Hello friends. I have a cool success trick to share with you, and I would also like your feedback on it.

Daily Introspection For Success

A business friend of mine, Jeremy Montoya, deserves the credit for this. Follow him @WhatUpJeremy, IG & Snapchat. 

He fills out a “Google Form” every single night. On it, questions are asked to help him introspect, build awareness, and stop bad habits.

Suffering from chronic pain at the time, I fell in love with the idea- and applied it to health!

I discovered that diet is the #1 factor for physical health & mental health. Social engagement is huge too.

Since then my nightly questions have evolved to best suit me.

My current form is HERE.

Benefits of Guided Introspection 

#1: Daily Awareness. 

It’s easy to allow yourself collapse & rest at the end of a hard day. Forcing yourself to confront what made it a hard day stimulates your prefrontal cortex. 

This brings self-awareness. Knowing what you did, and the results of what you did increase will-power & awareness.

Challenges seem less challenging because you naturally discover what factors you can control to fix the situation on the next day.

#2: Correlation Coefficients. 

If you use a scale from 1-10 between 2 data points, you can compare these data points over time to see if they are correlated. 

For example you may discover that poor diet is correlated with poor mood. Later you can adjust your diet to see if mood adjusts accordingly.

It’s hard to deny facts. Seeing cold-hard facts like “eating bad makes me feel bad” combined with Daily Awareness make you unstoppable.

#3: Long-term Awareness.

You can discover behavior & result trends for those things that can’t be itemized.Your behavior is 95% unconscious, so odds are you’re repeating yourself daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Most people know about “daily habits.” What about weekly & monthly habits?

You may find that every week you “get motivated,” and within 5 days “lose motivation.” Or you may pick a stupid emotional fight once every 2 weeksbecause you’re unconsciously programmed to have an ego. 

Yes, that’s me. Things like fights can appear real in the moment, but deeper analysis will probably reveal that your ego started craving some hell. This is all unconscious of course, fighting is the last thing I consciously want.

#4: Accountability.

If you have a goal, checking the “I did it” box at the end of everyday feels satisfying. Google forms can expert in an Excel spreadsheet, so you can see how you’re doing long-term for your goals!

#5: Journal.

Journaling has proven health benefits mentally & physically. It also helps you tell “your story” & create insights.

Life stress triggers the fight or flight response. This prevents “higher thinking.” Sometimes releasing this stress is all you need to get that “aha! moment.”

My Form & Your Thoughts

My chronic pain is fading relatively fast, as I deal with my suppressed emotional issues.

The objective of the current form is to build insight on mental/emotional daily experiences. I also really want to learn Bulgarian, so I’ll hold myself accountable to that.

What things should I add/remove from my form? What do you think would best optimize my life? My nightly form can be found HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/NYX9hIPgqCc5PoMP2

Hopefully you can benefit from giving this a try. Google Forms is free & easy to use (Google “Google Forms”).

Your insights will be shared (and credited) in a future VIP post. 🙂

If there was one question you had to ask yourself every night, what would it be & why?