I made a promise to the universe I’m not aloud to back down from. 

This promise was made during the hardest period of my whole life. I was dealing with physical pain only few can imagine. I was abandoned by those I loved, and ready to end it all.

Did you know I was on a bridge, actually considering it? 

I told myself, “we’ll get it a few years and see how this plays out.” 

Things have significantly improved. I have an amazing girlfriend, true friends, and a much more vital body. 

While on the ground, ready to give up, I made a promise to the universe:

“If you can give me one day free of physical pain, I will create 30-50 YouTube videos sharing my story to help others recover too.” 

Chronic pain is not something to be fucked with. It drives your mind insane. 

On day 0, you give it a month. Then another month. Then another. Then another. Then another. Then another. Then another. Then another. Then. Another. Fucking. Month.

You begin to feel like it’s a demon inside of you. You feel cursed. You feel trapped. You feel hopeless. Life with pain is no joke.

Well, I’m finally coming out now. This victory has changed me beyond recognition. 

Alas, I must keep my promise. This VIDEO briefly covers my story, and how I made this promise to the universe. 

I have a promise to keep…


Hard link: https://youtu.be/ESAhsl5CX3k