Hey guys, it’s been quite some time since I’ve sent an E-mail out! I’ve been on some crazy adventures, and already have planned some new crazy ones.

So here’s what’s been new, and what’s coming:

-In my last E-mail, I had traveled from Montreal to Guelph through Toronto. I was getting some medical treatment and was EXHAUSTED. I attempted a 14 day post challenge, which fell apart when I started Phase II of treatment. I was asleep, eating, or getting the shit kicked out of me in treatment

-I traveled from Guelph to Phoenix on the 23rd of September, but missed my flight in D.C. from a delay. Free accommodation and food in D.C.? No problem! It was fun.

-I’ve been in Phoenix since the 24th of September and have been experiencing some really cool things. I’ve got a lot of new, cool ideas to share. I’ve also experienced some massive paradigm shifts.

-I’ve got a one-way ticket to Europe on the 23rd of October. I’m not planning on returning to the USA until February of 2018 because I’m being flown out for an event.

I’m super stoked for Europe. I’ll be in London for a few days, and then Brussels for a few more. After that I’ll be living in Budapest until January 24th. I’ve got a beautiful, luxury apartment in the center so I can walk/metro everywhere.

Business has been fantastic and I’ve been making a few tweaks here and there. Everything is steady though, and I’ll be expanding on wealth rapidly as soon as my health becomes better (specifically my body is more pain-free).

Some things I’ve been experimenting with:

-Isolation Float Therapy in an Epsom Salt Pod. This is absolutely magical. I have three in the next week. Your float is one hour, and you experience nothing. Long story short, you come out feeling magical, pain feels better, it accelerates healing, improves, sleep, etc

-Herbal Supplements. I’ve been doing a lot of diet-testing and also herbal supplement testing. The standard American diet (SAD) is cancerous, and I mean that literally. Foods with High-fructose corn-syrup is linked to Dementia, Parkinson’s, memory loss, ADHD, depression, etc.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Recommend reading “The Ultramind Solution” or “Paleo Manifesto.” It’s insane how much energy, pain, etc. improves with diet. I’m now a devout believer that if I had been eating healthier (plus posture was better) at my injury last year, I would’ve recovered fully in a couple weeks at most.

There’s been a lot of new things I’ve been trying to do, and it’s been a fun adventure. Super excited to get out of the USA again though.

Got any questions/comments for me? Hit “reply” and I’ll get back to you 🙂

Alright, I’m out, see you later!