I made a mistake: I got comfortable.

Money? Check
World travel plans? Check
Health? Getting there

I felt like it was all coming together. My headaches finally going away, and the money pouring in. I was doing more and more. Things were finally coming together until…

He texted me: “Mike, I’m having a family emergency. All projects will have to be canceled for two months.” And just like that, I lost a client and didn’t even get paid for the work I already did!

He went off the radar, and no matter how many times I send the Invoice, he doesn’t pay it. He won’t, because I’m in Arizona and he’s in New York. He owes me for the first part of this month and a no-warning-cancellation-fee.

Within 2 hours, I lost another client- my other biggest paying one. This was also for reasons out of my control. Just like that, within 2 hours my income projections changed DRASTICALLY for the month of June.

This game of life is unpredictable. I got cozy. I stopped searching for new clients for a whole month, so when I lost clients this month, it kinda sucked.

The game of life is also unfair. I am owed money, but I’ll probably never collect on it. Going to court would be way too expensive, same for handing the case over to a collections agency.

After a day of just allowing myself to chill out and “feel down,” I’ve realized something: life is unpredictable, and we can complain about it, or we can prepare for it.

It’s totally wrong that clients do this. It’s violating the LEGAL contract, basic morals/ethics, and causing extra work on my end. My plans are continuously being adapted because of it!

However we could sit here and complain about that, or we can prepare for it. I’ve chosen to prepare for it. I’ve learned that you’ve always gotta be hunting, and you can NEVER get comfortable- especially when you’re still in the start-up phase.

You’re either progressing, or you’re degenerating. There is no such thing as being in one place. Life is moving. Up or down, yet never still. I’ve learned I must continuously find processes for acquiring new clients, and to never get comfortable with my current draw.

For me it took two hours. For an employee, it takes two words: “You’re fired.” I will mention though, that I’m certainly grateful for that I run my own business. Better to lose 80% of the income rather than 100%!

It won’t be a problem. I already have prospects lined up and meetings planned. I’m grateful for this experience because now I’ll never halt for too soon.

Get better or get bitter. Move up, or fall down.

Are you growing, or are you dying?

Let me know.