“All is mind. Mind is all…. The Universe is Mental, held in the Mind of THE ALL.”

-The Kybalion

This Ancient Hermetic principle that “all is Mental” is irrefutable in both Science & Philosophy- it doesn’t matter which side you take.

Should you take the philosophical or spiritual side, you’ll believe in the spiritual nature of our existence and that we have came from elsewhere.

If you prefer the more scientific angle to the belief, then you’ll realize that all that is experienced can only be done so through the nervous system, and all in the nervous system leads to the mind.

Books like “You are the Universe” prove scientifically via complicated yet graspable explanations this.

At the same time, it’s irrefutable that we live in a physical world. It would be rather unwise to believe you can fly and jump off a cliff… You may be in for a surprise.

When it comes though to growing and creating wealth, attracting relationship or sexual partners, and developing your life you’ll realize that the vast majority of it is mental.

In dreams our Minds can instantly manifest anything. In the Physical which we reside in things may take a bit more time to come to you, but they always come.

There’s nothing I haven’t intently pursued that hasn’t came to me. By “intently” I mean that I also held a vision in my mind of receiving it, and persisted until it arrived.

The Great Struggle with this is that there is a certain darkness within- a part of us too trapped in the physicality of life to ever unleash the greatness that can also be found within.

This Darkness is too trapped in what IS and refuses to see what COULD BE. It gets trapped in repetitive thought patterns that prevent you from seeing opportunity. It creates a self-perpetuating circle of darkness.

Other base desires take over such as hunger, desire for sex, and an egoistic drama in how you partake in social life.

One of the greatest triggers of this darkness is fear.

A few days ago I launched a great new project for my business. I spent the past few days exhausted and doing nothing but trying to enjoy life after so much work.

When I checked the results of this project, I instantly felt the Fear and began to worry that my results weren’t good enough.

Despite my extensive training and step-by-step guide to success given by a mentor, I felt fear.

I almost wanted to back out of the project, to end it before more was lost, but then I took a deep breath, relaxed, and began to attempt to see the project objectively.

As I reviewed the data, to my astonishment, some of the metrics I was aiming for I blew completely out of the water!

I was doing much better than I could’ve anticipated.

It’s just that in the heat of the moment I missed my little success, instead focused on the aspects of the project which were less than ideal, and filled myself with fear.

The reality is that things are actually looking great. My project’s KPI may be within closer reach than I imagined!

As I’ve relaxed, and even write this to calm myself down more, I remember my training more and more.

The fearful part of my brain shuts off as the higher consciousness inside me takes over. I remember my plan & path towards my objective, and remember that I had anticipated certain roadblocks like the one I’m experiencing now- but I’m doing better than the average for sure.

All is mental, and mental is all. While we do inhabit a physical world, we interact with this physical world through our mind.

We are vastly limited by our senses, unable to truly see anything objectively. We can approach objectivity but can never truly be objective.

In this way it can be all too easy to fall for the trap of darkness and shoot yourself in the foot before ever taking a step out of the darkness.

With every great goal or project there is a Fear, a great Darkness. It’s not the moments where you feel inspiration that you’ll face the Fear, but instead the moments where you aren’t inspired that determines whether your goal comes to fruition in reality or not.

Your goals & dreams may be closer than you imagine… But you are limited by certain senses and feelings.

I urge you to try relax and find a path to your objective- And stick to it.

I’m walking a path I desperately wanted to walk many years ago. This project is everything to me.

I don’t feel inspired now. I feel slightly uneasy, wondering about the results and my money on the line.

There are doubts, fears, and a Darkness within. But I must walk the path I set out to walk when I was inspired.

And so must you.

All is mental, and mental is all. Yes there is the physical realm, but it only exists because we can perceive the physical through our mind. In the end there is vastly more available in resources than we could’ve imagined- we just have to open our creativity to it, and walk our paths amidst darkness.