Caffeine has been a crutch for many in today’s modern, busy world. Many people don’t realize just how much too much caffeine can negative affect your energy. Since quitting regular coffee, I’ve noticed huge benefits in my life.

My energy & sleep quality have improved for starters, but there is one counter-intuitive reason you need to quit coffee today.

Notice how I said “quitting regular coffee,” but I never said “quit coffee.” Caffeine is a drug, a tool, which has its benefits if used wisely.

Why You Need To Quit Caffeine

Have you ever traveled & got jet lagged, slept horribly, or needed a little extra motivation for completing some work tasks?

Who doesn’t love a good ole’ dose o’ caffeine?

I don’t normally endorse the use of drugs as pick-me-ups, but when your financial security (or happiness) is at risk, you sometimes need a little boost to succeed.

For example, I recently flew from Cyprus to Poland. I had to wake up at 0520 AM in order to catch my super early flight.

Because I was eating right I had lots of energy, but what if I was tired? A little coffee upon landing in Poland would guarantee that I can stay up and safely find my way to the AirBNB.

If I was worried I would be too groggy to get to the airport, I could’ve easily prepared an iced coffee to drink as soon as I wake up.

Leverage Caffeine Wisely

Caffeine is a tool which you can use to enhance the quality of your life, when it is actually needed. The problem with people is that they’re drinking it to wake up every single day.

When you drink caffeine too often, you build what a “tolerance” to caffeine. This reduces the benefits of each glass of caffeine so that you need more to achieve the same result.

If you quit caffeine, you can then leverage it wisely. Shit happens in life sometimes, and having the extra support of caffeine could be what it takes to ensure success.

In my example of my early morning flight, having regularly consumed caffeine would’ve messed up my sleep quality, and a dose of caffeine in the morning would’ve prevented me from reaping as much benefits.

I’d be much more likely to fall back asleep and not get anything done.

Thankfully I didn’t have to work that day, so I could relax and be tired. What if I had a sales call though, or needed to meet an important deadline?

I wouldn’t dare work groggy, and downing 3 glasses of caffeine is not wise (or healthy).

It’s much better to not drink coffee. You can increase your energy naturally, and save the caffeine for when you absolutely need it.

That’s it. One counter-intuitive reason you should quit caffeine. What do you think?