This isn’t a New Year’s Resolution. These are just general goals that I’d like to move towards in 2019.

Travel-Related Goals

Re-visit Cyprus

In June of 2018, my visa for Bulgaria was rejected and I was forced to leave with about one week’s notice. My heart wanted to go to Thailand, but for various reasons I chose Cyprus.

I let myself be so depressed in Cyprus. My life situation was completely falling apart. I was miserable.

Today I was contemplating: why did Cyprus have to be like that? Pafos is a beautiful city, there’s tons to do, and the food is delicious and people kind.

Cyprus could’ve been way more fun than it was, so I want to go back and “make right on the wrong” I did to myself.

I’d like to stay for at least 2 weeks, with friends (or make more friends there), and have a blast. There’s so much to do there, it was just my attitude at the time bringing me down.

Re-visit Krakow

Krakow, Poland is exceptionally beautiful. I could see myself living there. Who knows, maybe I’d end up living there?

There’s so much to do & see there but like Cyprus my attitude wasn’t the best and I was also in work-a-holic mode. I’d like to enjoy Poland with a bit more peace this time.

Try live in Bulgaria (or re-visit) 

I’m about to apply for immigration to Sofia, Bulgaria. I intend to live there for a year while traveling & using it as a home base. Eventually I’ll return to the USA to explore and maybe move back, but for the time being I’d like to continue my friendships in Bulgaria & life.

Let’s just hope the application goes through smoothly and I can go…

If not, I may have to do a visit, but if my visa is rejected and I can’t live there, then I don’t know what I’ll do because I don’t have contacts to live in any other country.

Visit Amsterdam

No particular reason it’s here. Amsterdam is just cool

Go Surfing

I didn’t surf in all of 2017, and I didn’t surf in all of 2018. WTF?

That needs to change in 2019.

Home Base

I’d like to acquire a temporary “permanent home base” for at least a year. I’ll still go on little travel trips but I’d like to have one main place to live. Constantly living in new AirBNBs gets exhausting and it’s too unpredictable.

Hopefully Bulgaria ends up as the home base for the year. If not, then I’m at a loss for where to go next.

Business Goals

I have a new income goal I’d like to achieve, but saving it for personal reasons.

I’d also like to make a “home office” where I end up living. If that’s in Bulgaria then I’ll get a 2-bedroom apartment, and turn one of the rooms into an office.

One business-related goal I want to have is creating a regular work routine, and a regular life routine. I basically want to setup the environment & habits needed to be extremely productive which I’ve been lacking recently.

Health Goals

I’ve been enjoying yoga recently so I’d like to sign up for a yoga membership and do yoga several times per week. It’s helped a lot recently with grounding, flexibility, and peace.

I also want to sign up for a gym membership & get a personal trainer. I’d like to work on getting shredded and really building some muscle. Recently I’ve been doing home work-outs, but they’re not near as effective as the gym I’m sure.

Finally a regular running/workout routine would be great. Recently workouts have been random and unplanned. On most mornings I work out but I don’t have a schedule, goals, or milestones. That needs to change.

Social Life

First create an epic sex life. Don’t lie you want it too.

Second create an awesome social circle with a few very deep friends to regularly hangout with, and also an expanded social circle with several acquaintances.

I like being socially connected, and it’s huge for my happiness.

Adventure & Attitude

Even if I don’t end up traveling a lot, or miss something else, I’d like this year to have a much better attitude. I should rephrase this to I intend to have a better attitude about everything.

For example if I didn’t achieve my financial goals & couldn’t immigrate to Bulgaria and ended up living in the USA, I’d want to go on trips to explore the mountains, see the stars, surf, etc. rather than letting life be dull.

What Are Your Goals?

Alright, so these are my goals. I don’t have an exact timeline just yet and I’m not focused on everything now. One thing at a time, you know? And if I don’t achieve it all that’s okay, it’s just a direction to sail the ship in.

What are your goals? Let me know. 🙂