For some time now I haven’t been able to decide whether I should stay in Southeast Asia longer, or travel back “home” to Bulgaria.

The decision has always been 50/50 in my mind, but rather than worrying (like I would’ve a couple years ago), I decided to relax and wait for a sign or for my subconscious mind to sort the problem out.

Occasionally I would journal about it, or ask my brain to sort it out as I slept. Science has proven that almost all decisions we make are subconscious anyways- our conscious brain only understands so much of what’s going on.

And so I waited. I focused on enjoying life, and relaxing until the answer came to me clearly.

One day (yesterday) I felt a sudden intuitive feeling to go to a particular sushi restaurant and bring my journal. I was really enjoying what I was doing, but I decided to follow the feeling.

I began to eat delicious sushi and journal about this or that. I looked up at the TV screen, and there was some volleyball game playing.

It appeared Thailand was playing some other country. When the camera zoomed in on one of the female players of the opposing team, I thought it was strange just how closely they resembled the Bulgarians.

That’s when I realized the team code was BUL. They were all dressed in green.

In disbelief, I squinted my eyes to see clearly what was happening on this tiny screen.

Thailand was playing Bulgaria in an intense game of volleyball, and it was completely tied!

As if this game mimicked the struggles of my mind, there was no apparent winner! Thailand was playing Bulgaria in an intense match of volleyball!

Both Thailand & Bulgaria had won a round, and in this third round they were tied 8-8. The first time to reach 25 by a margin of 2 points would win the next round.

To my shocking disbelief, it seemed that a very apparent sign had came to me. I never thought that any “sign” or “omen” would come so glaringly obvious.

In fact, I began to journal some more in utter disbelief. What are the fucking odds that for a couple weeks you can’t decide whether to stay in Thailand longer, or to travel back to Bulgaria, and then you see a game of volleyball on TV in which Bulgaria plays Thailand- and it is completely tied?!?

At first I didn’t think much of it, until after a few minutes I realized they were still tied, just now 12-12. There was not going to be a clear winner.

Every time one team got a point, the other would quickly follow it up and tie it. This was exactly like my mind- on some hours I thought it better to return to Sofia, and on others I longed for more time in Southeast Asia before returning to Bulgaria.

The game quickly engulfed my entire attention. Never before had I watched the TV so intently, or enjoyed a sport so much.

Was this… a sign? I couldn’t help but wonder if this was the Universe giving me some guiding light.

It sounds absolutely absurd to base my decision of whether to stay in Thailand or go back to Bulgaria on the results of a volleyball game, but again… what are the odds?

And why is it that so often in my life I am getting these strange synchronicity moments that appear to be guiding me down a particular path???

The game raged on, and it remained primarily a tie, until finally Thailand got 2 points ahead and won this round. By the way, you only win a round if it’s by a margin of 2 points so this is literally the most intense round won possible.

During the fourth round I had an intuitive feeling- Thailand was going to win.

I even posted it on my Instagram story along with a picture of the game to show that I was making this strange prediction far in advance, when it couldn’t be accurately decided yet who would win.

It was almost as if my subconscious mind decided it would rather stay in Thailand longer before returning to Bulgaria, and so influenced the results of that fourth round. I know this sounds absurd- they won because Thailand was performing better, but was this really a coincidence?

The fourth round was equally intense, and because I had subconsciously made my own mind to remain in Thailand, I cheered for Thailand instead of Bulgaria. If Bulgaria won this round, a final & long fifth round would be played, which I did not want to sit around for as I had been sitting for so long already!

Once again Thailand won by an extremely tight margin of 2 points. Thailand won.

It was decided. I would stay in Thailand another month, either by extending my visa or by taking a visa run to a nearby country.

Sometimes I think it’s crazy to write about stories like this, and as I told this story to acquaintances people agreed that it was crazy but I don’t think anyone really grasped the significance of such a coincidence.

Having observed these moments of synchronicity in my own life over and over, it becomes all the more enchanting when they happen.

All of the spiritual teachers & books talk about following omens, following your heart, and not rushing to make decisions that the subconscious mind can solve. Yet when it actually happens to you, it’s so hard to believe. I can’t even believe I’m writing this, and I expect people to think I’m crazy and not to believe this story!

Alas, it is true, and I don’t need anyone to believe it because it happened to me. It also was posted all over my Instagram story, if you’re curious.

It seems that, at least for my life, there are indeed signs guiding me towards a particular path!

Whether somehow I “transurfed” into a reality in which Thailand won, by subconsciously deciding I would stay, or it was simply a validating sign from the Universe that I should remain here, one thing is certain is that this was no accident.

Here on this blog I have countless stories of strange synchronicity and guiding signs, sometimes I feel like I’m in my own strange book.

Most of my life is not so mystical, but these strange, mystical events do happen, and when they do they never cease to amaze me!

I am staying in Thailand for another month. Call it crazy, but the Universe (or whatever) could not have made it clearer that I should remain here.

For some weeks I struggled with this question, and then so clearly watched a game of volleyball of Thailand vs. Bulgaria. And not just that, the game was tied, intense, and close, just like the decision in my mind.

You must surely have signs in your own life, but you’ll see them only if you are open to them!

I called to something for help on making this decision and by some strange power help came.

I’m certain that the same could happen to you, if you open up and follow the signs or listen to your heart. That’s when the magic happens, and when we are reminded that there really is something weird going on here on planet Earth.

Follow the signs, they’re taking you somewhere for a reason…