There are these missions in the infamous game “Grand Theft Auto 5” called “Strangers & Freaks” where you meet random people and random shit happens.

That’s my life right now. Montreal is crazzzyyyy. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching my life happen in a game because of the stuff that goes on.

How am I meeting people? First, I turned off my phone. I just ask everyone for directions, or where to eat, or whatever. In a highly walk-able/bike-able city such as Montreal, it’s the best way to practice the language (French) and meet people. If they’re friendly I continue with some small talk to gauge their friendliness, and just like that a whole new social circle is born.

Oh, and I lied by the way. I’m not in GTA. It’s just a feeling. I’m a complete, click-baiting fucking liar. Back on track…

It’s fairly crazy- mainly because it feels like normal life. I was talking to a friend from over a year ago, casually about my life, and I get a huge “what the fuck you’re living the dream!” I’m not there just yet, but still only steps away from where I want to be next.

With this new life comes a whole new set of problems. I won’t jump into those, but they’re still there. We all have our own challenges, and at the end of the day life is just life. I think sometimes our egos trick us into thinking “greatness” can be experienced, when really we can only take one thing at a time.

Technically speaking, I’m “traveling the world” and it feels only an ounce better than before. As much as I’d love to make a my-life-is-better-than-yours montage to validate my insecurities and sell you my stuff, I’m going to be real and admit it isn’t a cure-all to life. Who knows though, it’s only Montreal, right?

Overall things have been great, better even. The culture here is incredibly different, and DO NOT tell a Canadian you’re an “American.” You’ll never hear the end of it that “half of the world is American.” What started out as small talk in the metro turned into a roast session by my new Canadian friends. Most don’t care, but there’s a few that just LOVE their American (because Canada’s in North America) country.

I guess that’s it. No exciting epiphanies, it’s just another day in the great city of Montreal. Maybe I’ll come back with a crazy accent or something. I don’t know.

What’s been up with you Mr/Mrs. Friend?

I’m out.