It’s been a few hours since I’ve landed back in Montreal, and the magic is still here!

In fact, it’s so amazing it doesn’t even matter that it’s freezing cold and snow everywhere…

As if the “Universe” is rewarding me for an authentic decision, everything feels as though it is falling in place. Here are some things which have happened since arriving:

First, I noticed some calls from a friend in Cyprus. I thought this was very strange and was concerned that everything is alright.

We ended up having a very long (almost 1.5 hours) phone call that went deep about relationships, my ex, his family, and more.

It made me realize some things about my last relationship which I think will help me to move on from the heart break. Even though I was the one who initially broke it off, I felt a lot of guilt & sadness and still missed her. Idealizing her has been a problem of mine, and I really just wanted us to come back together. The truth is that won’t unfortunately happen, until she makes some changes.

I realized something huge: that maybe getting “kicked out of Bulgaria,” the signature event which “started the downward spiral,” was actually maybe a blessing in disguise…

My life got crazy indeed, and I didn’t react to it the best, however now I realize that I was missing the blessings because I wasn’t in a positive frame of mind.

Boundaries were crossed during the craziness, and I began to not feel truly cared for. After the call with my friend, I now realized that everything that happened was GREAT because it made me grow a lot as a person, and also eventually leave the relationship, which was a bit more one-sided than I would’ve liked.

Had I stayed, I would’ve no doubt fallen deeper and deeper in love, and it would’ve been harder to leave. Who knows, maybe everything would’ve worked out perfectly, all I know is how it did turn out, and how we choose to view it is our own choice.

I now feel that perhaps soulmates DO exist, but not in the sense of you two being destined to be together forever. You still have to be mature enough. We each have to grow as people first, as we weren’t prepared for the craziness and I saw a side of her when I left Bulgaria which really hurt.

Anyways, I just thought it was odd that my friend from CYPRUS decided to call me NOW, without even realizing that I was traveling to Montreal. This was the first coincidence.

After our call, I went to Schwartz’s, the #1 world’s best smoked meat restaurant in the world! I am not kidding on this, they literally ship their meat world-wide because of how famous it is.

I sat down, and recognized two of the workers there instantly. They had served me almost 2 years ago when I was here, and also July of 2018 when I was here.

A cool guy was sitting next to me, and we started a nice conversation while enjoying our sandwiches. After eating, we parted ways.

After the amazing experience at Schwartz’s with meeting new people & seeing familiar faces, I went to a restaurant/bar to get some famous Canadian poutine.

Something about me: I don’t feel like I’m truly “in” a place until I’ve tasted the local food! Tasting that delicious smoked meat sandwich & poutine really helped set it in that “I am in Montreal!!!”

On the way to the restaurant/bar, I noticed a yoga place. Literally as I left Schwartz’s I was thinking that I wanted to find a good, affordable, English yoga studio to keep my yoga practice up at.

Boom, found it. They teach in English (not French), they’re in a great location, and have a variety of classes- and, they’re cheap AF (new sign-up)! I didn’t purchase the membership just yet in case I find another place closer to where I’ll be staying with my friend. If I don’t, this is now sorted out- woohoo!

Now in the bar-restaurant thing, I ate some delicious poutine. I looked around me and saw that there were mainly just beautiful girls, and not so many guys. Montreal has some gorgeous girls.

Some of the girls were laughing and cheering at the bar, so I figured it was some party or something.

The bartender then came over to me and tapped on a shot glass that was secretly placed in front of me! Shots, on the house, for everyone!

Together all of us at the bar took a shot, we all smiled, and I continued eating my delicious poutine. Oooh yeaaah.

This is Montreal, an epic city. I haven’t even met my friends yet and everything is going right!

Like always, this is going to be an awesome stay… (: