This E-mail is the last of a 3-part series where I send out forgotten messages. I will not be updating this message & keep in mind it is outdated. I think this was written 3-5 weeks ago. It would appear to be about different areas of my life but I will not be re-reading it before sending- yes, I’m lazy as fuck. Now enjoy:

Hey friend! It’s been a while. I’m currently in Sofia, Bulgaria, and loving life. I came with a horrible first impression, but ended up falling in love with things here (even though I do miss some things from the USA).

Between meeting awesome new friends and hopping on flights I’ve been a bit too busy to write- and just lazy if I’m being honest. 😛

The two messages I did write I didn’t send. I thought that I sent them, but realized I didn’t. I said I’d “do it later” and we all know that then it never happens…

Next thing I know I’m signing in to write this message, and realize that both of my previous two E-mails weren’t sent! LOL!

It happens..

So, let me give you a quick update on everything in my life. If you want, skip to the section(s) that most interest(s) you: Travel, Adventures in Sofia Bulgaria, Health, Changes in world-view, Finding Love, Wealth, Closing Thoughts


In the past 6 months, I’ve visited Montreal, plus some Canadian cities. I then went back to Phoenix for a short month. After Phoenix I hung out in London for 4 days, had a road-trip across Belgium, got very sick in Budapest, and accidentally ended up in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I may send the other message later- I wrote it on my first night in Sofia, Bulgaria, at 0200 or something like that. I originally was going to stay in Budapest for 3 months, but my apartment had horrible toxic mold! Between fighting AirBNB for a refund & laying in a random room sick all day, I randomly bought a flight to Sofia, Bulgaria.

My first impression of Sofia, Bulgaria was not the best. My AirBNB was in the not-so-best of areas, and taxi drivers… well taxi drivers are shit everywhere. I sometimes wonder if being a shitty, morally-questionable human being is part of the screening process for being a taxi driver!

Adventures in Sofia, Bulgaria

I spent my first week still recovering, and one night was feeling well so I went to the club. Needless to say I got to enjoy some amazing Bulgarian hospitality.

These guys know how to drink. Just search “Rakia.” Shit is powerful AF. At around two weeks in, I decided to give things one more week before deciding if I wanted to leave or stay.

Since then I’ve extended my stay all the way until February! I will be staying here in Sofia, Bulgaria for three months! All I needed were the right friends & right home- now I’m having a blast here.

I won’t go over specific stories or anything. I seriously need to start BLOGGING though because I’m seeing more and more just how fleeting every moment is. I’m having some amazing times and want to remember all of these adventures. If/when I do share these stories publicly, I’ll send it out more like a newsletter-style where you can pick & choose which stories to read based on their title. It’s like every other day is an adventure here!


I’m recovering from an injury last year and finally making lots of progress. I’ve already agreed to “The Universe” that as soon as I am functioning perfectly I’ll be releasing MANY YouTube videos giving away everything I’ve learned completely free-of-charge.

I estimate the final product will be 50-80 videos averaging 10-30 minutes in length. Don’t you dare believe the mainstream bullshit and “Big Pharma.” Pills are never the answer and problems are more easily solved than you would believe.

My philosophy has been this: in the late 60s Americans were able to put a fucking man on the moon, and repeat the process multiple times. We can split atoms. We can casually have men not die working in a space station dozens of miles above the Earth.

Yeah, don’t you dare tell me there’s “not a cure” Big Pharma. If more people were to come together, share information, and test ideas on themselves ethically, we could probably be 100% perfectly healthy 99.9% of the time, and eventually reach the point where we could live forever.

Most humans in this world are raised to be victims of their circumstances. The past couple years of my life have been some of the toughest health-wise. It’s like I’m fighting every challenge in the books- mentally and physically, yet every match I win. Where there’s a will there’s a way, and the only reason I had issues in the first place was because the United States of America is chronically unhealthy.

It’s kind of hard to stay healthy when companies are able to use drugs like sugar & high-fructose corn-syrup to keep you coming back because you’re hooked on something more deadly than cocaine, LSD, magic mushrooms, Kratom (an opiod), and marijuana combined. Good work FDA & DEA!

Changes in world-view

Even before I started world-travel, my view of the United States of America (and governments in general) were starting to deteriorate. I was raised a proud ‘Murican, and I can’t say I’m that same person.

I’m not saying that Bulgaria is any better of a country- I’m just saying that the level of corruption seen in most governments is pretty absurd.

For example, Kratom is a legal plant that has been shown to really help pain relief (it helped me tons), however it’s been linked to 36 deaths in the past decade. It also has addictive qualities if misused. As a result, the FDA & DEA are now trying to outlaw Kratom. The absurd part about this is that they allow pharmaceutical drugs like Tylenol to exist when they kill more per year than Kratom supposedly has ever!

Don’t get me started on methadone and other prescription painkillers that kill tens of thousands of pain patients per year..

My personal opinion at this point is not completely decided, but based on what I’ve observed and researched so far it seems that most politicians have good intentions, but they are being pressed on by evil pharmaceutical companies & lobbyists.

There are very few people in the world that are inherently evil, and even then they can probably “be fixed.” So I’m not saying let’s become anarchists or whatever, I’m just saying that we need to shake things up a bit to help people become better and prevent morally-questionable behavior in governments.

I mean, just think about it: hundreds of thousands of Americans die per year from alcohol, car accidents, prescription painkillers, and over-the-counter drugs. So why the hell is the DEA & FDA obsessed over a drug that supposedly killed 36 people? In business, we handle the most important tasks first for profit. In governments, they cater to the lobbyists first for profit.

I could be wrong on some of these stats/info, this is just a personal opinion that isn’t fully researched or developed yet! 

Finding Love

Traveling the world is a bit lonely if I do say so myself. I have many questions, and I am uncertain on how to live. Life is a bit trippy when you can consciously see how fleeting it is every month with a new geographical and cultural change.

Every month I feel like a completely new person, especially because my head is constantly stuffed with new, amazing memories. I go through the pain & happiness in a month what an average person goes through in a year.

So, love/friendships is a bit of a complicated situation. I’m not keen on settling into a home base just yet, but I’d be open to it if I felt it was the way. I’ve considered having multiple different home bases and having mini-vacations some weekends to destinations nearby too (ie. home base in Sofia, mini-vacation in Italy for three days then return to Sofia).

I really want to travel and see the world, and now I’d really like to share this experience with someone. So far I’ve been just putting myself out there, but no one really fancies me.

I’m completely clueless as to what I want and what I don’t want. I’m open to everything, we’ll see where thew world takes me. Quite honestly I haven’t had much experience in the whole world of dating anyways, so this openness is a good thing.

You’re raised to believe life is a certain way, and for most people it is that way. Everything gets a bit more complicated with travel. I want to go deeper with people, but I also want to travel.

There are certain questions I ponder, such as, “should I go deep with the people around me? Is it worth it to get into a serious relationship? If I find someone amazing, should I make Sofia my home base but still travel once a month/more? Will this special person be open to traveling the world with me? What about all of my friends- will we stay friends so I can return, or is ‘goodbye’ a “goodbye forever?”

Unless you’re traveling the world, you will not understand these questions. It’s a high-quality of a problem, but still a reasonable issue. I have satisfied my wanderlust, but I’ve yet to discover within myself what will satisfy me on a deep, spiritual level.

We will see- maybe short dates and goofing around is right for me, or maybe I’ll just have to keep trying to find someone who will travel with me, or maybe I’ll fall in love with a city and then be able to meet someone there.

I have no answers now so I’ll keep slowly seeking with an open mind. 🙂


You know, one reason why I love Bulgaria is that everything is CHEAP!!! I eat out at least 2 times per day, and it barely scratches the budget.

I’m making just enough money to be able to digital nomad London or almost any city in the world, but it would be stupid to go anywhere expensive at the moment. I started traveling without a savings account.

By starting off my world-adventures in the cheap places, I ensure that I have a 3-6 month savings net in the cities with stronger currency. I don’t want to count dimes like a broke backpacker, so cities like Bulgaria provide me the opportunity to live luxuriously at a fraction of the price.

You could easily make it in this city for $1,000 USD / Mo., and that’d be living nice. I have my budget set at $1,500 USD / Mo. My friend Jake came here, and his question was, “what the fuck are you doing to spend $1,500 USD / Mo.?”

Yep, I can’t even hit the budget. For me the only “luxuriously” thing I really enjoy is eating out, which isn’t that expensive. I’m doing a 30 days no-alcohol challenge so besides the occasional taxi ride food & accommodation are my only expenses.

SIM cards are like $5 USD for 3GB of data. A nice Chicken Fillet with [insert 1-2 sides here] will cost you $4-$6 USD. You can get Gyros for less than $2 USD each. A 30 minute taxi ride to the nearby mountain is $15-$20 USD one-way IF I’m paying alone. This expense is almost always split.

This month I’ll also be focused on starting up a new business in addition to my digital marketing services I offer. I want to build something with higher revenues and less time management. I’ve got some amazing ideas, and I’m excited to take action on them!

My main thing is that I don’t want to be a broke backpacker or someone who needs to count his coins. What is the point in traveling the world if you’re looking from the outside in at all of the bars, clubs, museums, and restaurants? Reddit groups like “Personal Finance” are great for getting started, but too often these groups turn into races to to the bottom.

Life shouldn’t be about how little you can survive on. Life should be about making as much as you could realistically want plus more for a fancy savings net. I love Eastern Europe, and the cheap-factor is a nice bonus. I’m saving thousands of dollars per month living an incredible lifestyle.

If you’re in need of work, or want to collaborate on a potential project together, hit “reply” and we *might* be able to do something!

Closing Thoughts

I’m super grateful to be able to travel the world, improve my health, and create the life that I want to live! Anything is possible and it’s really mind-blowing sometimes. I grew up not even knowing that you could travel the world, and now I’m living something I never could’ve dreamed of.

Two years ago I didn’t know what I wanted to go to “college” for. Now I’m all anti-college, fuck it all, travel the world and get rich online. Oooh, and destroy big pharma. And stay healthy. Bla bla blaaa, I’m a different person and it’s awesome!

My primary focuses in life are as follows:

1) Health. Healing myself and building strength, reducing pain, and creating perfect function in my body.

2) Relationships & fun. I want to get to know more about myself as I relate to women, and I’m open to wherever this takes me.


3) Finances. I want to continue to expand in the world of business, though it is my least priority. As long as there’s an excess of money coming in, preferably 2x my expenses, I will be happy. My goal is to not work hard but still build an awesome savings net, so that if I lose my income sources I can easily re-create them. I’ll be casually focusing on a new business soon, one that should help diversify my income, increase my income, and make it a hell of a lot more stable.

I plan on achieving all of this through powerful routines. Routines & habits are vital to success, and that’s the most important thing about my stay here in Sofia, Bulgaria. I want to have a morning routine, night routine, and in general a “success routine.” The importance of this is that it becomes easier to do over time, and as a result you can focus more conscious brain power on that which needs it more.

Life is amazing, and I’m going for it all. Health, wealth, love, and happiness. I don’t want to be saying “or.” I will have it all, and I’m loving the process of getting it all as well. Fulfillment is in the progression of life itself.

What is up in your life? I’m not just asking this, I’m geniuly curious. I read to & respond to 100% of the responses I get. Let me know what you think 🙂

Have a great day, from Bulgaria!!