Everyone has heard of the joys of Facebook riches, but few have pushed forward long enough to actually succeed with Facebook Ads.

Simply learning about “how to use Facebook Ads” is not enough. What matters behind the platform is the marketing strategy, so in today’s post I’m going to share a few simple strategies you can use to make your Facebook Ads more effective.

About me: I’m an international digital marketer that has worked with clients across the USA, Canada, UK, and various European countries such as Bulgaria. Enjoy!

Tip #1: Stop Aiming Short-Term, Play The Long-Game

Spend $10, make $15. That’s the dream, right? Unfortunately, it’s not always so easy.

Facebook is becoming increasingly competitive. If you’re lucky enough to achieve this (it’s possible) you still shouldn’t count on this because you’ll always be chasing the quick buck without ever building a long-term successful marketing strategy.

Instead focus on the medium-term value of a customer. Note how I don’t say “lifetime,” but instead medium-term. This is because you don’t want to spend $100 now and hope to make $150 within 3 years- most people don’t have the cash to sustain this.

Focus on how much $ someone brings you at about 2-6 months. The more cash-flow you have, the farther out you should focus your efforts.

I like to aim to “break even” within the first 1-3 weeks of acquiring a new lead. This means that if the average lead costs $8, then I want the average lead to make me $8 back.

In this way I can essentially get leads for free, then sell them something bigger down the line.

Tip #2: Assets Over Sales

Your brand reputation, E-mail list, social media accounts, Facebook custom & look-alike-audiences, and other “properties” are assets. They can be leveraged to bring you cash.

You must focus on building up your assets because your assets give you an easy way to make sales in the future.

Tell me, who could sell a pen better: Kylie Jenner or you? It’s a no brainer. They have a large following of people that love them (their asset) that will gladly spend 12x the price of a normal pen if it said “Kylie Jenner” on it.

Like I previously said, I try to get leads at a break-even price. This allows me to create assets for free (or a very low price) which can be leveraged later with great success.

Reaching new people is expensive, but your assets will always be affordable/free. Focus on building these up, and you will have a group of people that love you.

Tip #3: Make Sure Your Offer Is AMAZING

Like I said, I’m an online marketer and let me tell you one little secret to success: I only bring on clients with amazing products.

I can’t sell crap. It’s not sustainable. If your offer is shit, it will always fall on its face no matter how large of an asset you have available.

You might make a few quick bucks, but it won’t sustain your business in the long-term.

Great marketing should always be matched with great products.

Your product should be greater than the value of money people pay for it. Why else would they pay you $XYZ for the product?


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