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How To Improve: Finding Direction in a Directionless World

Tonight while traveling to home, a fascinating video popped up on my YouTube feed.

It claimed to hold the “real truth” about why the pyramids were created, and what their function was.

Before this I had also studied a video on a part of the brain, which apparently holds our “consciousness.” However, it wasn’t as simple as “this is consciousness,” it instead had some pretty crazy spiritual implications.

I’ve also been reading Power vs. Force, which is to my surprise (I honestly wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I got this book) is about human consciousness all being connected to an extent.

It should go without saying that my head is a bit packed with information to digest tonight.

However before I should find myself resting & resetting, I thought that I must first write this article, to share with you some night thoughts and feelings.

I have no particular direction for this piece; I shall let words write themselves. What I’d like to write about, and what you might find interest is, is how exactly do we find direction in a world so confusing? Let us dive deep…

Our World & Urgency, Resourcefulness vs. Impossibility

Except for those things which have already been answered, our world is pretty fucking crazy.

How do you successfully land men on Mars, and explain into a multi-planet civilization? Well, no one can really say. Also, most would assume that it’s impossible in the near future. This question alone sounds absurd by nature, and too “out-of-reach” for our times. It’s easy to think that this will be done “in a few decades,” but why not within this decade?

After all, from what I remember (could be wrong) American President John F. Kennedy requested that within a decade we land a man on the moon… and we did it.

In those times we had a motivating force: beat the Russians. There was a great sense of urgency to the project of landing a man on the Moon.

What if we created the same sense of urgency for ending world hunger, or raising everyone’s quality of life to a minimum standard?

It’s not like we lack the resources to achieve such a thing; in fact, we have demonstrated in the past extremely resourcefulness to achieve “crazy” feats such as landing a man on the moon with technology less powerful than the device you are using to read this article now.

With a proper goal and implementation, humanity has demonstrated that basically any “impossible” task can and WILL be achieved with the proper effort (or power) put in to achieve it.

Actually think about it: we put a man on the moon 50 some years ago, with technology less capable than what most people carry in their pockets (phones). 50 years ago people would’ve thought it would’ve been crazy to send texts, play virtual games, etc. yet now it’s SO common.

We did what was impossible. We did it time and time again. Just think back to 200 years ago, and look at how much we’ve changed.

What is Common, is Forgotten

What is now common is forgotten to be “crazy,” but instead becomes part of the habitual routine of humanity itself.

I recall a time growing up when you had to walk down to your neighbor’s house and ring the doorbell in order to ask a friend to hangout. Occasionally we could use the phone, too.

These days we send texts, and flakiness is rather quite common due to the extreme ease of communication.

“Back in the day” you had to schedule a time to meet and actually commit to it because there was no possible way to notify someone that you wouldn’t be able to meet them if something came up!

So for this section’s point, it’s that what is common, is forgotten to have been previously seen as “out of reach.”

For some reason, humanity never seems to realize this fact, and so we perpetuate this cycle of deeming future goals as “impossible” or “not achievable” when we have demonstrated time and time again that wild feats are indeed more easily accomplish-able than we initially realized!

It baffles me just how normal this computer I type on is to my life. As a kid I never could’ve imagined such a thing, yet here it is.

Example: World Travel

Take my personal life example of making money online & traveling the world!

I had a ton of urgency & a strict deadline for wanting to achieve this goal, and I became magically resourceful enough to achieve this goal. By age 19, beginning at age 18, I was able to make money online and travel the world.

I assure you I am no genius, and far from it in fact. My first international city, Montreal (where I’m at now), I struggled so much to understand basic transit information such as metro & bus paths. In fact, I avoided buses until I was in Bulgaria, and I only began taking buses because I found an app that helped me create routes.

To someone who has lived in Montreal or Bulgaria their whole lives, understanding public transit maps is a normal part of life and so no big deal.

My sub-point here is that when you put a lot of effort into something, it becomes “no big deal,” yet for those things you don’t have experience with, you feel suddenly “anxious” or as if it’s hard to achieve.

When I arrived in Belgium, my friend had to correct me on which platform I went on because I was sitting in the wrong train. I was so confused. Now I look at it and feel embarrassed to admit this, as my map-reading skills are on point!

Don’t get distracted by the point here: that which is unfamiliar feels scarier & bigger than it really is.

Now for the main point: I became resourceful due to my urgency to achieve my world travel goal ASAP. I REALLY wanted to achieve it, and I also suffered from chronic pain at the time so making money online for me became the “ultimate goal” to improve my life.

After achieving it, and now having traveled the world internationally for almost 2 years now, going to new places is hardly so scary as it was initially.

I still do experience culture shock, and will for some time, but by the time I’ve traveled for 3+ years and visited 20+ countries it should go without saying that I won’t hardly feel afraid of traveling to yet another country or city or place.

This is my real-life example of urgency, resourcefulness, and that which is common, is forgotten. Keep reading, as this is about to get intense.

Goal-Setting: FEAR

So that which is in the past is “whatever.” It is common & forgotten to be something out of the ordinary.

However, for whatever reason, future goals remain so scary. Why is that? Why is it that “abolishing hunger world-wide” is such a big goal to achieve, yet putting a man on the moon 50 years ago was achieve-able?

Does anyone scoff at the idea of transmitting data signals through the air & around the world to text me people instantly via small devices virtually everyone carries in their pockets?

No, but 100 years ago, you likely would’ve been sent to a mental hospital for insinuating such a thing!

Even 50 years ago, the whole idea of modern-day texting, WiFi, and mobile phones would’ve likely been too far out of reach for people to understand.

Why is that? Why was that so? Why was it that the few that carried on with the projects to create this great new reality were first considered crazy, and now basically worshiped (ie. Steve Jobs) for bringing about that which was originally believed to be impossible?

In my own life I experience this too: to get where I am at today felt like a dream, a fantasy just out of reach. In my head it is SO EASY that anyone could do it. If you were to take away everything that I have right now, I could easily get it back, BECAUSE of the fact that I’ve created the mental pathway to achieve it.

However for me to 4x my business, or 40x my business feels scary, yet having talked with entrepreneurs who are making over 100x me, they feel it would be “so easy.”

As I write this, I realize I too am trapped by the restraints of mental thinking & action. It’s easy to point the fingers at others, and hard to point it at yourself. When I write this, I point the finger at everyone, including myself.

So for whatever reason, we feel that future goals are so unattainable such so that we shoot ourselves in the foot before we even begin. For example, many people go to University not really knowing what they want because it’s the “safe path,” or they do what their parents think they should do.

In reality, it is only the illusion that they are so unattainable. Once you’ve created a path to a certain goal, it becomes re-achievable a million times over with less than half the effort; you know exactly what you need to do to get back to where you were, it is just moving to a NEW goal which is so scary.

Chaos & Confusion: Lies & Ignorance

What doesn’t help with goal-setting, improvement, and understanding the truth of our world is that their is so much ignorance, and so many lies, surrounding each and every subject in the world.

For example, I am very much into health and improving my fitness. I have found articles claiming that the meat-only diet is effective, or that the vegan diet is effective.

Some articles state that you should eat more fruit, whereas others recommend against eating fruit except at certain times.

One way I’ve learned to get around this is to find “common first principles.” For example, most “diets” work because they involve cutting out processed foods & sugar.

Some people recommend high carb, others low carb, but ultimately when you cut out dessert, added sugar, and processed foods you’ll experience a benefit either way.

This is part of the ignorance of our world, is that we lack CONTEXT through which to view the data we are collecting. Paleo is certainly more effective than the standard American diet, but so is the Atkins diet… WHY is that so?

There are also flat-out lies created with the intent to deceive us, or intentions which while good create ultimately negative outcomes.

One example of this would be all of the mental health medications. They don’t address the cause of the mental health issues but instead treat the symptoms. People become so identified with their “depression,” they take medication.

It saddens me how this happens. People convince themselves that their brain “just malfunctions,” and their depression isn’t a result of isolation, too much social media, a lack of cold showers, a lack of love, a lack of sex, or a lack of exercise.

How many people that you know who use medication for their mental health problems have tried eating right, exercising, getting more (and better) friends, taking cold showers, finding love / sex partner(s), and quitting social media BEFORE taking these pills from Big Pharma?

All of the above are scientifically proven to help with depression, yet a psychiatrist or psychologist is very unlikely to help you try all of these things before medicating you on a dangerous drug (which also has negative side effects).

I should add that in some extreme cases, it makes sense to medicate WHILE taking these actions. For example, if the patient is apathetic or suicidal, it would make sense to fix the symptom WHILE fixing the cause.

However, are the causes EVER addressed? No. I know for me that was true. I had to put my fucking hands in the mud to fix my mental problems because all the goddamn psychiatrist wanted to do was put me on anti-depressants and anti-psychotic medication.

I was even laughed at for asking whether diet, video game addiction, and apathy could cause my depression (at the time)!

Finding truth & answers in this world is fucking hard when the “professionals” which we give our power to aren’t even truly knowledge-able within their own field.

In the above case the psychiatrist knew how to throw pills at a problem, but not how to fix it without the use of pills or create a long-term solution that didn’t involve dangerous medication (which by the way, also prevented my dick from working, so there’s no way in hell I was going to use that as a long-term solution).

You. Are. Alone.

Here’s an ugly truth: You’re fucking alone. The government, professionals, teachers, and anyone else can’t help you.

It’s on YOU to fix your own life, find your own truth, and solve your own problems. And that’s a scary reality to wake up to.

I can’t blame anyone that wishes to crawl back into the fantasy of the government actually taking care of the individuals or professionals being genuine.

Now obviously most people have GOOD INTENTIONS, but in the case of my ex-psychiatrist, he also was extremely ignorant of the true causes of depression and lacked any knowledge of other potential cures.

Because he had never experienced a cure of depression through exercise or cold showers or proper diet, he couldn’t imagine that reality to exist. To someone like me who has ran experiments on my own body, it is as true as gravity.

I didn’t intend this article to get so dark, but really this is the sad truth. Your parents are not so genius as your kid-self imagined them to be, and it turns out the institutions of school & government are just made of flawed people just like you.

It is a false mental security to believe that any one person can cure you; it must be on you to fix your ow problems. Even if not your fault (we are all born in situations lacking in one way or another) it is now your responsibility to handle the situation. That’s scary, I know..

Delayed Effect

Do you think that in the next 50 years, the cure for cancer and perhaps all your life’s problems may be discovered?

If so, then they exist right now. Buckle up.

Truth is often discovered by the masses much later than the few geniuses who pioneer the new field.

It was in the minds of few to put a man on the moon before the masses accepted it, and it took actually doing it for the masses to believe it.

In medicine, the fact that “washing your hands” could help save more baby lives was considered “insane,” until 50 years later (could be wrong #, but rough range) it became common practice.

The man, Semmelweis (look him up), discovered that washing your hands could help the lives of everyone, and it would improve children’s health too!

When he presented this information, he lost his job. He died before hand-washing became common practice.

You read that right. The man who scientifically validated that washing your hands before delivering a baby could help save the baby’s life and prevent it from receiving a disease after birth was considered “crazy,” and he died before he could even see his discovery put in action.

These days we would scoff at any medical professional who didn’t wash their hands before touching us, would you not? Would you accept a surgery where the surgeon didn’t wash their hands? I know I wouldn’t.

Finding truth and genuinely improving in this world is set-back decades because of the ignorance of the masses. This is true of everything, though my focus has been on medicine.

If you believe that in the next 50 years the cure for cancer will exist, then it actually exists now, but those who discovered it are struggling to get mainstream medicine to even accept their invention!

What can we take away from this valuable information? Whatever we wish to find, we must search first through a lot of bullshit. The masses are often NOT innovative, until AFTER said innovations are common.

If you wish to find the secret to making money online and traveling the world, you best not find it at your local University. Instead you’ll have to become educated in less-mainstream areas, such as books from Amazon, online courses, and mentor-ships. 

Pyramids & Self-Help

In the beginning of this article I mentioned how I watched a video about the “truth” of the great pyramids being built.

I can’t say whether it is true, but the video had good evidence suggesting that perhaps a past civilization was using it for some form of electricity. The American genius Tesla actually attempted to create a tower for the same purpose the pyramids may have been built for.

We can’t know what is the truth, due to the facts stated above. First, there is no urgency to discover the truth. Second, this is an uncommon belief, so it is ridiculed. It would also fragment our sense of reality & history, so it’s easier to believe they were just for tombs. People aren’t open-minded and willing to explore other possibilities in depth due to ignorance.

Never-mind the pyramids though: I simply was curious as to their truth. If this true, then it would be feasible to create similar structures and create an endless power source (which is what Tesla was hoping could be done in the early 1900’s).

A more practical example of all that I wrote is self-help. Take the question of, “how do I discover my life’s purpose?” Or even something more specific such as “how do I make money online and travel the world?”

Without urgency, it’s unlikely you’ll be resourcefulness enough to discover the answer. Because it’s so scary & new, you may likely resist following the new path in favor of that which is comfortable. It won’t help that there are several “false prophets” who will misguide you. Finally most people are ignorant of this goal being so easy to achieve, so requesting comfort from the masses won’t be do-able. In fact, the masses may likely put you down for attempting to break their bubble of reality.

How Do We Find Direction?

So how do we fucking find direction when there is so much misinformation, the masses are ignorant, we feel intrinsically afraid of uncertainty (despite having seen time and time again just how easy the impossible is), and you genuinely are alone?

I guess I had this question when I started writing this article, and by understanding the limits of ourselves, we can construct the answers.


Perhaps the key ingredient in everything is courage. Courage to try. Courage to believe. Courage to think outside the box and ask something different.

The masses (and me and you) are so comfortable with what IS that we are missing just how crazy it is for all of this to even exist. No one sounds quite shocked at the fact we landed a man on the moon (50 years ago), or that we have phones in our pockets, yet this is only an effect of us having these facts & technologies around for a certain period of time.

Courage is accepting that you could get hurt also. You might try a new diet only to find it doesn’t work well with you. You might lose a little money trying to start your business.

You get hurt because ultimately you are alone, and there is no one who can guide you on your path completely. Some goals which have already been achieved by others will be easier, depending on your own sense of reality & your own sense of achievement, but ultimately you’ll hit a point where you need to face the darkness to hit the next level.

You don’t know what will happen. There is no clear direction in this world. I wish there was man, I really do. It would be so nice for someone to say “this is your purpose,” and for me to follow the steps, just as I learned in school.

School negatively impacts us in that way. Schools teaches us that we have to follow a set path (instructions) but it doesn’t teach us how to create our own. In the real world, there are no instructions or directions.

Now that I’m an adult, and a self-employed one at that, I truly feel the brute force of that. Most 20 year olds are in college, still having their directions handed to them. They then get a job which hands more direction to them.

Still they have a sense of “what more,” and that I’m certain, and being as I have a lot more free time and no one telling me what to do, that feeling is a bit louder, which is why you get this article today.

We have to be courageous to follow our own hearts and desires and dreams and ambitions and thoughts and goals.


I recall a book I read in English class 11th grade (title forgotten) about the Vietnam war. The American soldier being drafted wanted to flee to Canada. He said he was a COWARD, and went to war.

What did he mean, to be a coward and go to war? Those who went to war were considered heroes and brave! Only now does this line hit me like a bullet. He was a coward because he followed the masses, when his heart told him to flee to Canada and pursue a life of peace. He ignored his heart and suffered so many mental problems because of it (I also recall all American soldiers who fled the war being pardoned, so ironically he would’ve been able to return to America anyways, an indication that his heart knew something his mind didn’t).

In the same way it is cowardly to do what your parent’s want you to do, or your society, or government, or to follow the masses when your heart asks for something else. If your heart doesn’t know what it wants, just start DOING things and asking questions- don’t follow their path yet, unless your heart says to. 

Courage & Direction

Ultimately we create our own paths in life. It’s a bit scary to admit just how chaotic it actually is, is it not?

There is no set path, set line, or goal that anyone else can really give to you.

If you do search for direction or improvement or truth, it won’t be easy. What is the truth of the pyramids? The truth is hard to find. How do you optimize happiness? The truth is hard to find.

This article was wrote as a result of me realizing just how “un-guided” life feels sometimes; many of my life questions had to be figured out by myself because there were no clear answers.

I asked, “how do I do this,” and no one could answer. I needed courage to find the answer amidst all the chaos.

You too need courage, to follow your path, seek the truth, and live your life.

What will you do now, courageous one?


#1 WORST Culture EVER Revealed!

I have visited 12+ countries for extended periods of time, and lived in roughly 4 countries depending on how you count it. I have unarguably lived in 2 countries on opposite sides of the globe.

Also, my traveling was never “vacation-only.” In fact, I’ve hardly visited museums, sites, and I don’t recall ever taking one tour.

I make money online & travel, so I have a much more in-depth experience of these local cultures. I make local friends, do local things, and live as if I’m a local while in these countries.

For me it’s about the experience, people, and beauty of each location- and not just the silly sites or tours or luxury.

Because of this extensive travel so young, I have experienced many cultures. I’ve also met people from other cultures in countries I haven’t visited yet.

I’ve been to half of the populated continents (North America, Europe, and Asia), and in the coming years intend to visit all 7.

Culture is a fascinating subject and there is no doubt a HUGE difference between the lives of people in Phoenix, AZ compared to those in Sofia, Bulgaria. In fact, there are even huge differences between Omaha, NE and Phoenix, AZ! Being as I’m born n’ raised in Omaha and I’ve also lived in Phoenix for a rough total of 2 years- I know!

Now that my “credentials” if you will are out of the way, let’s get into the #1 worst culture in the world I’ve ever experienced.

The #1 Worst Culture EVER (Warning: Shocking Content)

Of all of the places I’ve visited, I can no doubt say that the #1 worst culture I’ve visited are the places I’ve visited when my mind was also in the worst place.

Wait… what? You read that right.

In general, places where I had a negative experience were places that I approached with a negative frame of mind, or places which I was in a negative head-space for other various reasons.

The same is true for the other way around.

As the saying goes, “everywhere you go, there you are.” You can’t exactly escape yourself- while travel is great and I highly recommend it, it’s only effective if you are actively re-inventing yourself in the process. If you go to another city just expecting things to be better, while that might produce some result due to expectation, ultimately you’ll end up in the same place if you don’t make legitimate effort to change.

Are Americans Arrogant & mean?

For various reasons, America is the topic of focus for many 1st world countries. I actually enjoyed traveling more in Eastern Europe for this reason because they didn’t care from where I was. People in other 1st world countries (IN GENERAL) make a bigger deal of Americans & Trump, or whatever else the news is talking about.

Some people think that Americans are mean, cold, nationalists who want nothing more than for America to “nuke” the entire world.

Others think that Americans are SO nice, so kind, so giving, so abundant, and so loving.

Also, some people think Americans are so diverse & accepting of other cultures. Others think that the whites are actively hunting and suppressing the other races.

Are Germans Cold?

Germans have a reputation of being “cold” and punctual to a fault. Others think that their culture is welcoming to foreigners, especially due to their high English proficiency rate. The German language also sounds harsh to many other cultures.

Are the French Nationalistic?

The French, even in Montreal, are infamous for pretending NOT to speak the English language. It is said that you can’t ever have a real conversation with them unless you open first in French.

Are Slavs Aggressive?

Russians, Bulgarians, and other Slavic countries are regarded to as being overly-aggressive, mean, and harsh. Their language is harsh on most English-speaker’s ears due to the way words are naturally pronounced, and the sounds typically emphasized in Slavic languages are those sounds which English speakers use only while angry (ie. emphasizing SH in shit or FFF in fuck, normally English speakers focus more on vowels and light consonants).

My Experiences

I’ve met some pretty awesome Americans. They are accepting of other cultures, loving, and kind people. I’ve met white Americans, black Americans, and Americans from all around the world. I’ve also met some pretty mean & nasty ones, that drove aggressively, or were a bit too proud, or were a bit racist.

One of my best friends is a German, and I’d say he’s pretty damn cool. However I’ve also had some pretty negative experiences in Germany, of people indeed being cold to me.

In Montreal I’ve experienced the stereotypical French pride, and been actively laughed at for attempting to speak French. For some of them you quite literally have to speak in French before speaking to them in English.

On the other hand, French Canadians have been so kind to me. One time while living in Montreal I got invited to a house party in Terrebonne, which is primarily French. Most people couldn’t speak English any close to fluently but they gladly accommodated me and we shared many laughs.

While living in Sofia, Bulgaria, I met some asshole taxi drivers that scammed me. Other Slavs have been rather aggressive and too macho. On the other hand, many of my best friends are Bulgarian. They are emotionally supportive, kind, and wonderful people.

The Truth

Do you really think that 320 million Americans could all be “mean,” or that the culture could be entirely more mean than say Germany or France? I mean, it could be, but it says a lot about YOU if you attract these types of people.

NO SINGLE HUMAN can tell whether Americans are “generally nice” or “generally mean” because it would require a sample size too big than what someone could experience in their life!

As I’ve stated earlier, my own mentality often attracted me to the very experiences which I received. A warm smile loosens people right up. An angry look on my face triggers anger in others.

The truth is, when people say “XYZ culture is ABC” it tells me a LOT more about THEM than it does THE CULTURE. Alternatively, it could be that they just had a bad experience.

For example, if someone visits Paris and means several French people who actively make fun of them for not speaking English during their 7 DAY VACATION, this person will go home and say “fuck the French.”

Really what they mean is “of the 20 some French people I interacted with, the majority were mean. I also reacted negatively, which triggered negativity in other French people, so my entire trip became a bad, self-fulfilling prophecy.”

The same is said of people that have “good experiences.” They go to Berlin and are gladly welcomed by the Germans. They believe Germans are kind & giving. They walk around with a smile and a hop in their step, and assume every German they meet is kind & giving, and so the receiving German feels happy and valued, and so becomes kind & giving.

You Choose Your Experiences

Although there is an element of random-ness, you primarily choose your life experiences & interactions. You attract what you are.

Even if you don’t believe in law of attraction as I do, it cannot be denied that walking around with a smile and a hop in your step will trigger happiness in others, thus continuing the very experience which you are happy.

The #1 Worst Culture EVER

So there is no #1 worst culture ever, for as far as the question can be concerned. People are people, and that’s it.

People on the other side of the world aren’t from a different species. They are much more similar than you could imagine.

They get jobs, have kids, have a partner, have friends, have hobbies, etc. JUST LIKE YOU.

In any given culture, there are mean people and good people. Having a short experience of 14 days or less is not enough to gauge the culture; your interactions will be a combination of luck & mentality.

The only way to truly know is to live for decades in a culture, and then decades in another. Even then, you are very likely emitting a different “energy” or in a different place in life on each different decade.

Now literally speaking, are there better or worse cultures? Absolutely. In theory, there is a generally #1 best culture in the world and #1 worst culture in the world.

So far as we are concerned, we can’t know. It’s impossible. Statistics don’t paint the real truth.

Ultimately it is up to YOU to determine what kind of experience you have, wherever you are, in that exact moment.


Of course, there are some nuances to this. I’d guess that people in ISIS-held Iraq could easily argue that this hippy happiness BS isn’t so effective when staring down an AK-47.

My guess is that to an extent your mental energy & sneakiness (ability to pretend to like them) could affect your experience of these people, but ultimately these groups of people actively lean towards a certain energy- hatred.

So as I write this, I must confess that we could very well argue there are without a doubt “best cultures” and “worst cultures.” The rule simply applies to the majority of countries in the world.

Nuances of the Nuance

But as I write this nuance, don’t you dare say “oh so yeah the nuance applies to me, my culture is shit.” No. You still get to choose your experiences and actively move away from what you don’t want, if you can read this now.

For example if you’re from a small, poor village in Bulgaria, you can actively decide to get a job in Sofia, and then once you’ve saved some money you can move elsewhere in the EU, such as the Netherlands or Germany.

Cultural Differences

Also, there are indeed cultural differences between groups of people. For example, in America it’s normal for a waiter to come by and visit you, ask how you’re doing, refill your water, etc. whereas that is not the case in Bulgaria.

At first I assumed the service was “just shit” in Bulgaria, but then I realized it was in their culture to not want to be disturbed by the waiter. They valued privacy & their own interactions. As a result, waiters would only come if requested, and leave you alone otherwise.

Someone coming to America from Bulgaria might think that Americans are so friendly & nice, when really they’re just doing their job. I’ve also had Bulgarians suggest that Americans are “inauthentic” or “fake” because of this behavior.

Is that really true? Not at all. It’s just a cultural difference which the person doesn’t understand.

The same is true of Americans going to Bulgaria. We could assume they have bad service, or realize that they value privacy and have a different definition of “service.” After living there for a year, it took me a while to adjust back to servers coming by and refilling my water.

Humanity Beyond Culture

Beyond these cultural differences, which we can falsely interpret as “good or bad,” lies humanity. Humanity just IS.

Everyone wants prosperity. Everyone wants love, and sex, and friends, and good memories.

This is our humanity beyond the social norms we define as “culture.”

Ultimately everywhere I go, I just see humans now. The cultures may differ, as do the languages, but in the end we are just people.

Because there are people everywhere I go there are good people and bad people in every “culture,” for to have a culture means you must first have humanity.

When someone suggests to me that a particular culture is “good or bad,” it tells me more about that person, and/or reveals the quality of their memories in the culture they are referring to.

In other cases where a friend suggests to another friend that “XYZ culture is ABC,” it reveals simply ignorance on the person who accepts this belief from the friend without analyzing WHY their friend says that XYZ culture is ABC.

What is YOUR Culture?

Within every culture are sub-cultures. So now I ask, what is YOUR culture, within the society that you live in?

Whether by conscious or unconscious choice, or even by luck or accident, where you are is shaping you, defining you, becoming you.

You can choose to have what you want, but in order to do so you must first open up your consciousness to the fact that you need to take responsibility for your own humanity beyond culture, and then secondly to actively search for those humans who are supportive and good, beyond some culture.

We can sit here on our high horses laughing at the ignorance of those who believe XYZ culture is ABC, or we can realize our own ignorance and fix those first.

The choice is yours. What is YOUR culture?


The Truth about Personality

Growing up my school made me take those “stupid” personality tests. They were complete bullshit.

How did I know that? Every year I switched from an “introvert” to an “extrovert” and then back again.

I found these personality tests restricting, pointless, and rebelled against them especially because the school was making us take them.

Don’t even get me started on astrology or some “moon space planet” craziness!

7 years later, I am a huge advocate for the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Turns out there’s actually some truth to it- IF you take the right test, and IF you apply the information CORRECTLY.

Everything You Think You Know… Is WRONG

Like most other subjects, education institutions implement personality tests in the WORST way possible: they label people, such as “extroverts” or “introverts.” Furthermore there’s no application of this information. The teachers that are being forced to force their students these tests don’t even understand the basics of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI from now on).

It’s possible to be a very confident “introvert,” and a very anxious “extrovert,” for example.

The way 99% of the population goes about personality tests are as if this is some horoscope bullshit. No one can say that because you’re an INFP personality type, today is going to be “lucky.” That’s not the way it works!

Sit down and put your seat belt on. Today we’re investigating the TRUTH about personality, and why you NEED to find yours out ASAP.

First: The TRUTH

Before we delve into the practical applications of a personality test, we need to go over the TRUTH about the MBTI personality test. It was never meant to be the weird horoscope BS it has become.

If you find your true personality type, and you actually delve into it, you’ll learn a lot about what you need to do to grow as a person. Here’s the truth:

Personality tests indicate cognitive functions, NOT personality. Personality is a BYPRODUCT of the way your brain functions.

Let me give an example of personality vs. cognitive functions:

A personality trait could be preferring sushi over Mexican food. It could be preferring to adventure rather than stay in at home. It could be needing 2 hours of alone time every day.

This does NOT make you an extrovert or an introvert. As you’re about to learn, there are some extroverts whom can appear quite introverted (hint: ME).

A cognitive function is for example “extraverted intuition.” This cognitive function, when primary in a person, allows the person the ability to be great at generating ideas. It also makes the person highly curious and easily excitable.

Do you see how this is a lot different than personality? Understanding your cognitive functions is vital to your self-improvement, and also as a byproduct creates your personality. 

Understanding Cognitive Functions

True personality tests test you based on your cognitive functions. This is also how personality tests SHOULD be used, instead of the annoying, limiting, generic, horoscope BS that it is.

There are 8 cognitive functions, which I will leave to you to research. If you’d like me to write more about this, I’d love to, so just let me know if this content I should do more of.

Every person has 4 of the 8 cognitive functions. They operate in a certain order, and are scientifically measurable, rather than opinion-based such as “preferring to be out and social.”

Let me give you an example of the cognitive functions in action by using my own personality type, ENFP.

My primary cognitive function is “extraverted intuition” as mentioned earlier. My friends would indeed describe me as easily excitable, and highly adventurous. I have traveled to 12+ countries and lived abroad for a year in Bulgaria. This is totally something someone with this function would do.

My second cognitive function is “introverted feeling,” which we can nickname “authenticity.”

For those of you who have been around long enough, you will know that I’ve done a lot of writing about being “authentic” and “true to yourself.” Not everyone vibed with it, which I now understand as these people lacking an “introverted feeling” cognitive function (not to say they’re inauthentic or sleezy, but certain people have certain priories).

Introverted feeling is basically a person trying to make peace within themselves. It involves staying true to yourself, and makes the person highly individualistic.

My third cognitive function is “extraverted thinking,” which we can nickname “gimme gimme.” It’s basically designed to get you what you want. See: working hard to make my online business work.

My final cognitive function is “introverted sensing,” which we can nickname “routine & memory.” Your 4th cognitive function also shows up in negative ways. In the case of this, it makes the person highly rebellious. See: me dropping out of university, traveling the world, actively blogging about the horrors of mainstream society.

Do you see how important it is now to understand your cognitive functions? This is your REAL personality type, and it drives EVERYTHING you do. It also shows you your blind spots.

Now that you’ve read this, you can understand just how important understanding your personality type is. I now clearly know my super-powers, and I also have made sense a lot of my past behaviors.

For example, I really suck at time management. I also suck at being aware of what’s going around me. Yesterday I was hanging out with a friend and twice I walked into a street despite not having the “walk” sign.

That’s because I don’t have an “extraverted sensing” cognitive function, which allows the person to be extra aware of what’s going on in the present moment. This also explains why if I don’t put my keys in the same spot every day I forget where it is. It also explains why when my mom would ask me to get things as a kid I would struggle to locate objects which were right in front of me.

In short: you wouldn’t want to give me your keys and ask not to misplace them. I will lose them, but it’ll be okay because my primary cognitive function (extraverted intuition) will come up with 15 ways you can make more money online!

Jokes aside, THIS is the truth about the MBTI personality assessment! 

Applying Your Results

I’d recommend Googling “Personality Test,” and filling it out as accurate as you can. When you get the results, read over the description of your type and see if it’s accurate.

If it’s highly accurate (it’s okay if it’s not 100% accurate), then Google “[your type] Cognitive Functions.” For example, I Googled “ENFP Cognitive Functions.”

You should then read over the cognitive functions and by this point you should be highly resonating with your personality type. If not, then re-take the test. If you get the same result take a different test.

A true personality test takes a LONG time to complete because it goes over all 8 cognitive functions and then tests you based on their order. For sake of time, it’s better to spend 5-10 minutes taking a test online.

If it isn’t accurate, re-take or take a new test. This is the most time-efficient way to find your type.

Once you know your type, I’d also recommend finding a book for your type. For example, I found the book “The ENFP Survival Guide,” by Heide Priebe. It will give you a personal growth plan which is insanely accurate.

The Schools Had It Wrong… Again

To this day, I have no idea why the hell schools made us take these personality tests just to tell us “you’re an introvert” or “you’re an extrovert.” Like, what the fuck is the point of knowing that?

So what if you’re introverted or extroverted! Who cares? It’s a pointless label that accomplishes nothing.

Cognitive functions, on the other hand, reveal the truth of who you are. It’s how you think. It is your strengths and weaknesses. THAT is important to know because the information can actually be applied.

Don’t let anyone tell you who you are, instead seek to understand who you are!

The Truth is Fascinating

Growing up I thought personality tests were full of shit. As it turns out, my personality type, the “ENFP” is the “most introverted extrovert.”

The reason for this is because of my primary cognitive functions (adventure & authenticity) can be activated alone OR with others. This is why growing up I’d constantly switch between introvert and extrovert.

Sometimes I had friends to adventure with, and other times I was off on my own adventures! I also avoided activities which didn’t feel authentic to me.

When you discover your true personality type, you will no doubt be in for a rabbit hole, IF you apply the information correctly.

Again, to apply the information correctly you have to research your “cognitive functions.” Understanding your “super-powers” and “blind spots” is so key to becoming your best self (by the way, “becoming your best self” is something someone with “introverted feeling” would be likely to say).

It also will shed light on past behaviors, mistakes, and wins you’ve had in your life. For example, I now understand why me and my ex-girlfriend broke up. I now understand myself better, and her type.

One interesting thing is that according to personality theory the “ENFP” personality type is best matched with “INFJ” or “INTJ” personality type.

My two best friends? They’re both INFJs. I feel so great around them, and we connect so well… but why is that?

Now I know: it’s because our cognitive functions pair together very well. I also believe my ex may have been an INTJ!

There’s a whole lot to learn and I’d highly recommend diving into it. Remember: personality tests are not horoscope BS. You should NOT be looking up whether the “ENFP” will be happy today or not.

This is SCIENCE, and more importantly your cognitive functions. Your personality is a by-product of your cognitive functions, but of course affected by other things such as upbringing, emotional trauma, and likes/dis-likes.

Don’t let anyone tell you who you are, and don’t let the label hold you back in any way. Focus on understanding your functions, and you’ll be in for a lot of growth and improvement.

P.S. If you take the test, tell me what you get (:

Slow Down to Speed Up

Sometimes the world throws you curve-balls you could’ve never expected.

You think the storm is over, when really you’re just in the eye of the hurricane… it’s only halfway finished.

What footing you thought you had is now gone; you are suspended in air, falling, grasping, begging, and lost.

Sometimes, the right thing is to slow down, not speed up.

It’s the easy way out to get lost in routines and duties. Hustling all day doesn’t make you special, but in fact someone afraid to confront their own true feelings that arise in the seconds between distraction.

Sometimes the answers are right there inside of you, in that little nagging voice you drown away with vodka.

Lighting it up with weed helps not either. Unlike thoughts, this feeling cannot be medicated.

In the push to move forward, you forget that the brakes work no longer; you are stuck in inertia, moving forward, with only the wind to stop you.

When you let go, and realize that the brakes have broke, it is only natural to feel afraid.

What most do is press harder on the gas, for then at least they feel they have control.

Going so fast, they cannot look left or right, otherwise they will crash! The beauty and opportunities fade as the speed rages on.

Don’t you see that pushing on keeps you trapped in the cycle of no control?

By letting go of control, releasing the gas, one day your inertia-filled vehicle will rest, and you’ll be free to step out and bask in the beauty of now. Only then will you possess control.

Only then will you see how fast you were falling forward. Only then will things make sense.

Only then will you see what was yours all along.

Only then will you laugh at others who rush forward so fast they miss the celebration at the bonfire on the side of the never-ending racetrack.

You never wanted to go so fast anyways; you wanted to go fast to get “there,” so you sped farther away from “there” to get “here.”

Let go, slow down, and celebrate. You have arrived.

Why is the world so F*CKED?

Someone on Reddit asked a question: “Why does the world seem to be so F*CKED?”

The poster mentioned the insane obesity rates, increases of anxiety & depression, and other metrics. The primary question was: why is it that it seems everyone has some form of diagnosed mental illness?

I left a long response, and thought I’d share it here.

For the record, I believe fulfillment/happiness is easily possible, but you have to be a “weirdo” to have it.

Once you’ve embarked on the self-improvement journey, the world appears so… strange.

Why is it so normal to eat chips & candy, which are packed with nothing but cocaine-like sugar and processed chemicals? Why is it normal to sit around and derp on a TV box all day?

I think it’s because of the “herd” mentality. Most people remain trapped because they find safety in numbers, when these days those who are safe are willing to stand out.

The truly normal human walks down the street eating apples, not chips. The truly normal person avoids excessive TV & media. The truly normal person approaches attractive members of the opposite sex, rather than always wondering “what if.”

Here was my response to “why does the world seem so F*CKED?”

Here are some of my guesses:

1. Terrible diet. Yes, bad food causes anxiety and depression. It certainly did for me and it’s well documented that eating excess sugar reduces focus, happiness, sleep quality, and increases anxiety, etc the list goes on. 

My diet is now fruits, veggies, healthy meat only (not McDonald’s, even considering trying no meat), nuts, seeds, etc I try to be natural. 

Now I’ve so much energy and focus it’s crazy. I can’t believe I grew up eating so much crap fast food and sugar. That is not healthy. 

Book to read: the ultramind solution. 

2. The internet. People are ruining their ability to focus. Constant stimulation also increases anxiety. Furthermore social networks create an unhealthy air of comparison; you think everyone is living a dream life when in fact you see only snapshots of their week.

The internet is also preventing people from having real social interaction. We are social creatures and meant to be in groups. Most people are losing friends and isolating themselves. Their social circles are becoming their school or work groups, which is of course fake. You can’t be real with your work social circle.   

Book to read: the shallows 

3. Lack of exercise. I don’t have a book recommendation here, but you can do your own research on the stunning effects exercise has. 

It increases focus, reduces depression, reduces anxiety, increases health, increases optimism, the list goes on. 

Most people in America wake up, walk to their car, sit in their car, walk to their office, sit in their office, then go home and sit and watch TV. 

It is said that exercise, if it could be packaged into a pill, would be a “miracle pill.” The list of diseases it prevents is extensive. 

YouTube this: “what I’ve learned exercise.”

4. Poor sleep. Blue light from technology prevents good sleep. Most people don’t have good sleep hygiene. 

YouTube this: “what I’ve learned sleep.”

5. Terrible schooling. America’s school system, and most school systems, are God-awful. They teach almost nothing of real value. Source? I’ve traveled the world making money online and 5% of what I learned in school is valuable. The most important things are not taught or even known. 

Kids are forced to be in school all fucking day learning stuff they’ll never use. I’d love to talk more about this, but I think most adults could agree. 

They are pushed into University before they even know what they want to do. Rather than being encouraged to try things out first (such as job shadow a doctor) they are funneled into expensive University. 

They then rack up debt, which now can’t be forgiven, all in the name of “education.” My University (like almost all) required random classes to graduate. You have to fulfill random bs requirements. Like yes, learning about prehistory was SO HELPFUL for my internet business >_>

Finally the amount of work pushed onto kids is ridiculous. If you can’t teach kids in 8 hours a day, then you’re a failure, a horrible teacher. Teachers create boring, non-engaging lessons then give their students hours of homework. Even a little homework in each class adds up to hours.

Is it that kids have “ADHD” or that we are expecting them to work away their childhood?

Can YOU work 12 hour focused days with minimal socializing and no exercise?

Schooling and University may have been useful back in the day but it hasn’t evolved with our evolving world. It horrifies me how much time I lost in my life to school for things I’ll never use (or have forgotten). 

It would be considered torture too make an adult work all day perfectly. The fact this is requested of young kids is ridiculous. If we taught a bit more efficiently and let the kids enjoy life, they’d actually learn more. 

6. Lack of self care. Finally, no one is ever taught self care. How do you heal from a break up? How do you make new friends? What do you do when you’re burning out? 

I wish I was taught these things. Instead we live in a go go go society that glorifies working your life away for some arbitrary notion of “success.” 

One weekly massage can greatly increase your work productivity. Yoga can make you happy. Cold showers can heal injuries. Meditation for just 20 minutes a day can give you that peace you’ve always wanted. Literally being in nature has been scientifically proven to heal injuries faster. But these aren’t taught in school or by anyone. 

In nature, we would not have worked so hard as we do now. Isn’t that funny? Yes we live longer, and can prevent diseases, but we have also created our own diseases; we’ve created a way to burn us out and make us suffer, just in a completely new way. 

We live in a society disconnected from reality. We eat shit food, don’t exercise like our bodies are designed to, we are constantly comparing ourselves and ruining our brains with the internet, we are burning out from ever increasing workloads (and useless schooling), and then expect somehow we will be happy. 

And because of the herd mentality most people have, it’s unlikely everyone will change anytime soon. 

Happiness (or fulfillment) IS possible but if you want to be happy you have to be weird. 

When everyone is at a party drinking alcohol and eating shit food, you have to be taking Ginger shots and eating a banana. 

When everyone is posting their life on social media, you have to stay in reality and be careful of the internet’s effects. 

When everyone doesn’t exercise, you have to run miles and hit the gym. 

When everyone uses their phones or TVs before bed, you have to create a night and morning routine. 

When everyone expects University and school to bring them prosperity, you must keep learning and discover the real secrets of life and abundance. 

When everyone is burning out, you have to go on a meditation retreat, do some yoga, get a massage, and find a group of friends to share some laughs with… And maybe realize there’s more to life than the hustle. 

Happiness is possible. These days, you’ve just gotta be a weirdo to have it.