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The Law of Use

“The possession of Knowledge, unless accompanied by a manifestation and expression in Action, is like the hoarding of precious metals-a vain and foolish thing. Knowledge, like Wealth, is intended for Use. The Law of Use is Universal, and he who violates it suffers by reason of his conflict with natural forces.” -The Kybalion

I broke the Law of Use.

What is “The Kybalion?” The Kybalion is a collection of hermetic teachings from ancient Egypt. These are some of the oldest teachings which has ever been taught from mankind.

In the book, you are taught several principles of life itself. Some of it is a bit “out there,” but other principles are quite practical.

The last principle, one which I have forgotten completely, is one which I have broken, and I have deeply suffered the consequences of it.

Let this be a warning for those who are stuck “learning,” but aren’t going out taking action.

The Law of Use

The law of use in layman’s terms states that knowledge acquired should be put to action. If you learn how to budget, you should make a budget and stick to it. If you learn how to approach girls, you should approach girls.

Now don’t take this out of context; obviously if I go up to you and say “hey here’s how to build a car” you shouldn’t build a car because some random “law of use.”

This applies for information you deem valuable to yourself, or which you seek out.

When you don’t immediately apply what you have learned, some terrible things begin to happen. It compounds over time & gets worse & worse. B

Story: Applying the Law of Use

When I first started digital marketing, I was highly action-orientated. That meant to start, I was having to soak in a ton of knowledge.

I watched video courses, took notes, and learned a lot. It was exhilarating!

Soon I began making video proposals, getting online contract work, and learning more about the ins and outs of freelancing as a digital marketer.

Within the year I was able to make money online while traveling the world.

When you actually apply the knowledge you learn and “get into the field,” your rate of success becomes exponential.

I am no genius; I just applied the law of use. And, I’m certainly not a genius, because I’ve also broken the Law of Use.

Story: Breaking the Law of Use

Sometime during my stay in Sofia, Bulgaria I began to “lose my edge.”

I stopped doing sales. I never created an Ecom store. I never sold anything more on Amazon.

This began to fucking eat away at my soul.

I knew I wasn’t living up to my full potential. The comfort was addicting yet poisonous. I felt a drive to grow, but I wasn’t growing.

Soon things began to fall apart in my life. While many bad things were 100% unavoidable, the strange thing is that had I applied the “Law of Use” I would’ve been 10x more prepared for the bad things to happen.

For example, I would not have had financial issues during Cyprus (after Bulgaria) or in Germany. Many problems would’ve ceased to exist, and I could’ve enjoyed these places to the fullest.

Instead I did not get to experience Cyprus how I wanted to. In Germany me & my then-girlfriend had to stay 2 nights in one AirBNB, 2 nights in another city, 10 days back in the old AirBNB, then one final night in another AirBNB just to save $.

Also, we got attacked by over 30 wasps & had no AC in the first 2 nights.

Would this have happened had I applied the Law of Use, grown my business, and then had money to properly taken care of us?

It gets worse.

The longer I went without taking action, the harder & scarier getting back into action would take.

To further compound the problem, people commended me on my current achievements, which is hardly anything, but compared to mainstream thinking I guess I’m living some exotic lifestyle.

This made me egoic & detached from reality. Because I had the knowledge of a person 10x more successful than myself, I could talk the game and impress everyone.

I began to live life in the fantasy realm, in my mind. Rather than creating a definite plan from getting “here to there,” I began to spend too much time thinking about what could be, what would be 5 years from now, and everything that I know- but not actually putting my fingers in the mud and creating this life.

It gets even worse. In the past month I’ve experienced emotions of jealousy, despair, negativity, hopelessness, and bad depression.

When you let yourself fail & feel helpless despite knowing what you know, it’s even worse than legitimately being in the shitty situation.

It gets worse, but you get the gist of it. Let me put it clearly: knowledge which doesn’t go to use will EAT AWAY AT YOUR SOUL.

And if you believe in mystical universal stuff (like I kind of do), then MAYBE you need to put the knowledge to use ASAP because of the coming changes in life!

Again, had I practiced the Law of Use in Bulgaria, things would be completely different. I violated the law, and the changing tides of life swept me away; I wasn’t as prepared as I could’ve been.

Repairing the Law of Use

So right now I’m trying to take action again, and I must confess it’s difficult.

I often feel a dark, heavy energy inside of me dragging me down. At the same time I’m learning how to relax & be in the present moment and accept the work I have to do. I’ve entered a flow state for the first time in months.

I feel quite anxious, about failure, being rejected, or completely fucking something up. This is all quite irrational, but I’ve been “out of the game for too long.”

When it comes to social circle & meeting people, I’m not “living on the edge either.” Before I put so much effort into meeting people, now I struggle with scheduling meetings (and being on time, sorry friends!!).

Video games have once again entered my life, which is never a good sign. Almost every time I start playing video games it means I’m getting dangerously depressed. Today I intend on deleting all of my video games- again.

Focusing is harder. Distractions are easier.

I feel like I’ve “lost my edge.” I feel like a dull knife, not “all there.” Going into “state” feels more difficult. I’m neither “on fully” or “relaxing fully.”

All that being said, the only way to repair the law of use is to apply the law of use. This is exactly what I’m trying my best to do now.

If you violate the law of use, you may find yourself trapped in “analysis paralysis” or simply have this nagging feeling of knowing that you could always “do more.”

This is your warning to get moving ASAP. If you don’t, there will be consequences.

The way you fix it is simple: you take action. Meet people. Work hard. Focus. Set goals. Achieve them. Fix your routine. Drop bad habits. Develop good ones. Read books.

It’s all a million times easier said than done. You can’t expect perfection of yourself, but you must try & fix this.

Final Warning

Knowledge without action is poison. Remember that. ​​

This is your last warning today, do NOT violate the “Law of Use.” It will eat away at your soul. Put to action what you learn immediately.

Warning: Success is DANGEROUS

Hot girls. Fancy cars. Expensive champagne.

What’s not to love about “making it?”

There is one huge danger to it, and if you don’t realize this then you could very well lose it all… and find yourself worse off than when you started.

I’m not even talking about the “flashy” types of success where you get 10 models to take turns sucking your…

Even down to Earth success such as finally getting that six pack, achieving a business goal and enjoying a vacation, finally traveling the world, or finally getting a girlfriend can all be dangerous.

Here’s the problem: no one is actually talking about the dangers because most people are quick to flaunt their achievements, and then even quicker to hide when they lose it all.

Social media is a highlight reel of bullshit. Anyone can appear beautiful, rich, and smart.

Let me share with you some deep truth here.

My Rise & Fall

It didn’t start easy for me.

I got into a terrible snowboarding accident. Concussion, post concussion, neck pain, back pain, dizziness, eye problems, and 24/7 headaches were just a couple of the symptoms I had making life rather miserable.

My family didn’t have the money to take me to every doctor. I had also just gotten fired from a banking job, due to corporate bullshit (the manager didn’t want to fire me and said he’d be a great reference for future jobs).

Despite the pain, I put one foot in front of the other. Literally, as even walking was difficult.

I studied courses. I produced videos for my digital marketing business. I tried to develop my skills and push forward to make money.

Without money I would not be able to afford treatment. I desperately desired to go to the top physiotherapist in North America as all treatments I had spent $ on in the Phoenix area had failed me.

Soon I began making money, but I could not celebrate. Almost every dollar went to medical expenses.

Slowly I began to heal, I went and saw some of the top doctors, and feeling more energized I headed to Europe to explore and also try figure out how to cure the rest of my chronic pain problems.

Determination was me; there was nothing that could stop me from healing, and nothing that could stop me from anything.

Reaching New Heights

Because of my intense efforts, I acquired a girlfriend, great social circle, the most money I had seen in my life, and a slowly improving health state while living in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I began to make more discoveries about health & immediately apply them- making me even healthier. I was beginning to “have it all.”

The relationship improved. My friendships deepened. I began to move more and feel stronger in my body. I was becoming truly happy.

I could spend in Bulgaria without worry of finances. I no longer put in an effort to meet people because I had my girl & friends. I began to soar, like a bird in the sky.

Crashing Down

And then in the course of a week I lost it all. One phone call was all it took to shatter everything.

My visa to stay longer in Bulgaria was rejected; I would have to leave in a week.

From then on it was one bad decision after the other. However it wasn’t just bad decisions; it was also a bad mentality.

I let the circumstance dictate my mood, and in doing so let the situation knock me down.

I didn’t put in effort to make friends despite being lonely & bitter. I missed my girlfriend constantly. My spending habits were the same, despite me having traveled to a more expensive country- this made me lose a lot of money.

In my mind, I could easily recover. I could easily get new money. But I was disconnected from reality; my determination mindset previously used for success was now being used with a sense of entitlement. That is, I expected the same rewards for less effort!

A Tall Tree

A tree can only grow as tall as its roots are strong and deep in the ground.

In the same way, success can be dangerous if you lose your roots.

A tree does not instantly fall over if it loses its roots. It falls when the storm comes. If a tree is rooted, then it will never fall in a storm.

And this is what happened to me, and what could happen to you if you aren’t careful.

While living in Bulgaria I began to “have it all.” I enjoyed it- and you should, but the problem was I lost my “roots” with how I got there in the first place!

At some point I got too cozy and let myself fly in the joys of the moment.

Flying is okay until a storm comes, then your happiness flies away as quickly as it came.

It took me a long time to “re-ground” myself, and I wouldn’t even say I’m all the way there yet. I’m still learning how to put my hands in the dirt to do some real hard work to make my life how I want to.

“Bad events” are only bad if you lose your grounding. Life is like the weather: unpredictable.

If you are like a tree, grounded far below, then you will be able to enjoy soaring highs throughout the intense storms.

But if you un-root yourself to fly high, it will be fun until a storm comes.

Dangers of Success

This is the great danger of success; people stay grounded until they “have it all” (or even a couple of things), but in the celebration forgot what took them there in the first place.

They may become entitled, grandiose, egoic, or simply lose that drive.

If they happen to lose what they achieved, it will be hard to get it back because they got so used to coasting.

I let myself coast too much. By not rooting myself I suffered so much more than I needed to.

Now I’m trying to re-ground, focus, and apply what I learned to re-build back up… and this time I’ll do my best to stay grounded.

I’m not there yet, still have a ton of ways to go.

If there’s one final thing I’ve learned, it’s that your actions days, weeks, or months (or even years) ago affect what happens today.

It is deceiving to think that your actions you take while you’re successful are the cause of your success. Success is generally caused by those things you did a long time ago.

The best time to do something was 1 year ago. The next best time is today.

And when you do make it, stay grounded.


Elevate Your Perspective: Are You Growing?

Hey friends, this is something important you should keep in mind.

First, Happy New Year’s Eve! What are you doing? Have you grown in 2018, are you satisfied with your improvements?

Or do you still have work to do, and wish you had tried a bit harder?

Regardless, I wanted to share a little thought with you all.

2018: Strong Start

I’ll be honest, I am kind of disappointed in myself with how my 2018 ended.

2018 began literally with a new relationship- we became official on January 1st, 2018. We fit together so perfectly, and we transcended over problems very quickly.

I also was living in Sofia, Bulgaria at the time in my most favorite apartment I’ve ever had. I would live a total of 6 months in that apartment, which is the longest I’ve ever stayed in one apartment besides my family home growing up.

It genuinely felt like home. In fact, I’ve been struggling recently with depression, disassociation, etc. because returning to the USA feels like a foreign country!

Who would’ve guessed Sofia, Bulgaria would feel more like home to me than my actual country?

2018 also began with me having the most money I had ever had in my entire life.

My extremely conservative spending habits I had developed while living in Canada faded over to Bulgaria. Even though I could double my lifestyle, I didn’t (at first), so the savings were massive.

Finally, I had a beautiful social life in Bulgaria. It was so amazing that I told a friend, “if I get a girlfriend, I’ll extend my visa.” I didn’t stay just for the girl (although it was for her/us too)- I was also fighting for my happiness, home, and other friends.

Now, 2018 wasn’t perfect of course. My health was still struggling. I had chronic pain. I had a lot of emotional shit to get over. But on the surface, things at least were growing better a lot faster.

Mid-2018: Heaven & Hell

By my 6th & 7th month in Bulgaria, I was quite happy. I had the best birthday party of my entire life, thanks in part to that amazing girlfriend whose family let me use their home.

My health had actually improved a fair amount too. While it wasn’t perfect, I was making huge leaps and expected to fully recover (and I eventually did through the hell section).

No relationship starts perfectly. Both parties are asserting their boundaries, learning things about the other, etc. so it’s bound to have some silly drama.

By mid 2018, we had “leveled off” and found balance. We could love each other without the drama. We were improving rapidly, we were committed, and I have so many wonderful memories of her over at my apartment cooking or watching a movie together.

The heaven in Bulgaria was about to come to a quick halt however.

First, my spending habits had increased greatly. I had gotten accustomed to my “4 hour work week” lifestyle of hardly working but spending tons of money.

I was buying her things, living luxuriously, etc. In the beginning of Bulgaria I didn’t have to track my budget because I would just live how I did in Canada and somehow still manage to save ridiculous amounts of my income (such as 50%+!).

I felt amazing and on top of the world, which unfortunately detached me from reality itself. When problems came I was too idealistic, grandiose, and too self-confident in my ability to fix things.

My ego had inflated a ton, but I hadn’t even realized it. Through the “hell” period I did have the opportunity to close a medium-sized account for my business, but I asked for more money, when really it would’ve been wiser (and fixed 90% of my problems) if I just took the deal and worked harder.

My visa extension for Bulgaria would be expensive. The lawyer & people helping me out would make some power moves, forcing me to give them a lot of money (think hundreds) otherwise I’d have to leave Bulgaria the next day.

My spending habits were dangerously high, and I was also investing a ton of money into my health which further drained my savings & income.

My visa extension for Bulgaria ended up getting rejected; I would be forced to leave in one week. I was devastated & unprepared.

In one week I lost so much money, my home, my social life, lifestyle, and had to be away from my girlfriend. The relationship was just 6 months in and not prepared to handle such large of problems!

I made a bad choice to stay in Cyprus instead of Thailand. Cyprus is quite expensive so I lost even more money. Because I was idealistic and too self-confident in my abilities to get new clients and grow my business I assumed I could so easily “just get new deals.” I got no deals.

My spending stayed high (old habits die hard) which 2-3x the rate at which I was losing money. The relationship suffered. I under-estimated my need for social contact and did not make hardly any friends. I let myself fall into a deep depression & victim mindset which further hurt all facets of my life.

What would ensue in the next 5 months would be that I wander literally around the entire world, the relationship breaks off, and my finances continue to suffer.

My health is the one thing that improved through all of this as I channeled a lot of the negative energy into working out & moving as best as I could.

End of 2018

I am writing this today a bit disappointed in myself. When I first entered Bulgaria November of 2017, I had the mentality that “I could do anything in the entire world.”

I’ve learned that there are rules, such as that you can’t just “extend a visa” to any country so easily. In fact, they might kick you out… no reason provided.

This led to me getting depressed, victim mindset, etc. and further letting my life fall apart. I dragged down the relationship and didn’t do what was legitimately required of me to grow my business.

2018 started so strong, with a BANG! But what I learned is you have to keep the fire going yourself.

Success is more dangerous than failure my friends. Living like a king on the other side of the world detached me from what got me there in the first place: hard work, persistence, learning, determination, and self-belief while maintaining a grounding in reality.

There are things you can’t do. You can’t magically grow a business in one month. You can’t just show up to any country and expect you can live there. You can’t avoid paying your taxes- I didn’t pay mine for 2018, so I shall have a huge bill in a few months that I will have to work hard to pay.

Sometimes a little “I can’t” is healthy. When I used to play piano one of my teachers told me to stop free-styling so much; by forcing myself to commit to a structure and limit what notes I could play, I crafted the most beautiful songs I had ever wrote in my life.

Happiness is the same. You can do anything, but only 3 things… do you get what I mean? 90% of people in the world need more of an “I can” attitude, but some of us need a little “I can’t” to keep us grounded in what’s realistic.

Anyways, I felt disappointed in myself because I started with so much and fucked a lot of it up (finances, relationship, location). In terms of location I am considering immigrating to Bulgaria, but even on that front I feel lost & confused as to where I should live.

But Here’s the Epiphany…

And this might apply to you too if you’re self-attacking or disappointed in yourself. Let me start with my case, and then apply it to you.

I realized that I did improve my health, which was my #1 priority in the beginning of the year. I can now run, workout, etc. like a normal person and I’m developing a slightly athletic physique!

I did grow a ton, learn a lot, and improve myself as a human. Even though the relationship ended I’m a better person. I learned a lot about relationships which I shall carry into my next one.

And I still have all of my friends & lifestyle in Bulgaria, if I immigrate or visit, so reclaiming my social life will be rather easy in this year.

What I’ve learned most in this year is not to focus so much outward. Yes I lost outward a lot, but I also developed skills & grew as a person which will make it easier for me to reclaim these things in 2019.

But the biggest epiphany is this:

I started 2017 with…. NOTHING. 

And this is when I stopped feeling so disappointed in myself but relieved.

I began 2017 suffering from post-concussion, chronic pain, and other damages from a snowboarding accident. I had no money, no social life and no girlfriend and not even a girl interested in me.

I began 2017 with no health, no money, and no love.

I began 2018 with no health, money, and love.

I am beginning 2019 with health, a little money, and no love.

I say “a little money” because I still have the main income stream, and I have the skills I need to grow… it’s just a matter of doing the work. I also owe tax money so technically I am in debt (no money), but I can file for an extension or find another trick to evade the taxes while I make more money.

And in this case of “health wealth love” love also includes social life, friends, etc.

I’m saying I have “no love” because in Phoenix I don’t have an amazing social life like what I had in Montreal or Bulgaria. Part of it is the fact that the family home is so far away from where the events are, so it’s simply impossible.

The biggest epiphany clearly explained is this:

If every 2 years I take 2 steps forward and 1 step back, that’s alright.

In fact, it’s more like 2 steps forward and half a step back!

Even though this is a much slower rate of growth than I’d prefer, it’s completely acceptable. It means that after 4 years (when I’m 24) I’ll have health, wealth, and love, all at once!

I’d encourage you to look at your life in a similar fashion. In 2018 you may have broke even or fallen behind- that’s okay because you grew as a person and you can apply that to 2019 to get ahead.

Look at your life from 2017 – now, or even 2016 – now instead of 2018 – now.

This will give you a better perspective of whether you’re going up or down.

In my case I’m going up, so even though I fucked up bad in the middle/end of this year, that’s alright because I’m getting things right more than half of the time.

You only need to win 51% of battles to win the war.

And if you’re going down, then you should accept that and make proper adjustments. Even though I go up every 2 years, I am preparing changes so that I can go up every 1 year.

Did you find this post helpful. Let me know.

Also let me know what’s been new for your life!



The One Rule For Life- Do This Daily

Today I broke my “one rule for life” and I certainly noticed the effects by the end of the day.

This ONE RULE I slowly developed in Montreal, Budapest, and it became clear in Sofia, Bulgaria.

When I practiced this ONE RULE for life, I became so much happier. I felt more fulfilled, though I must admit following the rule can be hard sometimes.

Note: This is me expressing from my own life. Individual circumstances apply. Take the gems and optimize your life as you see fit. 

The One Rule For Life: One Daily INTENTIONAL or DEEP Social Interaction 

Loneliness is one huge cause of depression & anxiety, especially in the 1st & 2nd world countries.

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Becoming Great Through Focus & Discipline

Okay I admit: I f’d up.

I made money online, I traveled the world, and then it happened… I got lazy.

Suddenly I lost all of my discipline. I lost my ability to focus. I became an internet addict (like you too).

I constantly am finding myself distracted, “scatter brained,” and all over the place. It’s a bit frustrating.

Oh hey, look another YouTube video!

[3 hours later]…

I can’t remember who originally said it but there’s a great quote that I only now can understand. It goes something like this:

“The enemy of the good is the great.”

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