Was thinking this today: “Why the fuck do we stay in our income bracket?”

Why even divide ourselves into income brackets, except for taxes?

Schooling (in the USA) is free through high school, and every kid has the potential to get a scholarship. School for the most part is this silly memory game- anyone can play to win.

You’d think (or I am) that people would also attempt to move a level up throughout their lives. For example the middle class would try grow a bit more, and the lower class into the middle class.

Yet that’s not the way things work.

Instead the rich often stay rich, the middle class rarely goes anywhere, and the lower class stays poor, except for a few who spike up to riches.

This leads to another thought.

Why is it that people who “make it to the top” always start (or get knocked down) to the bottom? If you’re at the bottom, one level up would be a magnificent change. Why keep hustling?

Success fuels success.

It’s hard breaking out of your programmed loop, and learning the true trades of the world rather than indoctrinating yourself to slavery through the education system.

Last night something weird happened: I had no problem working until 1 AM. I got into this to work little, travel the world, and then get rich. I’m finding that because I now don’t work often, yet have money, so on and so forth, I’m wanting to work more. 

I’m not motivated to work; I’m inspired to work. Needing motivation means there’s an internal barrier you have to get through (“success barriers“). Inspiration comes naturally, and can also be referred to as a flow state.

To be honest, there’s still a few times I need some motivation. I’m finding though that it requires less and less. Being fully independent for the first time in a foreign country has that effect on you.

I’m not perfect, and I haven’t “made it” big yet. But now I’ve got a plan, and have watched myself achieve an incredible goal. Now I know anything is possible.

You should do the same.


P.S. If you have a skill, hit “reply” right now and let me know. Any skills/passions- I’m looking to build a new business or two, and now have proven strategies to do so:)