For over 2 years now, I’ve been making money online and able to travel the world. I’ve lived in Bulgaria for almost 1 of those years, and actively visited at least 13 countries. 

Everyone asks the same question: how? Am I lucky trust fund kid, or a magical wizard? 

Neither, it’s actually surprisingly easy to make money online and travel, but you of course don’t realize that until you join the community of people doing it. ​​

The term “digital nomad” refers to a (relatively) small group of individuals that make money online while traveling, or living in low cost-of-living areas such as Thailand. 

There are two big hurdles to being a digital nomad: income and logistics. 

First, you need to be making money to travel, that’s just a plain fact. Yesterday I went surfing in Bali, but I also worked on a few different advertising campaigns for clients. Some people save money working a job then travel, and simply can’t fathom that I’m not on perpetual reaction. As shocking as it is, yes, I am actually working. 

That’s where the second piece comes in: logistics. You could have a great job but if you’re tied to a single location then you can’t travel, except on vacation time or off time. 

Logistics also includes stuff like, “how do I get international data,” or better yet “how do I avoid international transaction fees with my bank?” 

Accommodation is a huge part of logistics as well. Most people don’t know that cheap accommodation exists so they blow away a month’s worth of work on an expensive hotel that’s actually no better than an AirBNB. 

I’ve made countless mistakes on this journey, but I’ve also done a lot of research so I’ve also been very prepared. I now take for granted my knowledge in the subject of online income & travel- it comes like instinct. 

Alas, I do remember the times when I thought it was just a fantasy to live in a place like Bali or Bulgaria. 

“If only I could be part of the New Rich making money online and traveling,” I thought every night in Phoenix. 

Lucky for us all, dreams do come true- if you focus on them and you’re willing to take massive action. 

Income & logistics is a long, complicated thing to explain, which is why I’d recommend getting this guide.

It was created by a digital nomad friend, and I was actually featured on his YouTube channel in an interview which you can view by clicking HERE. ​​

The guide is currently discounted, and I do make some affiliate commission. 

However, I assure you it’s a completely legit guide. I was uneasy at first at promoting something to my friends- in fact I believe this is the first “offer” I’m sending out! 

After looking through the guide though, I became impressed. It actually has a TON of information about creating an online career, securing online fortunes, and traveling on the cheap. ​​​​​​​

It’s hardly any cost for the value that you’re provided with. Telling the digital nomad story is filled with a lot of confusion- and sharks that only make their money hyping up how to make money online! 

The friend that made the guy has an “actual” online job- coding at ActiveCampaign (and this is actual the Email marketing service I use personally as well as recommend to my online clients). 

If you want to know how to digital nomad, get the guide now. ​​​​​​I don’t stand by a lot of digital nomad stuff except this guide. You will learn several ways to make money online, have several resources, as well as how to travel on the cheap. I will personally be skimming it again after writing this because even I saw things I didn’t recognize. 

Hard link:

If you have questions hit me up. 

-Michael  ​​​​​​​