth is that for all humans we have these patterns & habits, and I think it’s very important to know them.

You can make more conscious decisions when you know what your patterns & weaknesses are, to prevent yourself from falling into a trap.

For example, when I am jet lagged all I want to do is sleep. So I’ve set up a 2-alarm system that wakes me up from one alarm, then I must enter another room for the second, besides which is an open window shining light in, and a large glass of water.

The past 2 mornings were rough. I wanted more than anything to return to bed. But I out-smarted my tired-self, the sunlight + water was too stimulating for me to return to sleep!

When you know your patterns, you can also be more self-compassionate. I am more accepting and not self-hating for my sudden video game habit.

My brain is just like “WTF is going on, I’m in Bulgaria,” and I’m also incredibly tired. I let myself play video games on flights too, which likely primes my brain for more video game playing when I arrive in new destinations far away.

In the end understanding yourself allows you more self-compassion, you can better set up life for success (instead of deluding yourself), and you can prepare for what you know will be an inevitable desire.

2 Weeks of… Woah

Speaking of travel, I’m now in Sofia, Bulgaria. The past 2-3 weeks have been much more hectic than I would’ve liked. In fact, the past 1-2 months have been fairly brutal.

In the past 2 weeks I’ve been in Montreal (which was incredible), Texas (business), Phoenix (family), Tucson (Gov. stuff), Phoenix, Amsterdam (2-day layover), and Sofia. I’m tired!

It’s good that I understand myself better, as normally I’d be getting down on myself for my constant fatigue, hunger, exhaustion, distraction addiction, and all around feeling weird.

Now I just know that I’ve burnt out on a lot of travel.

This isn’t something I’d like to continue. My goal of “traveling less” for 2020 is off to a rough start!

The problem can be traced all the way back into December or even November of 2019 though- I was optimistic to return to Phoenix to see family, however I didn’t create a plan for what’s next.

I was enjoying life, going with the flow, whatever, so I thought it would be great when I arrived. I was wrong.

The jet lag & reverse culture shock hit me. Turns out I really don’t like the city of Phoenix either, primarily due to the long commutes from where my family lives. It’s also not THAT social of a city when compared to Montreal, Sofia, Chiang Mai.

I thought I’d “make the next decision when I arrive,” but what actually ended up happening was a lot of confusion & procrastinating.

This led to a mess of events that leads to where I am now. Derp.

Important self-lesson: consequences you are experiencing today were unlikely from actions you took today. The things you do MONTHS AGO affect you RIGHT NOW.

So make sure you’re making good decisions- it’ll make or break your future you!

So… Bulgaria: How Are You?

To be honest, I’m struggling over here. It was a hard decision to come.

Go back to Chiang Mai- November 2019. I had just left Bulgaria. I felt sad to leave, but visa rules and all that.

At that time my intention was to return to Bulgaria- either to get a long-term visa, OR to do half Bulgaria half Thailand.

Something changed though… I don’t know what it was.

I learned a lot more Thai. I went deeper into relationships there. My heart opened up. I found some Thai friends to go running with. I ate more Thai food. I partied. I got work done. I had such an incredible time.

When I returned to Phoenix, my intention was to still get back to Bulgaria as soon as my visa fixed itself.

One day, I went into a Thai restaurant. I spoke Thai. The waitress asked when I would return to Thailand, and I said… 1 month.

Did I lie? I don’t know. It just happened. I wasn’t sure to make of what I said.

At some point, I don’t know when, my heart started desiring Thailand more and more. Perhaps that could be the place where I could live longer-term, it thought? And by that, I mean 1 year commitment to start?

I’m feeling drawn there. It’s good there. And I don’t have to leave every 3 fucking months.

Visas are easy and affordable. They make sense. The visa-extension takes an hour at most, most of which is spent waiting. You don’t even need to speak with someone- as long as you provide the right documents, which is CLEARLY LISTED & WRITTEN IN ENGLISH, you can get a visa.

Compare that to Bulgaria, with one of the most confusing & unclear immigration systems. The rules are not clear. The rule is to not speak anything but Bulgarian- even to fellow EU passport holders.

At some point in my stay in Montreal, I wrote a super long blog post that I never published. It was left hidden, just for me. I might publish it later.

It was just me ranting about the ridiculousness of the immigration here, when compared to most other countries in the world. Of every nation I’ve been to, Bulgaria is very likely the hardest country to move to.

It would cost thousands of Euros, AND a flight to Chicago, + 1 month waiting, AND YET ANOTHER flight to Chicago.

No wonder Bulgaria is losing population – it’s near-impossible for non-EU members to move there!

Waiting for the Truth

I guess the way I could describe it is a sense of meaninglessness. Like, “what the fuck am I even doing here?”

If I’m being completely honest, I wanted to return to Chiang Mai first, but they have a 1-2 month burning season which is going on right now. This is when pollution gets bad due to wildfires + farmers burning their crops (among other reasons).

Of course, this feeling of dullness is amplified by my sleep deprivation & jet lag, which is taking a bit too long to pass.

That + culture shock is a recipe for bleh. Not to mention derping too long on video games fries the brain!

I “know myself,” so I’m gonna wait it out before I accurately assess the situation. I do truly appreciate my friends here, I just don’t feel good yet due to my travel fatigue.

That being said, I’ve calculated the cost of loss if I decide to leave Bulgaria early for Thailand.

It is manageable. So there is that chance that I might decide to leave early and go to Thailand.

I didn’t want to go anywhere new in 2020. But I still have to take care of my happiness, so I’ll go to a new city in Thailand until the burning season in the North passes.

While there are some legitimate downsides to Bulgaria that ignite this feeling, a big source of it is just the knowing that I must leave in May anyways. For yet another 3 months.

It’s not healthy to say “I’m not going to enjoy where I’m at because I’ll be going soon,” but if I really am internally seriously about living in Thailand, then it would indeed make more sense to rip this band-aid off now instead of letting myself meet some girls here, get new friends, and all that just to say good-bye when that time could be spent creating something that’ll stay at least a bit longer.

“Why Not Stay Right Here…?”

A couple weeks ago in Montreal I also had an interesting feeling: why not just move to Montreal?

I was enjoying it. Hanging out with an awesome group of international & diverse friends. Dating really cool girls.

Sure Montreal is cold, but people don’t let that stop them. People live life to the fullest there- go out, eat some food, drink cafe, hangout at the bar, go for a walk!

And… Immigration is likely easier. I don’t even know if I’d “have” to (it might be possible literally just to go and stay without much paperwork).

Also in Montreal I planned out the next year or so- I have a general plan with contingencies included for the rest of 2020.

It was good doing that, but I think I’ll add another contingency: the “stay where I’m at” contingency, where if I’m really liking a place, maybe I’ll just move there.

Things change quickly. When you only have 3 months to make friends, many don’t stay too attached when you’re gone for yet another 3 months. Even if I do.

So why not just stay where you’re at, and develop that further? I was seriously considering that in Montreal. I love those friends. They were incredible. I felt so good.

I’d say the experience of Montreal was 9/10, maybe even 10/10. And I want that clearly written for my own reference, in case I forget that.

Every time I go back, my same old awesome friends are there for me, and so are new friends & girls. It’s incredible. Things happen in Montreal. And it’s diverse!

My mentality is simplifying these days. Instead of analyzing so much, I’m trying to be in more of a productive, action-orientated mode. “Just go” or “just do XYZ” is more common of a thought nwo for me.

Why complicate it?

I would like to see what’s in Thailand, so I shall do that. And if that doesn’t work out, then I’ll likely move to Montreal.

Unless things suddenly change for Bulgaria, the prospect of me living here long-term is starting to dim out. Which makes me sad. Which makes me want to buy the next flight out and get it over with now, because goddamnit I have too many awesome friends here and I would truly enjoy living here for a year straight to go deep on it… But the fucking government..

It’s kind of funny. Bulgaria makes it so hard to immigrate, that now I’ve spent too much time in other places (Montreal & Thailand), so much so that they’re taking my heart away.

We’re gonna see where the wind takes me.

For now, I’m gonna try to sleep off this jet lag. It’s possible that I may feel better and suddenly I may be convinced this is my one and only place, worth fighting for. Or not.

A clear mind is needed to tell.



Stop Learning!

I want to STOP learning. Yes, you read that right..

“The possession of Knowledge, unless accompanied by a manifestation and expression in Action, is like the hoarding of precious metals — a vain and foolish thing. Knowledge, like Wealth, is intended for Use. The Law of Use is Universal, and he who violates it suffers by reason of his conflict with natural forces.” — The Kybalion.

This quote, along with other writings in The Kybalion have painfully stuck with me for years.

The Kybalion is a book about the ancient Hermetic teachings that came out of Ancient Egypt.

It’s quite hard to understand, but once you “get it,” it’ll hit you deep. However, this last part is extremely clear, and applies to all facets of life.

Avoiding Learning… At Painful Costs

Today I had to drive from Phoenix to Tucson (and back), which was easily more than 4 hours.

I also went to another town 45 minutes from my town in the Phoenix area for a business event, and now I’m writing this at (yet another town) Arizona State University so I can rest & relax before driving some more.

I’ve spent A LOT of time driving. And what better use of that time than to listen to podcasts & content on how to better myself?


I could emotionally feel it. I wanted to, by instinct, turn on podcasts, self-help material, and learn, but I just couldn’t do it.

As fucking boring & awful as it was, I listened to one painful song after another, or even no music, as I drove hour after hour.

I did listen a bit to a business program that I had purchased, but I was re-listening to content I had learned before. Now I was re-listening so I could solidify it.

Needless to say, it was a boring trip, and most people would be perplexed as to why I didn’t turn on some self-help or business podcast to put that use to “good time!”

But WHY Avoid Learning?

I didn’t take that quote from the Kybalion seriously when I first read it. I was in a period of my life where I was growing fast, and that meant absorbing all kinds of information.

My first long road-trip from Nebraska to Arizona was filled with valuable self-help content, and one of the videos I listened to was so inspiring I permanently downloaded & backed it up so I can always have it.

Learning is necessary, up to a point. I won’t argue with that; the point of this post isn’t to say “never” learn, but instead to “stop learning once you’ve learned enough.”

There comes a time when you need to stop talking & take action. Otherwise, you get jammed on endless information-gathering, which eventually paralyzes you.

Right now I’ve taken more action, but I still have a ways to go to catch up with my knowledge level.

I “know” many things in the brain, but I don’t “know” them in the body because I haven’t applied them in reality.

I’ve been tortured for years about business and self-help information that I have not yet applied.

Once you’ve learned something, it’s impossible to sleep well until you apply it. I can’t think of anyone I know that learns how to succeed in business or with dating or this or that and can go to sleep calmly without putting it to action!

This is a dangerous habit to break: YouTube is one click away, begging to share more information.

Friends and entrepreneurial circles are constantly trying to share books, blogs, podcasts, authors, events, speakers, programs, etc…

Now, in reflection, I realize that I know quite a bit. When I apply things, my theories are either proven correct or adjusted to fit reality, but each day I apply things I can sleep a bit easier.

Stop Learning, Start Acting

I really like this blog’s description of the Kybalion quote, as well as his examples of Analysis Paralysis and the deeply negative effects it has.

The author writes about something called “Rapid Practical Integration,” which is a fancy way of saying that you should only research the next critical thing you need to accomplish.

For example, don’t research how to hire employees, unless you actually need to hire employees (I’m writing this to myself).

This applies for whatever you’re going for. Don’t research “how to meet women” unless you’ve actually tried to meet women and are experiencing a specific problem.

First, experiencing a SPECIFIC problem is MUCH easier to solve than a generic problem. Second, if you apply everything you learn in a program, you’ll have a foundation of reality to work from, instead of getting stuck in the brain.

All the time I hear absolutely ridiculous theories about social dynamics, travel, and business, and I know they’re ridiculous because of my extensive experience in the subjects (less so in business, but you get the point).

Base Yourself In Reality

In the end, life is meant to be lived, not thought of.

Do you really want to think about business, about fitness, about attracting that ideal partner?

Probably not.

So go get it! Go out and actually apply something, as that’s how you succeed!

You’ll have to ‘fail’ a bit at first, but that’s okay, because in the long-term you will succeed.

No More Learning!

That is why I’m avoiding learning, even when it seems obvious to do so. I simply see no more value in mindlessly “learning” more information.

All it will do is cause me more restless nights as I process the information and think of ways I can apply it.

In a world where you can be and do and learn anything, it’s important to stop entertaining the options at a certain point.

You need to take action. Bring ONE thing into reality, and if that isn’t satisfying, then go onto the next!


New Business Project

In yesterday’s post, I shared some of my logistical plans for 2020, and some tiny lessons for you.

This post will be far more interesting, and far more actionable for you.

In today’s post I’m sharing with you my new business + marketing processes, goals for 2020, and life thoughts / perspectives I have adapted that you may enjoy.

The New Business?

I made a Facebook post a few weeks ago announcing officially that I am no longer accepting digital marketing clients in 2020. All prospects are being redirected to various friends of mine.

Current client relations are being maintained, as detailed in my previous post in which I mentioned I’d be headed to Texas for a business meeting.

My new business is a project that aims to cure loneliness.

According to my research, 56% of internet users experience high feelings of loneliness at 7/10 or higher. A significant portion of those people also experience anxiety and/or depression.

Loneliness is something that I’ve personally struggled with, especially because I’ve been out of schooling since age 17 and started moving to new cities at age 18, making it rather difficult for me to easily make new friends.

This has forced my back up against the wall, and I’ve now developed strategies to rapidly build social circles around the world that are deep, meaningful, and great.

I’ve also conducted a vast amount of research, including forms which received combined responses totalling in the thousands.

This data, along with chatting with dozens of lonely people (from the forms) in many countries around the globe, has allowed me to structure a program that aims to “cure” loneliness by identifying the top 4 causes & treating them.

The program has quickly gotten interest, as this is a true market need, and I’ve worked with some people to improve their situation- we already have paying clients, woohoo!

I am expecting a testimonial within the week as well, which I will share with my Facebook timeline.

On one hand, it’s a bit exhausting working in this niche- some people aren’t willing to grow, so I have to quickly delete my chats with them for my own mental sanity (yes, you CAN create the life of your dreams…).

On the other hand, it’s deeply fulfilling helping people.

I’ve already mapped out the entire business for 2020- by the end of 2020, I’d like to enroll 105 students/clients into the program, which is certainly do-able.

If you have a large following and would like to help promote (for a % of income), then definitely reach out to me.

I’m currently working on developing organic marketing processes, which have been quite effective considering the time investment.

I am working on making these processes more efficient, giving value in my Facebook profile + other groups, and I’ve got some others method which I’d like to test which includes but not limited to:

  • “Tik Tok,” I’ve heard this is good
  • JV partners- basically if you have a large following you can promote for me for a % of revenue
  • YouTube
  • Email Marketing?? Maybe.
  • FB Ads

FB Ads is certainly something we’ll do, especially considering my advanced knowledge + prior experience, and they’re set to start running by or before April of 2020.

For now, I want to get some organic leads into V1.0 of the program, and start re-iterating and improving the program before I blow things up with ads.

Want To Help?

I am not opposed to receiving help, paid or unpaid, for this project.

By the end of 2020 I aim to see myself as more of a “manager” of the project than someone who is on the front lines.

Like I said it is deeply fulfilling helping others, however I am also susceptible to the emotions of others, so I don’t like spending too much time in support groups as they can often be negative and self-defeating instead of truly supportive.

Some things that the project currently needs help on are:

  • JV promotions (finding JV partners to promote OR promoting yourself if you have a large following)
  • FB organic marketing (I have created a process, but it needs to be refined)

This project is super exciting and the demand for a program that “cures” loneliness by helping people identify their weak points & fix them is fulfilling.

The 4 Causes of Loneliness

There are more than 4 causes of loneliness. However, these are the main 4 that I have identified in speaking with others and conducting extensive research on the subject.

#1: Logistics + Knowledge

If you don’t have good logistics to meet people (ie. live in the middle of nowhere), OR don’t know how to use FB groups, find events, etc. then you’re more likely to feel lonely.

#2: Self-esteem

This is the biggest ones. Almost everyone has opportunities, but they miss them because they don’t take the shot & lack self-esteem.

Even as I complain about Phoenix “lacking a social scene,” I’ve still met TONS of new people.

At the cafe I am currently writing at I met a super awesome marriage coach who helps prevent people from going through a divorce successfully.

How did we meet? He was reading a cool book, I commented on it, conversation started, and BAM we’ve been meeting every week to get coffee & hangout since.

That brings us to the third one…

#3: Conversational Skills

People don’t know what to say when meeting new people, or how to make conversations deeper (compared to small talk).

#4: Authenticity & Reality

The final one is that people are not authentic; they do not show their true face. They are not self-connected and living in alignment, so even despite all the friends/lovers/family they have, they still feel lonely.

Or, they compare themselves to IG models & others that seem to be “living life.”

My program addresses these 4 causes (as well as a few of the other minor ones) and we’re already seeing rapid positive results.

I’ll have a testimonial to share next week from a young guy that has already experienced great benefit with me. Woohoo!

Saying NO!

I’ve been saying “NO” a lot more recently, which feels great. If you struggle with loneliness, I encourage you to take every social opportunity by saying “YES.”

Once you get to a better point though, the word “NO” becomes powerful.

I was recently invited to a Vegas trip (for free accommodation + travel), but turned it down.

The idea was super exciting, but I decided that it would take away from this project.

The week that I was “supposed” to be in Vegas I ended up closing the first client/student for the Loneliness Project. By saying “NO” to that, I said “YES” to curing loneliness in others. Boom.

Are you saying YES to too many things? Stop it, and start saying “NO.”

Every time you say “YES” to something you say “NO” to several other things, and vice versa.

Within the yes is the no, and within the no is yes. It is yin fading into yang, and vice versa.

The ONE Thing…

I recently read the book “The ONE Thing,” thanks to a random guy I met in the cafe I’m currently writing in a couple weeks ago.

He had this book, I commented on it, and he’s the guy I’ve been meeting weekly. He gave me his book to read. I read it. It was great.

In life we can only focus on ONE thing at a time, at any given moment. Focusing on the ONE most effective task has been SO helpful in pushing this business faster than anything I’ve previously done.

I finally feel free of endless tasks, and it’s also why I’m hardly writing. My ONE thing is doing sales for this new business, and everything else is less important or unnecessary.

I’m letting other tasks build up, things get chaotic, etc. but ultimately I had to pick a priority and run with it. And now I’m seeing the results.

Are you doing endless THINGS but not getting RESULTS? It’s probably because you haven’t read “The One Thing,” which I encourage you to read.

Not every task is created equally; one task is the most important at any given moment. Focus all your attention on that until you have another ONE thing to focus on, etc.

Life is Simple. Be Happy.

I’m seeing through the ONE thing how simple life really is. I’m letting chaos on the outside build up as things don’t get done, yet the results are increasing as I focus on the ONE effective thing that gets me results.

It’s crazy how little you actually have to do to experience results. It’s all about prioritization.

What’s the ONE thing that you can do RIGHT NOW such that by doing it everything else becomes easier or unnecessary?

It’s true on a high-level and minute by minute level.

Right now I choose to write for pleasure; after I write, I shall do my ONE THING, which is sales.

I’m letting SO much else build up and not be done.

This “ONE THING” applies to happiness though as well. What’s the ONE THING you can do right now to feel happier such so that by doing it everything else becomes easier or unnecessary?

Life is simple:

  • Be healthy
  • Handle your finances efficiently
  • Do what makes you happy (do activities you love)
  • Find a partner, enjoy time with them, have great sex
  • Find great friends, enjoy time with them
  • Meditate & be in the now
  • Be decisive

Anyways, that’s all I got for you now. If you’re interested in this project, hit me up.

Otherwise I’ll talk to y’all later!


2019 Reflections; 2020 Plans

2019 is coming to a close, and with that a new year: 2020.

For me this has been quite an incredible year, however included in the painting a few dark spots.

In this post I will publicly share some of my own reflections for 2019, and write about some plans/goals for 2020.

Feel free to reply with your own thoughts on this, as well as your own 2019/2020 stuff.

2019 Reflections

#1: Be Decisive– the worst thing you can do is be in a state of limbo.

If your heart gives you even the slightest hint as to what the “right” decision for you is, then just follow that.

In the end it doesn’t quite matter what decision you make, as you can always adjust as you move along.

If you make the “wrong” inauthentic decision, you can adjust course later. For example, if you decide to live in a city you end up not liking, you can always leave.

The only “wrong” decision you can make is not making a decision- of course you need to give yourself time to make the “right” decision, but there does come a point where you just need to act and deal with the consequences.

Don’t regret anything; just adjust course ASAP.

#2: Keep it Simple- How do you be decisive? By keeping it simple!

Define things into their simplest components possible. For example, earlier this year I was telling victim stories about a break up and bad visa situation. That never fixed the problem.

When you define things into their simplest components, the advice that you need to hear is often quite easy to see. You often don’t need to ask anyone for advice.

If you still need to ask for advice, you can more easily receive it. The more complex the story you tell, the lower the quality the advice you will receive.

#3: Enjoy Darkness– Even sad emotions have positive expressions.

When you give in and surrender to your emotions, you can experience them fully which helps you release them.

Bad emotions give you lessons, and by feeling those emotions you ensure that you don’t get stuck in a loop of repeating your problems over and over.

There’s also a positive expression of each emotion, though we aren’t often taught that:

  • Anger – workout
  • Sadness – write poetry, redefine your life
  • Depression – workout and work on expression
  • Anxiety – an opportunity to overcome fear

#4: Reflect More– Seriously.

When you just sit down, journal, go for a walk, jog, whatever and give your mind time to sort itself out, it often does. You will know what you need to do.

Do not derp on social media, YouTube, drugs, etc. (it’s okay to do, but if you need answers in your life you’ve gotta embrace the pain that boredom carries with it until answers come).

#5: Everything in Moderation– including moderation.

In life there is yin & yang, left and right. Don’t get jammed on one side, though sometimes it’s definitely more ideal to stick to one side.

For example, you need to embrace reality but also be spiritual. Create wealth but also create spiritual wealth. If you get jammed on one side, you end up “needing” the other (ie. the poor yoga instructor, OR the hollow wealthy man).

However this balancing of opposites is not always absolute; for example, it’s generally wiser to lean to the side of health than the lack thereof.

#6: Just do what makes you happy– stop saying “should.”

Granted it doesn’t hurt anyone else, just do it.

You need to figure out for yourself what makes YOU happy, then just do it, without getting stuck in habits, routines, “shoulds,” ego, or pressure from family or friends or society, etc.

Life is simple. When you keep things simple, and define what you want, the steps to get it become rather simple.

It’s just easier to stay in routine than to repeat this reflection process, but it’s important you stick to it.

#7: Meditation is amazing.

I’ve now meditated almost every day for over a year- and the benefits are obvious.

It’s helping with the whole “clarity & simplicity” mindset I have. I’m also judging others way less, letting go of my former arrogance, and taking action in reality instead of in my mind.

Other 2019 Reflections?

I had several others, but I felt like these 7 would be the most benefit to y’all. Now here are some things I’d like to do in 2020.

2020 Objectives

#1: Long-term Conscientiousness.

I’d like to be more of a long-term thinker, which has naturally been happening as I move through life.

Instead of planning life by the month or day, I’d like to have an idea of general milestones for the next year.

This includes business success, relationships, and health. More on that here:

#2: Go to the Gym.

I’ve wanted to do this for quite some time, but I haven’t due to the whole traveling thing; it’s much more expensive going to the gym when you have to constantly cancel memberships…

I have a current workout regiment which keeps me quite fit, but not optimal- I’m able to build a ton of strength, but my muscles don’t “pop out” like they would if I were lifting heavier weights.

This year I achieved my goal of running 5k in under 20 minutes, and also for the majority of the year did a push-up/sit-up routine. The results are showing for my abs, but not for my arms.

Like I said I’m building strength but not muscle size, and looking better is a huge motivator for me. So, I’d like to upgrade my workout routine into the gym instead of doing what I’m currently doing.

#3: Ergo Work Setup

My days of working at a cafe are coming to an end!

I was meditating a few days ago, and my shoulders, neck, and head asked me to start taking better care of them.

Back when I first started in business, I had a dope ergo setup that also included a standing desk. Since traveling, I’ve not been able to easily recreate this.

It’s not hard work; I just take some books, buy an external mouse + keyboard, and work at home instead of at the cafe.

Since experimenting with an ergo set up just for the past few days I’ve felt a TON better. It’s crazy how much more endurance I have, and now I realize that previous “work fatigue” I thought I had was actually me hunching over!

Also, I’d like to work more from home instead of a cafe, just so that I can handle business calls, etc. Working from cafes is really fun though, so I’ll still do that, just for less time.

#4: Long-Term Living Situation

I will be more thoroughly investigating a long-term visa for Bulgaria, as that is where I tend to feel happiest.

However, this last trip in Thailand was 11/10 amazing. So if I can’t get that visa, then I’ll do 50% time in Thailand, and 50% time in Bulgaria most likely.

No promises yet though- I’m doing a little bit more reflecting to confirm my long-term living situation.

I’d ideally like to live in a one city- any city (ALMOST)- but I’m not quite committed to any place yet. The only place I’d pull the trigger on is Bulgaria, which also happens to be the hardest place for me to get a long-term visa >_>

That being said, even 50% Bulgaria and 50% somewhere else is nice, because at least then it’s certain, and I can probably rent one place and have it work out financially.

Like I’ve written many times this year, the whole “digital nomad” thing is kind of wearing on me. I need a main base, and it’s kind of funny how easily I’ve gotten stuck in this way of life.

I wrote down for my goal list “less travel, more focus on long-term connections + dating, and more focus on my bases as well.”

I’m also feeling more capable of handling deeper, longer-term relationships…

#5: Embracing Reality

I’m looking to embrace reality more and more, and apply my decision-making skills to this year to live a much more fulfilling and relaxing life.

Some moments in the past week I’ve been thinking things “should be like this, or they are like that in another country, bla bla bla” but I’ve silenced that victim bullshit and embraced reality.

It’s a lot better when you do that.

Anyways, what’s up with you? What did you learn in 2019, and what do you plan to do in 2020?

Let me know!

Thanks – Michael

What is Reality? Embrace it.

Earlier this year I watched an epic video by Ray Dalio, and it made me write something down that has been quite impactful since:

“What is Reality? Embrace it.”

In the morning & night I recite 3 things I feel grateful for, but then also read this.

Reality is yin & yang, truth is there’s a lot more you could be grateful for, and by reciting some gratitude stuff and affirmations you’d be a lot happier.

At the same time, reality faces us with some difficult situations sometimes.

A cause of a lot of your suffering is just from resisting the situation, instead of embracing it fully.

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting recently, and MOST problems that I’ve had were never too complicated when I thought about it… And same for my problems moving forward.

The problem was that I was stuck in my head of how things “should be,” or I just didn’t accept the situation fully.

When you stop telling stories about everything that is happening in your life, you can actually find a solution rather easily.

Earlier this year, I was telling a victim story about how my travels went out of control, my visa for Bulgaria fucked up, and I broke up with my ex.

The thing was that to move forward I had to stop telling a story. I had to take off the victim hat, analyze the situation, and then start moving forward.

Eventually I embraced reality, woke up, and realized that I had wasted a couple months just being sad, and not really doing anything meaningful.

Note: alternatively we could say that those months of sadness were necessary to get over the heart-break, who knows.

Still, had I boiled things down into the simplest explanation, then I would’ve been able to take care of myself much better. Without embracing reality, you have no clarity, and with no clarity comes no good decision.

Some things that help you become clear are meditation, quitting social media, quitting video games, walking in nature, talking or writing about your problem, and exercise.

Now that I’ve started doing this, I’ve been writing a lot less on here because a lot more has been happening in my own life.

My next business steps are obvious, same for personal life, and even for travel or where to live.

Just try to boil everything down to a simple sentence, as hard as it may be. Then it becomes easier to ask others for advice, and you don’t get a huge variance in responses.

Back when I told stories, people would understand different parts of the story, and then give different parts of advice. It was highly varied and thus not actionable.

Now when I explain a simple sentence with a, “my current situation is this, but I would like this desired situation,” the answer(s) become rather obvious for others to provide me, or me to provide myself.

You can do this yourself as well. When you’ve got a problem, just start writing in your journal or reflecting until you can boil this down into a simple sentence.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Have a great day!