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Are Debates Even Worth It?

In the beginning of High School, I took a “Debate” course which was mandatory for graduation.

The teacher was quite impressed with my debate skills, and left a personal call to my parents commending me, and suggesting that I should sign up for debate or use my skills of writing & speech in some way for debate.

I was great at debate. It was fun, and winning the “debate” was exhilarating.

But now it’s the last thing I want to do.

In fact recently I’ve noticed myself smiling and agreeing to people more often than not.

Is it inauthentic to not speak an inner or outer truth or belief? I strive to live as authentically as possible.

There are many problems in the world which I know that I could solve… It just seems that no one wants to listen.

It seems that most people- and if I’m being honest sometimes myself included- just want to feel heard and feel right more than anything else.

We get attached to petty ideas such as “Capitalism” or “Socialism.” Do we even really know what we’re talking about?

I don’t think so. You can look up any YouTube videos asking people to define what these terms mean by the dictionary definition, and they usually can’t. Can you?

As an American some foreigners like to revert back to the classic “Donald Trump” bullshit.

While I was in Vietnam I met a French guy. Things were going great. We were having fun.

Then the conversation got randomly quite political. He started talking about Donald Trump and other issues in America, such as the lack of free University like they have for example in Germany.

It was a bit difficult to change the conversation topic- but I managed. I did feel a bit energetically weakened, and also disappointed in my new companion.

On the note of Donald Trump alone, please shut the fuck up. I don’t want to talk politics as a young American abroad. If you can the last 5 policies he has implemented, as well as one positive thing he did recently as well as understand his side kindly then I’d listen.

That’s the thing- most people can’t even articulate their opponent’s beliefs.

Everyone hates Donald Trump, yet no one can actually say exactly what he’s done besides a Twitter post or racist comment the media talked about.

Did you know for example he has worked hard recently to make it easier for people to immigrate to the USA?

Okay okay, wait- I am not here to talk politics. I am just using the big hot debate about my nationality’s president as an example.

Most people can’t even articulate their perceived opponent’s argument.

What makes you so fucking sure you’re right if you can’t even articulate what the other side thinks, and why?

Everyone sits up on their high horse acting as if their way of thinking is ideal… Yet they fail to realize so does the “other side.”

It’s made me question whether democracy is even the epitome of humanity. Sure it’s better than a king ruling, but whether you’re “left” or “right” you could agree that the “other side” has some faulty beliefs…

For that very reason, maybe it’s best to leave politics to the experts.

The Doctor doesn’t ask the People what drug to give you- the expert handles the situation, and you follow their advice. Perhaps the same is true for politics/governments?

Follow Your Own Path

These are all random late-night thoughts. I’ve just had too much bullshit recently.

I feel like the world is a river with everything and everyone going its own way, and I’m like a fish just trying to swim along.

A current (or a person) comes to me and suggests that Donald Trump is evil. I smile and agree, and go with the current to my next destination and don’t waste any energy resisting.

Then another current comes by, and suggests that democrats are evil. I smile and agree, and disengage before I start wanting to speak.

Is this right? I feel quite conflicted.

On one hand, there are times when I know that I’m right. More on this later. But I don’t even offer to help people because I’m not going to put in the work to drill the solutions into their mind.

For example someone might have a particular productivity issue, but they just keep talking and lack the ability to listen so I can’t ever give them the solution.

In situations where I’ve tried to force-feed them the solution, they don’t take it- they fucking keep bitching about their problem despite me presenting a perfect solution in front of their face.

In fact they don’t even consider the potential solution! Like a water current they keep going where they were destined to go- the only difference being I lost a little energy.

So is this right? I don’t know. I want to help people sometimes, but I’m not going to force-open someone’s mind.

People Just Talk To Themselves

Sometimes I am “talking” with someone, but then I realize they’re just talking to themselves.

One guy was having a particular problem that I had experienced in exactness before- I knew the exact solution.

The solution wouldn’t be particularly easy, though I knew it existed. I offered to send him the titles of the books.

He went on his own tangents, and bullshit. It was more-so him talking to himself.

He discredited the books before even giving them a chance! His thinking was circular and repetitive.

I was like, “wait are you even asking for advice or do you need emotional support?” I think subconsciously he needed someone to just smile and agree, and nothing else.

This was a guy, mind you, so the stereotype of girls expressing their problems for support and guys for solutions is bullshit. I think it’s actually kind of equal.

Everyone just runs around spewing their own ideas, hardly open to what anyone else has to say. It’s rather hilarious when you detach and observe.

Few People Want Advice

In my experience few people want advice.

People run around talking about their problems yet ignore solutions as they present themselves or are offered by others. Usually it occurs in situations where the solution would improve their life too much for them to handle.

What I mean is that someone may say “hey can you help me with my car,” and they legitimately mean it. It is physical and measurable.

When instead someone says “hey I have a recurring problem in my relationship,” or they have a sudden, complex problem such as trying to become more fit or create more wealth then they are blind.

Or maybe they want to talk about politics, but again- they don’t want to actually consider different points.

It isn’t collaborative at all. People just want to feel right and be heard more than anything else.

When you debate someone, realize that there’s no winning.

First, they don’t want to change their brain. They probably don’t care about what’s truth or not.

And ask yourself- do you even care? Or do you just want to be heard? More on this later, but you must listen first of course.

Second, the energy cost of winning a debate is too great. It’s like, cool, you won the debate, it was exhausting and a waste of time. It hardly has legitimate impact.

Third, the person usually doesn’t legitimately change their mind- they usually get upset and resentful because they were wrong.

Fourth, do you actually achieve anything? Cool you changed “one of the currents in the Ocean,” but the world continues on as normal.

What We Need: Open Minds

What we need is open minds. More on this later in the last section on listening.

You have to be what you preach. Be open. Consider different ideas. If you believe in the left buy books on the right and vice versa.

Actually study and learn shit. Challenge your beliefs. And if you ask for advice LISTEN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Sorry for that last sentence, I’m just DONE with people. I’m certain you’ll reach a point like this too, especially if you commit to mastery in a field.

How many people who “pick my brain” do anything legitimate with it? I say, “read these books and you’ll become a digital nomad who has an online business and can travel the world.” One year later everything is the same. Ugh.

In one recent example of someone asking for health advice which I had experienced the exact same problem, all I suggested was to pick up some books. I am not qualified. Read the books because they helped me.

Is it that hard to buy one book? Either stop complaining or buy the book.

In another example where I met with someone to discuss digital marketing, I soon realized that the other person was basically talking about themselves and their ideas.

It wasn’t even the mastermind I hoped it would be- It was just him regurgitating the information.

But… All of this can be used. More on this later.

Just keep your own mind open and let everyone else be. I don’t know if it’s right to let others suffer or if I should try harder to debate their ideas when I know that certain solutions of mine will work, but it’s not my job to help people…

It says in “The Kybalion” (one of my top recommended reads) that “the master will appear when the student is ready.”

I’ve only noticed that in my own life. I have a problem and the solution came only when I was truly ready.

When I resolved to not be so attached to me and my ego but instead let go and listen to what God, the Universe, Friends, Family, or even Acquaintances had to say.

Addicted to Negativity

Now before we get to where I want to go to, I want to add one more point on this subject: so many people are addicted to their emotions.

One acquaintance of mine I made I recently realized goes through the same loops of negativity over and over.

The food is never good enough. Everything is always too expensive. She drinks a ton, and then is happy. But then she has something else to complain about, maybe it’s political or maybe it’s about some there person.

But she always has something to complain about.

It’s funny- you think that what you’re upset about legitimately matters now, but when you put in transformation work to change your relation to the world you realize just how much you are in control of your perception & reaction to this world.

For example, planes flying overhead and occasional loud motorbikes in Thailand used to frighten & annoy me.

Now when I hear a motorbike in my apartment in relaxes me. Planes over the Nimman area which used to bother me are now a conscious reminder I’ve instilled in myself to focus on my breath.

A lot of people comment on my high energy- I think it’s because I’ve consciously “re-routed” things which used to drain me into things which uplift me. I realized it’s all a choice.

Whenever I hear the sound of a loud motorcycle or loud plane it is a reminder to focus on my breath and be present.

One way you can learn this is by reading “Reality Transurfing Steps I-V.”

For example, one day when annoyed by motorbikes I visualized that they were actually floating cows with humans riding them given that the “RUUMMM” of a motorbike could be slightly similar to the “MOOO” of an angry cow.

Suddenly I was laughing at this absurd visualization. I also visualized the frustration felt when I struggled to sleep going away.

Now I sleep perfectly, and “am one” with motorcycle sounds at night. They don’t bother me.

I also had cleaning ladies which would sometimes vacuum outside my apartment early in the morning. When I left, they sometimes didn’t smile at me and appeared upset.

Instead of seeing angry people (which would affect my vibe typically) I visualized angry people now as an angry ape or angry pigeon, which is now hilarious. I let the energy go and it doesn’t bother me anymore.

Anyways, I’ve noticed that most people are addicted to their energy.

Should I suggest these tricks and try help them? I’ve had these thoughts, but so few people actually take action on it.

I have massive respect for those that do. For example one of my best friends in Phoenix is actively applying some course-work I sent over to him because he told me he wanted to be location independent also.

So few people actually take action. They’re addicted to negativity. It becomes a habit in and of itself to keep things as they are. Isn’t that funny?

The Beauty of Listening

All this being said, it isn’t all bad. I’ve really enjoyed listening recently.

When you shut up and listen, all kinds of epic things come out of people’s mouths. I think it’s called a “Freudian slip” or something like that, where the subconscious speaks and they don’t even realize it!!

And people have all kinds of fascinating body language, and vocal tonalities, and eye movements, and gestures and all this.

By using the visualization strategies described above I’ve been able to prevent energy vampires from getting to me… I’ve also been able to avoid getting sucked into ridiculous debates or trying to help people that won’t even listen or take action.

Most people want to barf out all they know. And I think it’s made me quite a bit wiser by listening.

Sometimes people say absurd, offensive things. One girl recently, who rode a motorbike behind me (she had to follow me to a destination), complained I would “break too fast.”

I know I don’t- she was just an absurd driver riding too close and following directly behind (a big no-no for motorcycles). She was addicted to complaining and I realized by attacking me she was trying to “feel right” and steal energy in some way.

I have a motorcycle license & proper training whereas she doesn’t. She wanted to feel better than me. She wanted energy. She hadn’t been able to complain in a while because things were great so she decided to criticize my riding despite me being on par.

Rather than fighting or giving in, I switched things up completely. Her energy went down as she was clawing for mine, but mine remained the same. I think focused on my own “energy” and “breath” and consciously forgave her for her absurd notions.

Honestly listening & agreeing has done me a whole deal of good- it’s keeping me focused on my own path because I don’t get bothered by others’ potentially conflicting beliefs.

In fact I get to learn something and deepen myself.

People tell you all kinds of fascinating things you can transmute into whatever you like.

I consciously choose to make everything inspiring somehow, so that my energy goes up- if they are accepting of it their own energy will go up as well as we share inspiration & joy.

However if they aren’t that’s okay. Their energy will plummet while mine remains stable & grounded.

When they try to debate me or complain about something I visualize a shield around myself and I don’t get emotionally affected by them.

I detach from my own beliefs & attachments and the world opens up a fascinating new layer.

On a really deep note, I’ve observed that we really are just evolved apes. We are quite stupid creatures, all running around like we’re smart.

In the grand scheme of Universal intelligence we are maybe on step 2 out of 100, with apes being on step 1.

We are tribal, ridiculous, apes that are so full of themselves we don’t even realize just how emotional we really are. We mask our emotional and egoic nature by calling it “logic” and “debates.”

Less Writing, More Listening

Recently I’ve been writing less and less. That’s because I’ve observed how in many ways this blog was nothing but me wanting to be heard, or at least write something for future me.

In listening to others, I’ve realized how wrong I am about everything. My own intelligence is humbled as those wiser than me pump me with wisdom.

I’m working more on legitimate business growth rather than vaguely talking about business & sales and how I want to be richer- I’m actively participating in my own success.

I feel like a mysterious shadow in a ways, with all kinds of knowledge navigating this world and applying it where I can.

Yet at the same time I know that I know nothing. That there’s so much more to learn and that in the grand scheme of things, many lifetimes from now if reincarnation exists, I would like back at being human as inferior and a waste, much like how we humans look at ants.

In my life I’m just living, taking action, and listening. I’m letting others do the talking and it’s opening up some epic opportunities for me.

The more I learn, the more I can give, yet the less I want to write because the more I am humbled and the more egoic this all feels.

I also realized, contrary to a previous post of mine about how we can all change the world minute by minute, how meaningless this is.

In the end you only have yourself. As long as you’re ethical and not harming others, you should go about your life in such a way that benefits yourself while also benefiting others.

For me that’s been working on new products & services I can offer people rather than writing on this blog. It’s profitable to me most importantly, but also helps people (and that’s actually the focus).

This writing on the other end isn’t profitable. I don’t “get” anything. It’s just me saying my ideas, and 80%+ of people won’t even change a bit from it.

I guess it’s a bit of a paradox: on one hand I know that if I change one life from this article that it could change the world (see my previous post about how we change the world minute by minute).

On the other hand I realize there are others things I could be doing that have a potentially greater impact. At the very least I can listen, reflect, and grow in my own life.

The Effects of Listening

One day a friend of mine recommended the book “Reality Transurfing Steps I-V” to me. He told me it was what transformed him.

He was previously more shy, and after a year abroad he had truly grown a ton.

I immediately purchased the book and read it. He was impressed. He respected me quite a bit for it.

The book, as suggested, was incredible and here I am continuously recommending it now. I am excited to re-read it and occasionally watch YouTube videos covering parts of it.

This book really helped me improve a lot in my life. It also made that friend respect me because I actually took advice. I’m sure he has a lot of people ask him for advice that don’t do anything.

Now being in a position where people want to “pick my brain” and “ask for advice,” I know exactly what that’s like.

It’s just annoying, and only now do I understand why so many of the “rich people” are “closed off” or in their own little groups. They genuinely want to help people, but no one listens.

It also explains why rich friends of mine “took me under their wing.” I was not special. They just said “do this” and then I did it. So they respected me and realized I was a do-er. I listened.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is recently I’m a bit tired of talking. This blog has gone on for some time, and I won’t stop, just my frequency is going down massively as I focus on my own life and what’s really important to me.

I’ve also gone through a week of meeting, by chance, all kinds of people who had debates, needed advice, etc. and it was rather frustrating because I knew many solutions to their problems and would refer books but no one would take action.

It’s made me question whether this is even worth it- will anyone purchase Reality Transurfing after reading this?

I think that this blog does help people because I get responses. Which I’m so grateful for.

Just wanted to let everyone know in the end here why my frequency of writing is going down and probably will continue to.

In short, I’m just listening to the world- God, Universe, friends, everyone and everything. As soon as you shut up and start listening, it’s as if every single second has a lesson to teach you and it’s so humbling and beautiful.

In this listening, I feel more like a fish in a super large ocean. Everyone has their ideas, which is like small currents, and rather than resisting I am smiling and agreeing- going with the flow, but then more importantly moving on.

The distinction here is that I don’t get trapped in an ideology. I’m focused on what’s relevant to me and moving forward properly.

Are there any “currents in the Ocean” that keep sucking you in? Realize that maybe they’re giving you nothing, and you’re wasting energy fighting them.

And When It Counts…

All this being said, I would debate if it really mattered. If I were on a spaceship and my idea would save the crew I would scream and shout to get my point across.

The point here is to avoid pointless debates… Though it’s incredibly difficult to tell which are meaningful and pointless. In my opinion, 99%+ are.

This also includes people “asking for advice” yet not even listening (they just keep talking about their problem or going on tangents). Or people addicted to complaining- don’t try help them, let them complain.

I also like to visualize complainers as penguins making funny noises. It helps a lot so that you don’t get sucked into complaining too.

Though as mentioned above, there are some moments where it counts. Like if a family member wanted to try heroin, I’d put up a fight before letting them do it.

The ultimate point here is to grow & hold onto your own energy- don’t give it away via pointless debates. Save it for when it counts.

Very rarely does it actually count. So save that energy to be productive, read a book, meditate, workout, whatever. Or save it for when you need to fight.

Most times it doesn’t matter. Don’t waste energy fighting the current. Smile, agree, move on.



How YOU Change The World Minute By Minute

Once upon a time I used to think, what is the meaning of all this?

It all felt so meaningless, disconnected. It didn’t matter what I did- the results of the presidential election would be the same, bombs would drop somewhere in the world, and no matter how hard you tried you can’t save everyone.

By contemporary definitions, it’s very hard to make an “impact” on the world.

How many names can you remember of people born before the year 1500?

The best most people could do is just tell of the religious figures, such as Jesus, Abraham, Buddha, etc. You might know of a few kings too.

In a mere 500 years, there is a 99.9% chance that you as an individual will be all but completely forgotten. Assuming we don’t nuke ourselves you’ll likely only exist in some government database.

My great-great [insert many more great] grandfather has a fascinating story. He was kidnapped and forced into the military, which is how he ended up in America.

Despite such an epic story, I can’t remember his name (it’s probably John though) and this story is all I know of him. I don’t remember his wife, children, preferences, or other impact on the world.

But in a way, Mr. Kidnapped-To-America John had a rather profound effect on the world.

Well, at least in my own life. Had he not lived the life that he did, I would not be here today.

While your name & individuality will likely be forgotten, your energy lives on… forever, through the lives of others.

I don’t mean to answer the question of what happens to you past death here. We are not touching that subject today.

What we are focusing on is exactly how you impact the entire world minute by minute, and why this matters.

You may be forgotten, but your impact will change the lives of humanity itself. You could be the tipping point from humanity’s destruction to the “heaven on Earth” described in religious text.

Energetic Impact: Your Signature on Humanity

How you treat your fellow human beings and what you do is what I will call an “energetic impact,” largely because there is no visible impact on humanity.

Most people focus on the physical. They built a company, landmark, kingdom, or got their name in a history book. The energetic is all the more important though, and as will be shown here means that a small peasant farmer has so much impact as to change the entire course of history.

When you treat someone a certain way, you create a ripple. You already know this intuitively.

Let’s say you walk into a coffee shop, and the person in front of you decides to pay for you. Feels great, right? Now you walk away with a smile, and spread the joy in some way.

Alternatively you may have a bad barista who insults you. You walk away angry, and then snap at your boss later because this is stuck in your mind.

Without even intending to do so a happy or angry barista can affect not just you but the people you come into contact with after the interaction with the barista!

An “energetic ripple” is created, much like a ripple in a pond.

At the center is the “trigger event.” When you drop a pebble in a pond, where it impacts the water is the trigger event. One meter away from the ripple is everyone that is affected, and then one meter away from that point is everyone else who is affected from those people that are affected.

Of course in a ripple the further away you get from the center the less powerful the initial trigger event becomes. You drop a pebble but the other side of the pond may not appear any different- but on a subtle level, it was affected.

Now imagine that some ripples are positive and some are negative. Pebbles are being dropped in the pond all the time. Some are larger than others. For example some acts are more kind than others, and other acts more violent than others.

This pond would be the pond of life, and it would be a turbulent pond for sure. Everything would be reacting to everything else- but because everything reacts to everything else, your small pebble impact can actually lead to a huge impact by another.

For example your “trigger event” could be a small act of kindness, which then inspires someone else to not commit an atrocity (such as a shooting) or inspires them to do something kind as well, which creates another positive trigger event, which hopefully continues going on!

Are We Subject To Only Reactions?

Okay, this is all cool. We now can visualize like positive or negative pebbles dropping into a pond how we affect the rest of humanity. But are we just stuck in reactive mode? What happens if someone drops a negative pebble right in your fucking face?

We all have that day where everything was going just perfect… until it wasn’t. You walk into the cafe with a smile on your face, prepared to tip. Then the barista insults you and spits in your drink, metaphorically speaking.

When you pull out of the lot a tired driver slams right into you. You get to work and your co-worker dipped out, doubling your work but not your pay. Your boss is pissed because he didn’t get laid, so he takes it out on you… Triple work time!

Even for a meditation master a situation such as this could be difficult to deal with. We all can relate to a situation similar in principle, in which everything was great until it wasn’t.

As kids I don’t think we realize just how reactive we are to everything else. I had some memories come up today of me saying some mean things to my brother, which hurt me so much to remember some tears came out despite being in a coffee shop.

As a child I endured some pretty terrible bullying, and sometimes my own parents were reactive to other things. For my child mind this set the reality that “this is normal.” It also filled me with a certain energy that I also spread- the pebbles from other people’s lives filled me with the same negative energy, but then I perpetuated this energy by hurting others too.

It was bad. One day during a screaming match I pulled out a knife on my brother. I never intended to hurt him (and never took a stab), I was just infuriated and angry and wanted him to shut up.

It didn’t feel like such a big deal to me because I had recently got trapped & attacked by over 20 kids outside school, and told that I should kill myself. My family didn’t know that I had tested putting things around my neck while alone at home.

My brother was innocent, as was I, and as were my enemies at the time. We were all kids reacting to someone else’s negative energy. Probably the kids that planned my attack were all treated terrible, and in a group mentality took it out on the weird kid- me. After experiencing such violence using a knife to control my brother didn’t seem like a big deal, but now I feel numb writing this. Damn.

The answer to the question is no. But there are two exceptions:

First, kids are reactive, period. Kids will always receive adult’s and other kids energies and then perpetuate it. Kids are not normally inherently violent- they learn it.

I’d say the only reason I didn’t go total psycho and do some bad things to my school was because of YouTube, where I could listen to people telling me that everything would be okay and that I can be whatever I want to be (more on that later).

Second, people need to remember that they can consciously choose what they want to be! Many people describe meditation or spiritual awakening as a “remembering,” and I would agree with that. I’m not enlightened (far from it), but good meditative experiences feel like remembering.

Sometimes all it takes is someone to say “you can choose your own reality.” Entire books have been written on the subject. Sometimes people need visual proof.

Everyone inherently knows that they can direct their own ship (yourself), but that doesn’t make it easy. The energies of others will always affect you, no matter how thick of skin you claim to have.

Choosing Which Pebbles to Toss

If you read this now, you have no more excuses- you can choose which pebbles to toss back into the pond of life: positive or negative.

It’s not easy. But it’s possible. Something I’ve personally learned is that energy can be transmitted positively or negatively- this is the basis of true alchemy.

Violent rage can be converted into a passion for working out. I often jog faster than everyone at the park, channeling out that old hate inside of me. Every month the jogs feel slightly more peaceful, as good energy replaces the old hate.

Sadness & guilt can be converted to compassion & inspiration. Why do you think I’m writing this now? I feel devastated at my actions back then. Maybe leaving a note to the world will make things right.

We can’t always choose what comes our way, but as energetic processing machines we can choose how to process it. Again, it’s not easy. But it’s possible.

Convert your rage into a healthy passion for working out & making money ethically. Convert your guilt into inspiration for change. Convert your depression into compassion.

The beautiful thing about tossing positive pebbles is that the energy always seems to come back to you a bit more than you give, allowing you to give even more!

For a great book on converting energy pick up “Reality Transurfing Steps I-V.” It’s a very hard book to understand but explains more strategies for converting emotions such as annoyance to pleasure, etc. so that you don’t toss negative pebbles into the pond of life.

Not only will your life improve, but all of humanity will improve with you!

Also check out “The Power of Now” book as this is a more meditative practice towards tossing positive pebbles. When you become present to the moment, you allow the past negative pebbles to go so you can stay fresh to the beauty of now.

The Universe Listens

And if you’re really struggling, as I did, turn yourself over to something more powerful. For some reason belief just works.

Every time I call out to the Universe or God, it answers. I don’t know whether it’s the God Jesus spoke of, or Buddha, or something deeper than all of that, but something is there.

I make exactly the amount of money I asked to make. I affirmed & visualized the process over and over, and here I am making exactly that doing exactly what I wanted to do.

I’d like to say it was all me, but if I’m being completely honest there was something else working with me to help me out.

Recently I was feeling lonely because all my best friends left Chiang Mai, and so I asked the Universe to introduce me to some new, deeper connections & friends to laugh a lot with.

The past 3 days have been an endless party, filled with social events & new, deep connections.

The 12-Steps program is highly centered around belief in God (or a higher power) as well. For some reason, it just works. Give up control and figure out what “up there” wants.

I was lucky as kid that I also often resolved to give myself to the higher power because I simply couldn’t handle how fucked up what I was going through was. Now here I am, world traveler, financially great, and having all the girls I could want- it wasn’t me, something helped me…

Compassion for the Bad Pebbles

What often helps with letting go of bad pebbles affecting you is becoming compassionate to those who toss them. They typically are in a reaction mode, and not even aware of what they’re doing.

One level to compassion is to care for those that already care for you, but a true, deep compassion involves understanding & loving your enemies, loving the criminals, loving the lost.

I am not particularly identified with being Christian, so do forgive me for quoting this from the Bible if you aren’t also Christian, but there is indeed some ancient wisdom in this Bible quote:

Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” (Luke 23:34)

For context, this happened during Jesus’s Crucifixion. He was essentially saying to God that those who were killing him should be forgiven for they are not even aware of what they are doing.

This has always stuck with me for no other reason than it is true of all “sin” or “evil.” Most people commit crimes only when they feel desperate or like there is no other way, or “in the heat of the moment.” They get so angry they pull out a knife, unconscious to their actions.

Or they get stuck in such a derp state that killing someone feels normal. People lose touch with their human side and commit terrible atrocities.

To most people murder sounds so bad, but we must remember that those who kill typically were treated so bad growing up they are simply perpetuating the bad energy they originally received!

That doesn’t make it right. Let’s make that clear.

All that is being said here is that even though crimes are not right, we must understand their origin. These people received so many “bad pebbles” they only know how to toss them back into life.

They have forgotten they have the power to choose good pebbles, that to their right sits an unlimited pile of good pebbles to share with themselves and the world..

6 Degrees of Separation From Everyone

Let’s introduce some science into this post as talking about energy & old Bible quotes can put some people off.

The 6 degrees of separation idea is that everyone is 6 acquaintances away from each other. It sounds crazy but is scientifically backed up.

The rough idea is that everyone knows an average of 45 people who could get a hold of them if needed. I know for myself this number is significantly greater- in the hundreds- but that balances out the extreme introverts who have maybe only 15-20 people who could get a hold of them.

45 to the 6th power is 8.3 billion- greater than the population of Earth. You can research this more for the scientific backing, but it’s highly likely this is for the most part true barring a few odd exceptions.

If you commit an act of kindness, a great one, and change just a few people’s lives, then they will be all the better off and thus the people they are surrounded by will likely be just a bit better off too.

This is more easily visualized with violence unfortunately, but let’s try stay positive on what good we can do rather than what bad.

Let’s say that you ethically become financially independent, and can help a few friends out here or there. First off by generating wealth ethically, it means you were giving value and participating in transactions that valued the other party- but that gets too complicated.

After that let’s say you help out a few friends in need and commit a few acts of great kindness.

Let’s also say that you invest in your own happiness & self-care, such as by getting massages, practicing yoga, meditating, and developing hobbies.

Not only are you funding people’s businesses and providing them with lifestyles, but you are taking care of your own peace allowing yourself to be kinder to all those you come into contact with.

When someone is angry, you smile at them. When someone is happy, you smile at them. Even if you aren’t rich, you can actively give “good pebbles” to the pond of life in so many other ways, just be being compassionate, kind, and happy (or at least not hurting others)!

Well because you’re able to give good energy or help others out financially, you allow them to be lifted up which allows them to lift up others in their lives.

For example you help out a friend with their rent, and there’s no need to pay you back. Suddenly that friend doesn’t need to take resources or demand help from their friends!

Now they’re also happier, safer, etc. which allows them to get on their feet, and when they’re back on their feet they are able to be happier and give good energy to those around them!

Wealth aside, you can give value in so many ways to people. Don’t get stuck on the money example. It’s just a point I wanted to make because many people have bad money views.

You can smile and ask “how are you doing” to people. You can not let negative pebbles affect you, and instead keeping tossing the positive ones (this allows the negative pebbles to disappear, much like how a ripple in a pond can’t affect a bridge).

You can leave small tips- one dollar is enough to make someone’s day. You can give someone a hug in need. You can listen to a sad friend.

There’s so much you can do- now let’s see how it all comes together.

Your Impact on Humanity

We are all connected, for the most part, by 6 degrees of separation. Your positive actions (and lack of negative actions) have the ability to send good energy through your close group, which will affect their close groups, so on and so forth.

The effect by the end is indeed minimal. Your great act of kindness may do little to change someone’s life on the other side of the world- but I think it still gets around.

I believe that at least a tiny bit of energy will reach everyone based on each action you do. It is of course so minimal, but it’s still there!

Your positive action changes the actions of others, which changes their actions, so on and so forth so much so that you may, without even knowing it, but the catalyst for great change here on planet Earth.

Your name will be forgotten one day. But your impact here lives on through other people!

How Will You Change the World?

You don’t need to do or be anything big. In fact, it is the millions of nobody’s that create the day-to-day energy of the world.

You already are connected to everyone by 6 degrees of separation. The pond of life wasn’t so great as you once thought it to be.

If you live in such a way that shares positive pebbles in this pond, then you will surely inspire others to realize they too can toss in these positive pebbles.

It doesn’t take too much thinking to realize just how significant this is. Your life by the minute shapes the entire world ever so slightly!

You can save lives. You can prevent terrorism. You can bring abundance to this world.

It isn’t done in a great act, but instead your life minute by minute. Your smile, your respect, your compassion, your good energy is what changes everything.

A life once originally believed to be devoid of meaning is now something deeply purposeful just by the act of living & flowing.

Follow your purpose, be happy for yourself, generate wealth because in becoming ethically full yourself you lift up the world.

You need not do anything big; just toss a few positive pebbles in the pond and watch the world repeat this action until one day… We find heaven on Earth.