Fear is setting all around the world as talk about the new CoronaVirus from Wuhan, China dominates the media.

The United States government is now quarantining anyone that enters the USA from the Wuhan area for a minimum period of 14 days.

With so much fear about the CoronaVirus, how deadly is it actually, and what is the threat to you?

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This is a video I made for a client that I love working with, Wildlife x Team International.

I’ve been using the hype of Coronavirus to start making some related videos about it, and so far we’re getting hundreds of more views than normal. I hope it’ll turn into hundreds of thousands.

My goal is to dominate some search terms on YouTube, get a ton of views, and help promote the brand.

For example, I made a video about the “Mutants of Chernobyl” when the Chernobyl series was released on Netflix, which now sits at about 550,000 views on YouTube.

To find it you can just YouTube “Wildlife x Team Chernobyl.”

Now for my personal opinion, I’m quite shocked at all this Coronavirus hype.

It’s a perfect example of marketing. Everyone is afraid of Coronavirus because everyone else is afraid of coronavirus.

If you look into the numbers, it’s laughable. There are literally thousands of things 10x more likely to kill you (even in China) than Coronavirus, but yes, let’s all be afraid of Coronavirus. It’s ridiculous.

Are you afraid of Coronavirus? Without Googling, tell me: what is the fatality rate of the disease?

If you can’t answer that question, I do ask: why do you fear it? Why do you fear Coronavirus if you can’t even tell me the important #’s, like fatality rate?

The answer is that it’s groupthink. Coronavirus has too much media attention, so now everyone’s talking about it, and forgetting the true dangers right on our doorsteps (see: pollution, gun violence, normal flu strains, heart disease, cancer, rabies, allergies, so on and so forth).

My personal opinion is that all the media campaigns against China and coronavirus are nothing but anti-Chinese racism.

To many Europeans & Americans, China is still a distant, far, foreign land that is exotically different to what we’re familiar with.

The Media knows this, and so they’re leveraging this hyped-up story about some virus from a far-away land that has the “potential to create a global catastrophe.”

Again, if you actually look into the #’s (see: fatality rate, and which demographic it kills… hint: low fatality rate, and majority of deaths from ultra-aging already-dying elderly population that would’ve died by any flu that hit them), it becomes obvious that it’s nothing but hype.

But hey, it’s free, easy views for my clients, so minus well hop on the Coronavirus band-wagon and start milking the masses for their attention!

But seriously, on a personal level can we please stop the Anti-Chinese racism?

I’ve got good Chinese friends around the world and the way they’ve been treated as a result of the fear of CoronaVirus is ridiculous.

Racism has been reported in the UK, Germany, Thailand, and USA.

Even IF coronavirus was the ultra-killer, we shouldn’t be treating Chinese HUMANS like they’re some murderer.

At the end of the day, we’re all humans! The next anti-nation media brigade could be against YOUR country, so let’s be the change we want to see in the world and start treating everyone with respect, love, and kindness.

Anyways, a part of me doesn’t want to write this. A few people will probably un-subscribe, a few people will illogically stick to their guns about coronavirus being the “ultra-deadly killer-disease that will end the world.”

However, I HAD to write this. On behalf of my Chinese friends experiencing racism over a virus that isn’t even that special, and the anti-Chinese media campaigns that are attacking them.

At the end of the day though, the masses are the masses, so as long as this hype keeps continuing I’m gonna keep producing content about it to suck in more views, and hopefully educate people on the true dangers to their life.

Thanks for reading!