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Why I’m So Driven To Get Rich AF

The ability to travel the world, eat out a couple times per day, and afford nice things is all good. But this isn’t my deepest, most painful reason for wanting to get so unbelievably rich.

I’ve gone through hell few others have experienced. All of this pain has created a deep source of pure, infinite motivation inside of me.

Most people don’t realize just how wrong things can go in life. For most people, things are not amazing, but they’re not bad enough to inspire massive action.

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You NEED To Get Rich- Here’s Why

Did you know most people in even the “Western World” live paycheck to paycheck?

That’s horrible. People aren’t accounting for potential issues that could arise such as a medical issue, home issue, or car/other issue.

People simply don’t have the cash reserves to sustain themselves if shit hits the fan.

For example, in today’s video I show you my wasp-infested AirBNB apartment. If you were tight on cash, you might have to stay in the apartment or go through frustrating customer support to get your money back.

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Stop Dabbling & Start DOING SH*T

Are you putting off your hopes & dreams? Do you need to ask that one person out, but hesitate every time you see them?

Stop it. I’ve traveled to about 10 countries now, and any regrets I’ve ever had could be summed up into one problem: too much dabbling.

For example, I wanted to learn Bulgarian, but I was lazy & dabbling all of the time. I could’ve easily left Bulgaria able to speak more than conversationally, but I never made the commitment to spend even one hour per day on learning Bulgarian.

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If You Feel Bad, Do This Now

Do you sometimes feel down, for reasons which you do or don’t know? It hits us all sometimes, even for reasons which can’t be easily explained.

Sometimes it can mean your diet needs work. Sometimes it means you aren’t living authentically.

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out why you even feel bad in the first place, so in today’s video I share with you exactly what I do or think of when I feel bad.

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