Tonight while traveling to home, a fascinating video popped up on my YouTube feed.

It claimed to hold the “real truth” about why the pyramids were created, and what their function was.

Before this I had also studied a video on a part of the brain, which apparently holds our “consciousness.” However, it wasn’t as simple as “this is consciousness,” it instead had some pretty crazy spiritual implications.

I’ve also been reading Power vs. Force, which is to my surprise (I honestly wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I got this book) is about human consciousness all being connected to an extent.

It should go without saying that my head is a bit packed with information to digest tonight.

However before I should find myself resting & resetting, I thought that I must first write this article, to share with you some night thoughts and feelings.

I have no particular direction for this piece; I shall let words write themselves. What I’d like to write about, and what you might find interest is, is how exactly do we find direction in a world so confusing? Let us dive deep…

Our World & Urgency, Resourcefulness vs. Impossibility

Except for those things which have already been answered, our world is pretty fucking crazy.

How do you successfully land men on Mars, and explain into a multi-planet civilization? Well, no one can really say. Also, most would assume that it’s impossible in the near future. This question alone sounds absurd by nature, and too “out-of-reach” for our times. It’s easy to think that this will be done “in a few decades,” but why not within this decade?

After all, from what I remember (could be wrong) American President John F. Kennedy requested that within a decade we land a man on the moon… and we did it.

In those times we had a motivating force: beat the Russians. There was a great sense of urgency to the project of landing a man on the Moon.

What if we created the same sense of urgency for ending world hunger, or raising everyone’s quality of life to a minimum standard?

It’s not like we lack the resources to achieve such a thing; in fact, we have demonstrated in the past extremely resourcefulness to achieve “crazy” feats such as landing a man on the moon with technology less powerful than the device you are using to read this article now.

With a proper goal and implementation, humanity has demonstrated that basically any “impossible” task can and WILL be achieved with the proper effort (or power) put in to achieve it.

Actually think about it: we put a man on the moon 50 some years ago, with technology less capable than what most people carry in their pockets (phones). 50 years ago people would’ve thought it would’ve been crazy to send texts, play virtual games, etc. yet now it’s SO common.

We did what was impossible. We did it time and time again. Just think back to 200 years ago, and look at how much we’ve changed.

What is Common, is Forgotten

What is now common is forgotten to be “crazy,” but instead becomes part of the habitual routine of humanity itself.

I recall a time growing up when you had to walk down to your neighbor’s house and ring the doorbell in order to ask a friend to hangout. Occasionally we could use the phone, too.

These days we send texts, and flakiness is rather quite common due to the extreme ease of communication.

“Back in the day” you had to schedule a time to meet and actually commit to it because there was no possible way to notify someone that you wouldn’t be able to meet them if something came up!

So for this section’s point, it’s that what is common, is forgotten to have been previously seen as “out of reach.”

For some reason, humanity never seems to realize this fact, and so we perpetuate this cycle of deeming future goals as “impossible” or “not achievable” when we have demonstrated time and time again that wild feats are indeed more easily accomplish-able than we initially realized!

It baffles me just how normal this computer I type on is to my life. As a kid I never could’ve imagined such a thing, yet here it is.

Example: World Travel

Take my personal life example of making money online & traveling the world!

I had a ton of urgency & a strict deadline for wanting to achieve this goal, and I became magically resourceful enough to achieve this goal. By age 19, beginning at age 18, I was able to make money online and travel the world.

I assure you I am no genius, and far from it in fact. My first international city, Montreal (where I’m at now), I struggled so much to understand basic transit information such as metro & bus paths. In fact, I avoided buses until I was in Bulgaria, and I only began taking buses because I found an app that helped me create routes.

To someone who has lived in Montreal or Bulgaria their whole lives, understanding public transit maps is a normal part of life and so no big deal.

My sub-point here is that when you put a lot of effort into something, it becomes “no big deal,” yet for those things you don’t have experience with, you feel suddenly “anxious” or as if it’s hard to achieve.

When I arrived in Belgium, my friend had to correct me on which platform I went on because I was sitting in the wrong train. I was so confused. Now I look at it and feel embarrassed to admit this, as my map-reading skills are on point!

Don’t get distracted by the point here: that which is unfamiliar feels scarier & bigger than it really is.

Now for the main point: I became resourceful due to my urgency to achieve my world travel goal ASAP. I REALLY wanted to achieve it, and I also suffered from chronic pain at the time so making money online for me became the “ultimate goal” to improve my life.

After achieving it, and now having traveled the world internationally for almost 2 years now, going to new places is hardly so scary as it was initially.

I still do experience culture shock, and will for some time, but by the time I’ve traveled for 3+ years and visited 20+ countries it should go without saying that I won’t hardly feel afraid of traveling to yet another country or city or place.

This is my real-life example of urgency, resourcefulness, and that which is common, is forgotten. Keep reading, as this is about to get intense.

Goal-Setting: FEAR

So that which is in the past is “whatever.” It is common & forgotten to be something out of the ordinary.

However, for whatever reason, future goals remain so scary. Why is that? Why is it that “abolishing hunger world-wide” is such a big goal to achieve, yet putting a man on the moon 50 years ago was achieve-able?

Does anyone scoff at the idea of transmitting data signals through the air & around the world to text me people instantly via small devices virtually everyone carries in their pockets?

No, but 100 years ago, you likely would’ve been sent to a mental hospital for insinuating such a thing!

Even 50 years ago, the whole idea of modern-day texting, WiFi, and mobile phones would’ve likely been too far out of reach for people to understand.

Why is that? Why was that so? Why was it that the few that carried on with the projects to create this great new reality were first considered crazy, and now basically worshiped (ie. Steve Jobs) for bringing about that which was originally believed to be impossible?

In my own life I experience this too: to get where I am at today felt like a dream, a fantasy just out of reach. In my head it is SO EASY that anyone could do it. If you were to take away everything that I have right now, I could easily get it back, BECAUSE of the fact that I’ve created the mental pathway to achieve it.

However for me to 4x my business, or 40x my business feels scary, yet having talked with entrepreneurs who are making over 100x me, they feel it would be “so easy.”

As I write this, I realize I too am trapped by the restraints of mental thinking & action. It’s easy to point the fingers at others, and hard to point it at yourself. When I write this, I point the finger at everyone, including myself.

So for whatever reason, we feel that future goals are so unattainable such so that we shoot ourselves in the foot before we even begin. For example, many people go to University not really knowing what they want because it’s the “safe path,” or they do what their parents think they should do.

In reality, it is only the illusion that they are so unattainable. Once you’ve created a path to a certain goal, it becomes re-achievable a million times over with less than half the effort; you know exactly what you need to do to get back to where you were, it is just moving to a NEW goal which is so scary.

Chaos & Confusion: Lies & Ignorance

What doesn’t help with goal-setting, improvement, and understanding the truth of our world is that their is so much ignorance, and so many lies, surrounding each and every subject in the world.

For example, I am very much into health and improving my fitness. I have found articles claiming that the meat-only diet is effective, or that the vegan diet is effective.

Some articles state that you should eat more fruit, whereas others recommend against eating fruit except at certain times.

One way I’ve learned to get around this is to find “common first principles.” For example, most “diets” work because they involve cutting out processed foods & sugar.

Some people recommend high carb, others low carb, but ultimately when you cut out dessert, added sugar, and processed foods you’ll experience a benefit either way.

This is part of the ignorance of our world, is that we lack CONTEXT through which to view the data we are collecting. Paleo is certainly more effective than the standard American diet, but so is the Atkins diet… WHY is that so?

There are also flat-out lies created with the intent to deceive us, or intentions which while good create ultimately negative outcomes.

One example of this would be all of the mental health medications. They don’t address the cause of the mental health issues but instead treat the symptoms. People become so identified with their “depression,” they take medication.

It saddens me how this happens. People convince themselves that their brain “just malfunctions,” and their depression isn’t a result of isolation, too much social media, a lack of cold showers, a lack of love, a lack of sex, or a lack of exercise.

How many people that you know who use medication for their mental health problems have tried eating right, exercising, getting more (and better) friends, taking cold showers, finding love / sex partner(s), and quitting social media BEFORE taking these pills from Big Pharma?

All of the above are scientifically proven to help with depression, yet a psychiatrist or psychologist is very unlikely to help you try all of these things before medicating you on a dangerous drug (which also has negative side effects).

I should add that in some extreme cases, it makes sense to medicate WHILE taking these actions. For example, if the patient is apathetic or suicidal, it would make sense to fix the symptom WHILE fixing the cause.

However, are the causes EVER addressed? No. I know for me that was true. I had to put my fucking hands in the mud to fix my mental problems because all the goddamn psychiatrist wanted to do was put me on anti-depressants and anti-psychotic medication.

I was even laughed at for asking whether diet, video game addiction, and apathy could cause my depression (at the time)!

Finding truth & answers in this world is fucking hard when the “professionals” which we give our power to aren’t even truly knowledge-able within their own field.

In the above case the psychiatrist knew how to throw pills at a problem, but not how to fix it without the use of pills or create a long-term solution that didn’t involve dangerous medication (which by the way, also prevented my dick from working, so there’s no way in hell I was going to use that as a long-term solution).

You. Are. Alone.

Here’s an ugly truth: You’re fucking alone. The government, professionals, teachers, and anyone else can’t help you.

It’s on YOU to fix your own life, find your own truth, and solve your own problems. And that’s a scary reality to wake up to.

I can’t blame anyone that wishes to crawl back into the fantasy of the government actually taking care of the individuals or professionals being genuine.

Now obviously most people have GOOD INTENTIONS, but in the case of my ex-psychiatrist, he also was extremely ignorant of the true causes of depression and lacked any knowledge of other potential cures.

Because he had never experienced a cure of depression through exercise or cold showers or proper diet, he couldn’t imagine that reality to exist. To someone like me who has ran experiments on my own body, it is as true as gravity.

I didn’t intend this article to get so dark, but really this is the sad truth. Your parents are not so genius as your kid-self imagined them to be, and it turns out the institutions of school & government are just made of flawed people just like you.

It is a false mental security to believe that any one person can cure you; it must be on you to fix your ow problems. Even if not your fault (we are all born in situations lacking in one way or another) it is now your responsibility to handle the situation. That’s scary, I know..

Delayed Effect

Do you think that in the next 50 years, the cure for cancer and perhaps all your life’s problems may be discovered?

If so, then they exist right now. Buckle up.

Truth is often discovered by the masses much later than the few geniuses who pioneer the new field.

It was in the minds of few to put a man on the moon before the masses accepted it, and it took actually doing it for the masses to believe it.

In medicine, the fact that “washing your hands” could help save more baby lives was considered “insane,” until 50 years later (could be wrong #, but rough range) it became common practice.

The man, Semmelweis (look him up), discovered that washing your hands could help the lives of everyone, and it would improve children’s health too!

When he presented this information, he lost his job. He died before hand-washing became common practice.

You read that right. The man who scientifically validated that washing your hands before delivering a baby could help save the baby’s life and prevent it from receiving a disease after birth was considered “crazy,” and he died before he could even see his discovery put in action.

These days we would scoff at any medical professional who didn’t wash their hands before touching us, would you not? Would you accept a surgery where the surgeon didn’t wash their hands? I know I wouldn’t.

Finding truth and genuinely improving in this world is set-back decades because of the ignorance of the masses. This is true of everything, though my focus has been on medicine.

If you believe that in the next 50 years the cure for cancer will exist, then it actually exists now, but those who discovered it are struggling to get mainstream medicine to even accept their invention!

What can we take away from this valuable information? Whatever we wish to find, we must search first through a lot of bullshit. The masses are often NOT innovative, until AFTER said innovations are common.

If you wish to find the secret to making money online and traveling the world, you best not find it at your local University. Instead you’ll have to become educated in less-mainstream areas, such as books from Amazon, online courses, and mentor-ships. 

Pyramids & Self-Help

In the beginning of this article I mentioned how I watched a video about the “truth” of the great pyramids being built.

I can’t say whether it is true, but the video had good evidence suggesting that perhaps a past civilization was using it for some form of electricity. The American genius Tesla actually attempted to create a tower for the same purpose the pyramids may have been built for.

We can’t know what is the truth, due to the facts stated above. First, there is no urgency to discover the truth. Second, this is an uncommon belief, so it is ridiculed. It would also fragment our sense of reality & history, so it’s easier to believe they were just for tombs. People aren’t open-minded and willing to explore other possibilities in depth due to ignorance.

Never-mind the pyramids though: I simply was curious as to their truth. If this true, then it would be feasible to create similar structures and create an endless power source (which is what Tesla was hoping could be done in the early 1900’s).

A more practical example of all that I wrote is self-help. Take the question of, “how do I discover my life’s purpose?” Or even something more specific such as “how do I make money online and travel the world?”

Without urgency, it’s unlikely you’ll be resourcefulness enough to discover the answer. Because it’s so scary & new, you may likely resist following the new path in favor of that which is comfortable. It won’t help that there are several “false prophets” who will misguide you. Finally most people are ignorant of this goal being so easy to achieve, so requesting comfort from the masses won’t be do-able. In fact, the masses may likely put you down for attempting to break their bubble of reality.

How Do We Find Direction?

So how do we fucking find direction when there is so much misinformation, the masses are ignorant, we feel intrinsically afraid of uncertainty (despite having seen time and time again just how easy the impossible is), and you genuinely are alone?

I guess I had this question when I started writing this article, and by understanding the limits of ourselves, we can construct the answers.


Perhaps the key ingredient in everything is courage. Courage to try. Courage to believe. Courage to think outside the box and ask something different.

The masses (and me and you) are so comfortable with what IS that we are missing just how crazy it is for all of this to even exist. No one sounds quite shocked at the fact we landed a man on the moon (50 years ago), or that we have phones in our pockets, yet this is only an effect of us having these facts & technologies around for a certain period of time.

Courage is accepting that you could get hurt also. You might try a new diet only to find it doesn’t work well with you. You might lose a little money trying to start your business.

You get hurt because ultimately you are alone, and there is no one who can guide you on your path completely. Some goals which have already been achieved by others will be easier, depending on your own sense of reality & your own sense of achievement, but ultimately you’ll hit a point where you need to face the darkness to hit the next level.

You don’t know what will happen. There is no clear direction in this world. I wish there was man, I really do. It would be so nice for someone to say “this is your purpose,” and for me to follow the steps, just as I learned in school.

School negatively impacts us in that way. Schools teaches us that we have to follow a set path (instructions) but it doesn’t teach us how to create our own. In the real world, there are no instructions or directions.

Now that I’m an adult, and a self-employed one at that, I truly feel the brute force of that. Most 20 year olds are in college, still having their directions handed to them. They then get a job which hands more direction to them.

Still they have a sense of “what more,” and that I’m certain, and being as I have a lot more free time and no one telling me what to do, that feeling is a bit louder, which is why you get this article today.

We have to be courageous to follow our own hearts and desires and dreams and ambitions and thoughts and goals.


I recall a book I read in English class 11th grade (title forgotten) about the Vietnam war. The American soldier being drafted wanted to flee to Canada. He said he was a COWARD, and went to war.

What did he mean, to be a coward and go to war? Those who went to war were considered heroes and brave! Only now does this line hit me like a bullet. He was a coward because he followed the masses, when his heart told him to flee to Canada and pursue a life of peace. He ignored his heart and suffered so many mental problems because of it (I also recall all American soldiers who fled the war being pardoned, so ironically he would’ve been able to return to America anyways, an indication that his heart knew something his mind didn’t).

In the same way it is cowardly to do what your parent’s want you to do, or your society, or government, or to follow the masses when your heart asks for something else. If your heart doesn’t know what it wants, just start DOING things and asking questions- don’t follow their path yet, unless your heart says to. 

Courage & Direction

Ultimately we create our own paths in life. It’s a bit scary to admit just how chaotic it actually is, is it not?

There is no set path, set line, or goal that anyone else can really give to you.

If you do search for direction or improvement or truth, it won’t be easy. What is the truth of the pyramids? The truth is hard to find. How do you optimize happiness? The truth is hard to find.

This article was wrote as a result of me realizing just how “un-guided” life feels sometimes; many of my life questions had to be figured out by myself because there were no clear answers.

I asked, “how do I do this,” and no one could answer. I needed courage to find the answer amidst all the chaos.

You too need courage, to follow your path, seek the truth, and live your life.

What will you do now, courageous one?