We all know that it’s generally not a good thing to watch the news- none of the information is actionable, and it’s 99% negative.

What if I told you that by watching the news, you’re actually contributing to the deaths of countless innocent victims?

Unfortunately, this is the truth. Let me explain this (you can also see my video by clicking HERE):

It has been scientifically proven that when a suicide story gets published, suicide rates spike in the next week.

The reason for this is because people that are feeling “in the dumps” hear about other people kill themselves, and so they then see it as a means for attention or at the very least something they too can do.

This is completely unconscious. For example, kids often mimic their parents behaviors- the same is true for adults, except we don’t realize it.

The way  news companies make money is by selling advertisements (commercials).

If you watch news stories, these companies are essentially getting paid to release more negative stories about suicides, murders, and shootings.

This in turn pushes other people “over the edge.” When a story about a shooting gets spread, the likelihood of another shooting happening in the next month spikes.

Therefore by watching the news, you’re actually subtly contributing to the deaths of countless innocent victims. Isn’t that crazy?

Now this may sound extreme, so I’ll say that obviously you’re only contributing maybe .01% or less to the copycat violence.

In order to stop the spread of negative content (which remember in turn promotes the likelihood of more violence), we need to completely cut it out of our lives. As strange as it may sound, only absorbing “positive” content will actually bring about positive change in the world.

I don’t know about you, but I want the best for humanity- therefore I will not watch the news, or any of the negative BS that can be found online.

By watching it, I draw more attention to violence, which in turn creates more violence.

Stop fighting violence, and start attracting love. Turn off the news and go do something positive for a change!

I’ve also got a video on this subject. You can click HERE to watch it.

What are your thoughts on this? Let me know!