A few days ago, it was about one month since I had eaten any sugar!

I was curious to see what sugar would do once re-ingested, since it had been so long.

So I had a cheat “evening” as I call it because I was only eating a cake + ice cream.

Here’s the story.

Sugar-Free = Amazing

Before eating the sugar, I was feeling absolutely fantastic. The sugar was eaten last Friday night, and I had just completed one of the hardest work week’s in a while.

By Thursday & Friday, despite my heavy work load, I was feeling quite epic.

Not only was I not eat sugar, but I was eating much healthier.

Instead of lots of meat and bread, I was eating more fruits & nuts.

Every morning that week I ate scrambled Omega-3 eggs, an apple, grapes, and some nuts. A banana was eaten a while later for a “brunch.”

These mornings are so amazing. This particular breakfast fuels me like crazy, and I feel epic.

In fact, I literally feel high! The feeling is much like that of a small dose of magic mushrooms- except this time I didn’t take drugs, just more fruits, and the trip never ends.

Friday Evening: The Cheat

Friday evening I decided to indulge myself in a chocolate pudding cake. After I was going to eat a gyros, then end with an ice cream.

I started with the cake. It was absolutely delicious, however quite a bit strong!

Once you’ve adapted your taste buds to what things normally should be, eating sugar is a bit… difficult.

Immediately after eating, my mouth dried up and started to feel bad. It didn’t hurt; it simply felt “weird.”

It was both dry, but also had too much salivation at the same time. My girlfriend has experienced this on cheat days too, it isn’t pleasant.

I walked to go get a Gyros. About 5 minutes after eating, I felt a massive drop in energy.

My legs felt like jelly, and I could “feel” my intelligence dropping.

Instead of being present, focused, and aware, I became “stuck in my mind,” thinking generally negative things.

I felt apathetic, lazy, and bored. I felt shitty. I lost all of my energy.

The gyros, plus a lot of water, helped just a tiny bit. I went to go for the ice cream.

I purchased one small scoop, took about 3 licks, and then threw it away.

I haven’t had ice cream in months. It used to be so pleasing, but now it just tastes… disgusting.

Sitting in the shop watching everyone else, I saw ice cream as this poison everyone was obsessively licking.

By this point, my stomach really started hurting. My body was rejecting the cake, and bits of ice cream.

I ended the night with a horrible’s night rest, and feeling generally negative.

The Next Morning

Throughout Friday night & Saturday morning, I still had a small degree of “peace” inside of my chest. I believe this to be what remained of my healthy eating inside of me.

On Saturday I felt apathetic, lazy, and bored.

Instead of hopping on a jet-ski and having fun like I wanted to, I laid around all day. I played video games. My stomach hurt.


On Sunday, I was still feeling a bit shitty but finally improving quite a bit.

The negativity, decreased awareness, etc. were all slightly there.

Me & my girlfriend got into fight. She may also have unknowingly eaten sugar herself from a new product that she tried.

Sunday was much better, and now (Monday) I’m finally feeling like I’m over the “sugar hell.”

Interesting Note: Sugar & Relationships

Looking back on my relationship, I can’t help but wonder how many fights were caused by sugar negativity.

I know this sounds crazy, but the correlation is very strong. Eating sugar for whatever reasons tends to lead to fights that feel important in the moment, but that you realize after were just stupid.

I’ve already proven via a self-study prior that sugar shapes your beliefs & perceptions of the world around you.

For example, let’s say you’re single and ask a girl out. She says no.

On sugar, you might get upset, reactive, and feel lonely + depressed.

On a healthy, whole foods diet, you may realize she’s simply not the one and you should move on.

For whatever reason, sugar helps to shape your reality. In fact, everything you put inside of yourself does!

Foods Are Drugs

The definition of a drug is a “medicine or otherwise substance that, when ingested or otherwise introduced to the body, creates a physiological response.”

If you eat magic mushrooms, a physiological change occurs (you get high) so it’s a drug.

The same is true for bananas. Eating bananas produces physiological changes in the body, just not as grand or instant as magic mushrooms.

The truth is that foods are drugs. You literally become what you eat.

The difference between foods & illegal drugs like magic mushrooms is that foods produce physiological changes over longer periods of times instead of instant effects like getting high.

Eating a banana can make you feel better from 2 hours – 3 days after you eat it, depending on various factors.

Next time you eat, deeply consider that what you’re putting into your body is going to massively affect the way you feel over the course of days.

The Last Cheat Day Summary

In short, this is just one more cheat day gone wrong.

Cheat days really are cheat days… you’re cheating yourself of energy, happiness, and vitality!

I’d Rather XYZ Than Sugar

I’d rather go hungry than eat something sugary. Seriously, it’s worth the wait.

Anyways, fasting is healthy for you so take time to fix your gut & boost your immune system.

Eating sugar is simply not worth it. The 2 seconds of pleasures is not worth the days of feeling fucked up.

I’d rather do drugs than eat something sugary.

At least with weed or shrooms it’ll be out of your system in about a day. Also, the pleasure lasts at least 4 hours, compared to the 2 seconds of sugar.


I’ve written enough posts on sugar to make it clear that it’s deadly, toxic, and worthless.

My experimentation proves to me that sugar is a terrible thing with no benefits at all.

There are so many more benefits I could write about, but I’m cutting this article short.. it could be long writing about all of the benefits of no sugar.

Do not eat sugar. The negative effects are terrible. There is about 0 upside.

Explore Yourself

Don’t believe me? I dare you to explore yourself. Do some tests, and observe what happens.

I’ve read enough articles about sugar to know that it’s not good, and that I shouldn’t have done the cheat day.

Despite that, I cheated, and it took me a while to go 1 month without sugar.

Perhaps I may even need a lesson again in the future, if I accidentally eat sugar again.

Over time, through studies, awareness, and observation I’ve came to the solid conclusion that sugar is terrible for me (and just about everyone).

That being said, it took time to come to that conclusion.

I knew in my mind that sugar was bad, but I did not feel it in my body. I learned the hard way by experimenting with sugar, and experimenting without sugar.

Perhaps you too will need some with & without testing to determine whether or not you should eat sugar. Do it!

Moving Forward: Level II In Dieting

As I advance forward in my adventures in dieting, I’m going to reach even new heights of optimization and happiness.

The more my body detoxes from sugar, the more I start to notice the subtle effects of other foods…

Bread for example has proven to be a potential risk food for me. In fact, it appears that flour might produce similar effects to sugar!

Sometimes eating something with bread doesn’t really affect me. Other times, it does.

Pasta is a huge one that I could’ve never expected to affect me.

It seems that I’m completely unable to eat many types of pasta now! It makes me tired, produces a small headache, and decreases motivation.

My girlfriend has started to observe a similar thing, along with others.

Before quitting sugar, I definitely would not have thought that pasta could be negative for me.

However, now that the worst “bad food” is removed (sugar), I’m starting to notice how other foods such as pasta affect me.

Moving forward, I’m going to identify even more negative foods, and cut them out. I’ll also be identifying “power foods” that make me feel fantastic.

I’m excited to see what happens, let’s go!