Hey friends! I haven’t been writing so much recently and that’s because I just landed in Bali, Indonesia last week and it’s been a blast. 

I’ve also been really focused on upgrading my skill-set with Facebook Ads. 

The resolve has been made to become a true expert- someone who can get tons of leads for almost anyone at the lowest price possible. 

It’s been an exciting adventure filled with many ups/downs. Some days I got leads for my clients as low as $3 per lead, and I was filled with ecstasy… then the next we wasted $30 just for no leads and I crashed into the lows. 

As intense as I make that sound, I’m enjoying the whole process, and committing to excellence in something has brought me a lot of energy & purpose recently. 

If you haven’t committed to excellence in anything, then I’d highly recommend it. It really helps set your priorities, and it also guarantees future income. 

In my case I’m focusing only on giving value until my skills are top notch. Financially I’m good now, so minus well sign on some free clients and bring them exceptional results before charging anyone. 

If you or anyone you know is in need of Facebook Ads, NOW is your one chance to leverage my services free-of-charge. 

Normally I charge thousands of dollars per month to sign on a client, and I’m very picky with the clients I bring on. 

However now that I am obsessed with becoming an expert marketer, I’m taking on as many clients as possible in order to upgrade my skills to that next level. 

Eventually I will charge you (or whoever you refer), but only when exceptional results are first being delivered. Give value first, cash in later. That’s what I’m doing. 

Think you (or someone you know) needs Facebook Ads? Hit reply right now to this Email and let me help! 

It feels great to focus more on giving, and it’s making me also incredibly passionate about business. My focus these days are to make other people money, and once I perfect that process, I’ll be making a fair amount myself, too.