Most people in today’s Western World are drug addicts. Their unknown drug of choice?


Sugar is infested into our food supply. Most foods have added sugar, or they’re processed.

Either way these are foods not designed for humans to eat. They are designed to trigger pleasure in the mouth, so you keep buying them.

Eating Healthy Is… Hard

When I first started experimenting with no sugar half a year ago, I found the challenge rather difficult.

First, there’s the cravings. Sugar is advertised effectively everywhere. Most snacks everywhere are packed with sugar.

There are an infinite amount of ways to get your good old sugar hits, and it’s available no matter where you turn.

Once you get past the cravings, you think you’re eating “healthy,” but then you start realizing that sugar is hidden everywhere.

Many people have told me they’ve experienced “no to minimal benefits” from no-sugar, and through a simple conversation I discover that they were actually eating sugary snacks without them realizing.

Of course they didn’t experience benefits. They were ingesting their favorite drug without even realizing it!

Example #1: Gatorade

Gatorade is marketed as the healthy “workout drink.” Too bad it’s packed with sugar, which is more addictive than cocaine.

Mineral water is an equivalent. Sure, you got some fine vitamins & minerals packed in there.

Does that make it healthy? No. It’s packed with a deadly white powder we refer to as “sugar.”

Example #2: Cereals

Many if not all types of cereals are packed with sugar. Or they’re generally processed & unhealthy.

It wasn’t until my girlfriend called me out on eating some “healthy” cereals that I realized what I was eating was actually unhealthy.

I grew up my whole life thinking cereal was healthier than pancakes when in reality they’re both varying degrees of not-healthy.

Example #3: Granola Bars

This is another one of those “really healthy workout snacks.” This one is shocking, and also pure disgusting.

Me, my family, my fellow athletes, and just about everyone in the world thinks or thought granola bars & other “health bars” are “healthy.”

It’s got a few healthy aspects to it, but the sugar content completely destroys this.

Granola bars have about 30 grams of sugar per 100 grams. This is not healthy.

Many bars also don’t “add sugar,” but they use other methods to increase the sugar make-up, primarily by reducing the grams of everything else.

If you’ve quit sugar but aren’t feeling randomly high at moments for no reason, it’s probably because you were indulging on these oh-so-delicious “healthy” drug sticks.

Staying Healthy Is A Minefield

The amount of times I have discovered something actually has sugar, or is actually unhealthy, when I previously thought it was healthy, is ridiculous.

No wonder the Western World is so fucking fat. People eat granola bars & drink Gatorade thinking they’re healthy.

I should also mention the increased risk of cancer, brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, etc. that all comes with increased sugar consumption.

We are a sick society; staying healthy is a war-zone. You must be extremely careful not to step on a mine (sugar) and get blown up (re-introduce added sugar to your diet).

I thought peanut butter & jelly, granola bars, mineral water, and Gatorade were all healthy growing up. Little did I know I was deepening my sweet sweet addiction.

How To Avoid Sugar

First, read the labels. Read them very, very, very, very, carefully.

In today’s world, products are marketed as “healthy” despite being packed with sugar.

Something can be called “raw, vegan, gluten-free” and still be unhealthy.

Raw, vegan, and gluten-free have all become synonymous with health. Unfortunately this is not the case.

Fruits naturally sourced such as bananas do have a small amount of natural sugar in them.

Grapes have about 15g per 100g. Bananas have about 12g per 100g.

If you see a product that has anything higher than 15g per 100g of sugar, then it’s time to sit down and start asking questions.

Many types of products also use certain grains which aren’t exactly healthy. Grains are a whole different story that I’m not yet well-versed in, so we’ll be skipping until later.

When it comes to eating whole, raw, vegan, natural, gluten-free products, you also have to check the sugar content. A product can be healthy in every way but the most important: sweet addictive deadly sugar.

Avoid The Hype & Marketing

As a digital marketer myself, I see through the hype fairly easily.

Large companies tend to advertise one “healthy aspect” of a product, to create the image that it’s actually healthy. Oftentimes they out-right call it healthy.

Hell, in our sick society, granola bars might actually be healthier for the masses than dessert & other processed foods!

Now one thing must be clarified: a healthy aspect does not mean the whole is healthy.

It’s like people when they’re in an abusive relationship when they say, “he’s amazing and perfect, he just beat the shit out of me this one time!”

Or it’s like advertising a house and deciding to take pictures of the 3 best rooms, but not of the 4th room that’s infested with mold and destroys the air quality of the entire home.

Do you get what I mean? Companies focus on good aspects but that doesn’t make the entire product healthy.

Gatorade certainly has healthy aspects and benefits. It’s also got one shitty aspect that destroys the entire product (sugar).

A product can be raw, gluten-free, whole, donates profits to charity, heaven-sent, made from a good person, sourced with ethical labor, hand-made, so on and so forth but that doesn’t mean it’s totally healthy for you to eat.

Avoid the hype. Read the labels. Think critically. Most of all, realize that 99 healthy aspects do not make up for one extremely unhealthy aspect.

Leveling Up Slowly

This article may come off a bit edgy or extreme, but it’s the truth in my personal experience.

Maybe I’m just sensitive to sugar, or maybe I’m onto something.

Your experience could be different. At the end of the day, I’d rather eat a granola bar instead of donuts. Perhaps others can handle sugar in granola bars whereas I can’t.

I could even be wrong! This article is based on brief research, observation, and experimentation.

When becoming healthy, forgive yourself for mistakes. It’s taking me years of effort to reach where I’m at now actually.

It started when I was 17 and I noticed that eating fast food the day before a race in cross country made me run 1-2 minutes slower for the 5k.

We are all unfairly born into a world packed with an infested food supply. Some of us get depressed, others fat, and perhaps some are fine until cancer hits 40 years later.

There is no need to hate anyone, including yourself. Level up in life slowly.

Start out by cutting out fast food. Then cut out dessert. Then cut out sugar.

I’m now at the point where I’m considering experimenting with cutting out pasta & bread because of effects I’m noticing. For most people such an extreme change is unnecessary.

On the contrary, go all-out and notice insane improvements. Your pick, slow n’ steady, or all out Ultramind Diet (check-out the ultramind diet for the most natural possible diet).

Good luck, and I wish you all the best health possible.