I’m sitting here on the 24th of December, relaxing and letting my thoughts wander.

The past year has been crazy. I’ve made a business, started traveling the world, but none of that really matters. I’m focused on health right now.

My injuries still hurt and I’m not at full capacity yet. Some days are better than others, but in this moment I’m grateful for the fact that I’ve somehow been able to learn so much.

A lot of the therapies that helped were things that no one has heard of. Do you know what “epsom salt float pods” are? Probably not. But they’re enlightening.

The scary realization that just came to me is that there’s a whole lot of stuff we don’t even know we don’t know, in all aspects of life.

In regards to health, it would appear many “experts” are clueless to other treatments which are more effective than what they’re practicing! Even if they do hear of it, they don’t investigate & learn, and instead stubbornly dismiss it.

What a strange world we live in. I believe there are cures and miracles out there, but only for those that persistently search for them.

I have no trick to find these things which we don’t even know exist. I can only fantasize of a “one place” where all of these tricks exist.

It’s a lot easier to learn about something when you know you don’t know it than when you don’t know you don’t know it. For example, if you know Acupuncture is a therapy, but don’t know what it is, you can research it.

But what if you don’t know what it is, and it’s exactly what your body needs?

How do you find acupuncture, when you don’t even know exactly what to look for?

The only thing I could suggest here is to be alert, attentive, and aware at all times. Opportunity appears to be everywhere, except only hidden in between the atoms we can see.

I’ve nothing else to say or recommend. I wish I knew what I didn’t know, because all I know is that if my life’s trend continues there’s a whole lot more out there that could help me that I don’t know exists but I know I don’t know that it exists.

Do you know how to discover what you don’t know?

THAT would be nice to know…

Hit “reply” if you do 🙂