On November 15, 2018 I’ll be leaving Sofia, Bulgaria onward to Bangkok, Thailand.

There are quite a few places I plan on visiting in Southeast Asia including but not limited to: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh  Phangan, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Singapore, and Saigon.

My goal is to create a new “home base” in my favorite destination, like how Sofia, Bulgaria is a “home base” to me right now.

Right now Bali is feeling like it’ll end up the new home base because of the abundant surfing opportunities. Who knows though, I never knew I’d end up in Bulgaria yet I love it here so maybe I’ll end up loving some unnamed place.

How Do I Feel About This? 

Actually, pretty terrified. Let me elaborate.

Traveling to Europe was exhilarating, and going to Bulgaria was super scary to be honest. I had no idea that they even spoke English everywhere here (though Bulgarian is customary).

Now that I’ve spent so much time in Bulgaria- almost a year now- I can speak some Bulgarian, and even read the Cyrillic alphabet. Ordering in Bulgarian is always exciting because I never could’ve imagined myself so easily speaking this language (I can’t really speak it, more-so just order & basic expressions).

I’ve made so many friends here, in Canada, across the USA, and across Europe that Europe has become a new comfort zone. I know how things work in the EU and I’m not afraid. It just is.

Even though every country is a “whole new culture” with a “whole new thing to see” it still feels all quite the same a bit.

You’d only understand what I mean if you traveled Europe for a year yourself. While the magic is still there in many places, I’ve noticed a big similarity across Europeans despite their differences in culture, history, and language.

I still want to explore several more countries in Europe, but the “newness” becomes a bit predictable. Despite there being so many “different countries,” the fact is that they’re still all the same in their own unique way.

Asia is completely new. I have no known friends in Asia, which is a bit scary too to be honest. I have created some very deep friendships here in Bulgaria. I will be all off on my own, with no idea on where to go or what to do.

The videos I’ve watched completely blow me away- the architecture is different, the streets are different, so much is just “different” in Asia!

Fellow travelers have reported similar differences per continent. For example, different U.S. states certainly have their differences but it’s still the USA. Europeans are still Europeans despite their differences (which are certainly greater than American states but still).

The fact that I’ll be in an entirely new culture, in an entirely new continent, with no friends at all, is definitely a bit scary!

That being said, I also feel exhilarated. It has been my dream to travel to Thailand & Bali for 2 years now and now it shall finally come true.

I know that there will be new growth, challenges, and opportunities- the unknown is scary but I trust everything will be alright.

I feel terrified, but more-so excited.  This is what I’ve wanted for so long now and I’m open to whatever may happen.

Why Am I Going?

It’s simple: it’s my dream and I know I’m going to grow and learn a lot. And, surfing??? Warm weather? Cheap countries? Other travelers & business masterminds???

Regrets Of Taking So Long…

The reason I took so long to go despite having the ability is because I had a “life” here in Bulgaria. I had an amazing girlfriend, deep friends, and I became comfortable with the way of life in Bulgaria; it felt like home.

A part of me regrets taking so long. It’s been more than 2 years since I’ve surfed in San Diego.

When an opportunity came when I was getting kicked out of Bulgaria, I opted to stay near Europe so me & my girlfriend could stay close to each other and potentially visit. Deep down I really wanted to go to Thailand…

Unfortunately that didn’t work out too well- she ended up not being able to visit me for 5 weeks, and I was stuck in an expensive country that I didn’t allow myself to enjoy fully.

Despite the mistake, it was a huge learning experience. The learning experience was this: follow your heart/intuition, even if it hurts. The heart knows best.

Following your dreams might sting at first but the “Universe” works in ways which can’t be described.

In the case of me opting to stay closer to my girlfriend, she ended up not being able to visit me during the first 5 weeks anyways… I felt devastated and like I wasted 5 weeks of my life (this isn’t her fault). I let myself fall into depression & wasted my time playing video games.

If I would’ve “followed my heart” to Southeast Asia when I was forced to leave Bulgaria the first time, then it would’ve definitely stung but she wouldn’t have been able to visit me anyways so I would’ve been much happier.

The Universe is strange like that. On a side-note, I’m reading a book called “Reality Transurfing” and a part of it is about weird stuff like this.

Your heart may tell you to do things that don’t necessarily make logical sense, but you must follow your heart. Learning to tell the difference between your heart/intuition vs. negative emotions is another story though.

If you follow your true heart’s desire, everything works out. The heart knows things that the mind cannot, in my case my heart knew that she wouldn’t be able to visit me for 5 weeks so it new I should’ve traveled to Southeast Asia otherwise I’d be miserable in another country.

Lesson Learned: Follow Your Heart 

And that’s also why I’m going to Southeast Asia now. My heart is telling me to.

Practicing “authenticity” and “following your heart” has been something I’ve tried to do recently, but it can be very difficult.

The universe works in strange ways which we can’t logically understand and… how could we? How could you explain to your cat that you must go to the supermarket to pick up food for it? The cat can’t understand, as we can’t understand the workings of the universe.

Take this example: You wish for a lifetime of good health from the Universe.

Then… you break your leg. You could curse at the universe because “my broken leg prevents me from being fully healthy,” but then maybe next month the military comes looking to recruit soldiers and they pass you by.

As a result, you don’t die in the war and get a lifetime of good health. Was the broken leg good or bad? You tell me.

The Universe works in the most direct way possible, but that isn’t the way the logical mind can understand. Sometimes the best path involves a little dirt, grime, n’ shit.

Anyways, I’ve gone off on all kinds of tangents here. My heart is telling me Thailand & Southeast Asia. It feels right despite being a new scary adventure. I feel excited to go.

What may happen I don’t know. Right now everything is on the table, and I’m open to it all.

I’m excited, scared, but mostly curious. This is the next chapter of my life. 

On November 15, 2018 I leave Europe for an indefinite period of time. Who knows where the adventure goes next..

Thoughts? Feelings? Let me know 🙂