You need to get rich. It’s a necessity. Here’s why:

Just 2 nights ago I moved into my new apartment and….

It had mold. 

At first everything was okay. 1 hour went by, and I was moving things over.

Then I started to notice a trend: after 30 minutes of being in the apartment, I’d get a headache, stuffy nose, scratchy throat, itchy eyes, and other allergy-like symptoms.

Upon leaving to my old apartment the symptoms would resolve.

Figuring it was nothing, I opened windows, turned some fans on, and hope the smell & symptoms would disappear.

It didn’t.

One Night Of Hell

After the first night, I was certain there was absolutely no way I could survive in this apartment.

I tend to be sensitive to mold & allergens in the house, which is actually a good thing.

Everyone will experience long-term health detriments to allergens such as mold & dust. Luckily for me, my body reacts fast, so I can move somewhere healthier.

Anyways, after my first night, I felt crushed. It was like I was sick, but as I meditated into my chest, I realized there was no illness within me- the problem was outside!

I left the apartment and returned to relative wellness after a few hours.

My girlfriend returned with me, and she experienced symptoms similar to mine (though not as high as me). This confirms that there certainly is an issue with the apartment…

She let me stay the night at hers (YAY) so I wouldn’t have to bear another night in that apartment. For the next 5 days I’ll find an AirBNB or hostel to stay at until I move into my new epic apartment (this is a hilarious story for next time :D).

Listen To Your Body/Intuition

Unfortunately most people in my situation would be forced to take drastic measures, or remain in this apartment.

In fact, I was really tempted to do this. I don’t have the savings net I want, and even though I am relatively OK, the more money the better.

The thing is, my body is screaming “NO!” My intuition was always a bit off at the place despite not having symptoms on the viewing.

This is because I wasn’t in the home long enough to develop symptoms during the viewing.

Lesson learned: listen to your intuition. I didn’t have strong symptoms, but my intuition was very subtly saying “no” despite it logically being a wonderful option.

Money or Health?

The second thing I’ve learned is that you need “bullshit money.” You need to be rich so you can afford a home with nice air, quiet nights, and all other things that make wellness.

My body is screaming “NO!” I’m making a practice of listening to my intuition because it is always right.

Everyone’s is, but the inner truth is often too subtle for us to pick up on until our body screams at us (with an illness, disaster, etc.).

So I made a mistake. Lesson learned. It should be reversible, right?

We’ll see.

She has my first month’s payment, and I refuse to stay another night in the apartment.

I’m not sure what the health & real estate laws are like in Bulgaria, but I already know she’s going to try bully me into letting her keep wayyyy too much money (if not all).

I’ll do my best to raise hell. But I’m prepared for the worst. I’ve made peace with losing this money; you couldn’t pay ME to live in this apartment.

So, I want my money back. But I also know that I may lose it. Health wins over the sum of money I would save.

Having Bullshit Money

When it comes to matters of love & relationships, health, happiness, free time, and all the likes that make life worth living, sacrifice shouldn’t be made.

I’ve had so many disasters living independently now. And that’s okay.

It’s okay because I’ve learned that I should make even more money. I need “bullshit money” for when things go South.

You need “bullshit money” too. Everyone does.

No compromise should ever be made on your happiness. Yesterday I told my girlfriend to remind me to make more money if I don’t start taking massive action- the extra hours spent working make up for disasters like this (I also am only working 5-10 hours a week so I have no excuse for not changing that to 10-20 hours a week).

​​Be Rich For Bullshit- Not For Lambos

Many people fuck up getting rich because they buy flashy items such as lambos.

I don’t want to be rich for that, really!

It’s about investing into a happy, fulfilling life for yourself. 

I want money so that if this situation were to happen over again, I could casually walk into a nearby hotel to stay for a week. While I have a little money, I’m not rich enough to afford a hotel for a week (and my intuition screams “NO” for many of the low-cost low-quality options). ​​​​​​​​​​

The goal with becoming rich should be to purify your own life- not look good for others.

That’s probably where a lot of people fuck up. It’s wayyy more inspiring wanting to be rich so you know you always will be just fine, even in the worst of scenarios.

Do you have bullshit money? What do you think of this? Let me know. 🙂