The past few days have been some of the hardest of this year. 

To update you, I got deported unexpected from Bulgaria with about a week’s notice. I’ve lived in Bulgaria for the past 7 months, and I fell in love in Bulgaria but also with Bulgaria. 

My friends, lifestyle, and home in Bulgaria were the best I’ve had in my whole life. For many moments I could admit I was genuinely happy. 

The Deportation & Cyprus

Getting deported was completely unexpected. I applied for a routine visa extension, and it was denied. No reason was given. 

Since then, me & my girlfriend have both been in complete shock. I haven’t been able to cry, or really process many emotions, since coming to Cyprus. 

It all feels like a dream! 

My deep connections & best of all girlfriend in Bulgaria made life so amazing there. The way of living was also incredible; the coffee shops, restaurants, transportation, I vibed with most everything. 

I knew one day I would have to go, but I was hoping for a little bit more notice.. one week isn’t good enough to pack your things and move to a whole new country. 

Unfortunately I couldn’t say proper good-byes to several friends, and the whole process simply felt unreal. It still doesn’t feel real.

4 Days In Cyprus

Cyprus is cool. It’s beautiful, people speak English, and by many standards it’s wonderful. 

There are things I like, but also downsides. Such is the way of life. My preference is for Bulgaria. 

The hardest part is simply that I didn’t have any social connections coming in here. I’m currently living in Paphos, Cyprus, where the population is about 30,000.

One new challenge in Cyprus is the currency exchange. In order to maintain the same lifestyle here that I did in Bulgaria, I will lose 2x (or greater) of my money. 

There are also unique things here such as renting a car, jetski riding, boats, and motorcycle riding that I’d like to do (which is why I say “or greater”). 

My focus here is to grow the business and get things moving better, so that I can afford these things. However, I don’t expect them to make me happy. 

They are simply single events that you can enjoy in the moment, making the rest of the pain more bearable. Never underestimate the power of wonderful friends. 

Social Life

This is the hardest part. First, I miss my girlfriend. She’s beyond amazing. 

Second, I miss my friends. In Sofia Bulgaria it was fairly common for me to get recognized on the street. 

I knew the baristas, waiters & waitresses, and friends all over the city. I was invited to more things than I could possibly accept! 

Here, I’ve only been to one social gathering (just before writing this). I didn’t vibe with the people fully, but I’ll give it some time and keep trying. 

One challenge here is that I want to keep my sleep quality, but also meet people. Bars & clubs are some of the easiest ways to meet people. 

Give people a couple drinks and they become so sociable. They’re also out with the intention of socializing.

Not drinking alcohol, coffee, doing drugs, eating sugar, and trying to stay healthy makes things a bit difficult. 

I’m especially motivated to stay healthy because I want to grow the business. I need my mood & energy so that I can do important things to keep it growing. 

At what point I should discipline myself & at what point I should allow myself breaks (to stay out late & drink) is a very grey line. 

I feel suffocated having downgraded my social life so intensely so fast. Clubs give you that interaction in-the-now, except at the expense of everything else…

Making Friends, All Over Again

I know how to make friends from scratch. I’ve done it in Phoenix, Montreal, Budapest, and Bulgaria. Surely I can do it one more time in Cyprus, no problem! 

I’ll certainly be able to do it. My skills simply need some working on. 

Before Bulgaria, I was used to repeating the process. I had amazing friends in Phoenix & Montreal, but I wasn’t very attached like I am to my girlfriend. 

When I say “it’s hard,” it’s not necessarily hard because of having to make friends. I’ve noticed I’m so much more confident here due to various reasons! 

It’s hard because my standards are higher. It’s hard because I didn’t want to leave Bulgaria, so I couldn’t properly prepare for what was coming. 

Choosing your path makes things easier too. Actively choosing to create a new life in a new city is actually magical & exhilarating. 

Having it forced upon you is… not. 

Again, I was going to leave Bulgaria one day. I will also always return. I just wasn’t expecting now, and I sure as hell was expecting at least one month’s notice to prepare! 

Is Cyprus Right For Me?

I’ve also noticed myself questioning whether or not Cyprus is right for me. I looked at things $-wise, and I could technically leave to another cheap European country. 

might be able to get off in a Western Country, but it would be better to go to a cheap country, if I wanted to go. 

I’ve felt this before in Phoenix, Budapest, Montreal and yes, even Bulgaria. I did not feel it so much though in Montreal because I wanted to escape from my family and loneliness was better than being at home. 

After the “vacation period,” which usually lasts about 3 days, you begin questioning whether or not this is the right place for you.

I’m at the point where I’ve seen things, settled in, and the reality of the situation is settling in. 

This is easier if you have work-related contacts, are staying in a hostel, or something like that. I’m talking about solo travel in which you can’t meet people through work (because you’re a digital marketer) and you live alone (so you can’t meet people through accommodation). 

I’m going to stick with it as I always do. I just need one friend I “click” with, one person to “laugh” with, and one person to get “deep” with (ie. give each other advice, tell life stories, etc.). 

I’ll always miss my girlfriend though. I seriously can’t wait until she’s here. 

Challenges & Skills in Cyprus

Traveling here was not my choice. I picked Cyprus for almost no reason at all, and I should’ve thought my decision through a bit more in Bulgaria. Oh well, it’s done. 

I also purchased my non-refundable apartment for my stay, so I’m stuck here, or can leave but literally lose thousands. 

There is no choice now but to go with the flow. Challenge accepted. 

I’m going to hit business really hard, make more money, and get back into the social game. No one said it’s going to be easy, but I’ll proceed with full faith in the Universe. 

Not sure where this post was going, just wanted to share that it’s tough but I’m soldiering on. 

-Michael ​​