Yes, you read the title right. I got drugged. It wasn’t fun.

It was intentional; it caught me way off guard. Thankfully, the effects of this disgusting drug wore off after a few hours. 

All I can say is: God. Damn. It. 

Oh well, sh* happens right? Here’s the story. 

Lunch With Girlfriend

Me & my amazing girlfriend went to get lunch at a great restaurant. We sat down, ordered our food, and waited. She went to the toilet as things started arriving. 

I ordered a fresh juice drink- tropical flavored. I sipped it, and damn, did it taste great! 

Like a vampire on blood, I sucked faster and faster. My girlfriend returned and the 500ml drink was halfway finished! 

She took a sip, looked at me, and said, “hmmm do you think maybe there’s some sugar inside of this?” 

Damn it. So much for the no sugar challenge right?

Quick Recap Of No Sugar

We (me & girlfriend) are avoiding added sugar. It is a useless, deadly, happiness-crushing, libido-reducing, not good drug. It is nothing else. 

We’ve been clear of sugar for a short while. The instant effects are highly apparent. 

Higher libido? Yes please! Our happiness, focus levels, sleep quality, and so much more has improved as a result of quitting sugar. 

I’ve noticed in myself that my outlook on life depends on what I feed my brain. One singular event can be seen through two lenses based on what you eat. 

For example, let’s say Bob asks his crush out. She says no. If Bob is eating lots of sugar, he will probably be upset and throw a tantrum. If Bob is eating raw fruits, veggies, and nuts & seeds, he will instead realize they weren’t meant to be and move on easily. 

For an update on my adventures of no-sugar click HERE. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Back to the fun:

Immediate Negative Effects Of Sugar

The problem with sugar is that it is fucking everywhere. Going no-sugar really opens your mind to how crazy the world is. And, I’m in Bulgaria- not the USA. 

Detoxing from this horrible drug has been wonderful. I’ve noticed massive benefits- so has my girlfriend. 

Re-introducing this toxin after a period of rest is bad because the effects are stronger; your tolerance has been reset! Most people won’t notice because they’ve got a tolerance built to sugar.

For the next 4 hours after drinking that sugary drink, my mouth has hurt like a bitch. My teeth freaking hurt! It’s a craving for more sugar. 

It’s like the sugar is too intense for the mouth. Normal food also lost its taste. Quitting sugar “resets” your taste buds so you enjoy the subtle pleasure of fruits & nuts. 

I also couldn’t feel full. I ate my chicken ramen, then my girlfriend’s. My stomach felt heavy, but I didn’t feel “full” or “satisfied.” 

My mood & energy dropped significantly. I felt dizzy. I wanted to go take a nap. 

In the past week I haven’t needed a nap throughout the day. I’ve had consistent energy throughout the whole day- turns out that “afternoon siesta” is actually the result of a deadly toxin (sugar)! 

I felt apathetic. I began to get down on myself. I had planned so much work for today and became ANXIOUS that I wouldn’t be able to get it done from the sugar. 

Thankfully after resting it out for a few hours I’ve got my energy & motivation back. There is still some residual heaviness in my head. 

My teeth/mouth still hurt, but not as much. I’ll occasionally get random pain spikes. ​​​​​​This is not from a mouth disorder; it happens every-time I OD on sugar. 

In short my energy & mood plummeted, my mouth hurt, I got dizzy, I became anxious, ​​and well let’s just say it was NOT a fun experience. Thankfully I pulled myself out of it. 

To Cheat, Or Not To Cheat?

My birthday is coming up on May 14th. We were thinking of having a cheat day on May 15th, but now we both are doubting. 

I was feeling down yesterday and craving some chocolate. After today’s experience, I’m not sure I ever want to pick up sugar again. It is after all more addictive than cocaine. ​​​​​​

Days are simply better without sugar. You aren’t depriving yourself of any joy by quitting sugar- in fact, you’re living with way more. 

All it took for me to be sold on no-sugar was increased libido. Isn’t more sex (and better sex) all it should take for you to quit sugar? ​​​​

Cheat days, or days in which you are allowed to eat sugar, now sound like “cheat-your-happiness” days. I decided the cheat day won’t be on my birthday- I want to be happy then. The cheat day, if we go through with it, will be the day after.

Cocaine er.. Sugar Is Everywhere

Actually read the ingredients on labels and be amazed at the abundance of this horrible drug. There are zero reported benefits of added sugar, and countless detriments. ​​​​​​

It is more addictive than cocaine. It has been linked to just about every mental disorder, countless health problems, and well I could go on but I won’t. 

Sugar isn’t bad- it’s terrible. 

The problem is that it’s also everywhere. It’s so easy to accidentally eat sugar, even if you think you’re drinking something advertised as “fresh juice” (hah, right, with a bit of added sugar…). 

Adding sugar to a product makes it more easily sold. It increases the flavor ever so slightly. 

Everyone’s taste buds are “sensitized” to sugar. They simply can’t enjoy the subtle pleasures of fruits & nuts! 

Because of this worldwide sensitization to sugar everything now needs it to be flavorful, to compete in the market. 

Be careful, read the labels, when in doubt don’t buy it.​​

Moving Forward: Extra Precautions

From now on I’ll be more ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​careful. I will ask people if their products have any sugar, and make it clear to the world I won’t eat sugar. 

When in doubt, I won’t buy it. Eating fresh fruits, nuts, veggies, and healthy meats is the way to go! ​​

Fortunately this diet is rather easy to embark on. Fruits & nuts are easily purchased and transported. ​​

Dinner shall now be eaten only at a restaurant I know to be healthy & safe. Sushi is also on the list- salmon is very healthy and tasty.

That’s it guys & girls. I got drugged. Sugar was added to a “fresh” drink and I felt horrible because of it. 

The “horrible” feeling lasted a couple hours, and is mainly gone. There is still some heaviness in the head. The pain in the mouth is persisting but should be gone within a day or two. 

Avoid sugar to be happy. It’s really that simple. 



​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​