Some mornings, I wake up and I swear I’m like a literal zombie. Ok, I’m lying, that’s almost every morning these days.

I feel like I’m Batman in “The Dark Night Rises.” In this epic scene, batman is a prisoner. He is weakened and beaten down as his city is torn apart by bad guys.

In order to escape, he must climb a wall & “make the leap.” There is a safety rope he could wear, however what he soon discovers is that the safety rope prevents him from making the jump completely- the rope is too short!

Batman will have to make the jump without a safety net. There is a good chance he will die, but if he doesn’t make the jump, he will die after living the rest of his life in the prison, and hearing of his city coming to ruins.

Odds are, there’s some point in your life you’ve mentally felt like that as well. It’s a challenge all humans have to go through.

A Dance of Desires

It is like there are two desires in you: one to lay down, give up, and give in.

The other wishes to climb out, be something great, follow your dream, pursue your own calling.

Something I’ve learned recently is that no one single task in this world is actually hard. Building a multi-million dollar business isn’t that hard in terms of actions. There are countless millionaires who will gladly teach you how to do it, often free-of-charge.

Working out isn’t that hard either. You lift weights. Practice yoga. Run.

Dating isn’t so hard either. You approach girls (or guys?). You ask them out. You get rejected sometimes, but then some like you, then you connect deeply with someone, and viola! You have a boyfriend/girlfriend.

The problem is always that internal fight. There is a dance of desires, one emotion dragging you down, and the other quiet voice saying “we can be more…”

Resurrection: Awakening

The hard part with anything is overcoming that internal battle. You have to choose every day which desire wins the dance, until it becomes automatic and then easy.

This is of course much easier said than done. Every morning I wake up I’m like, “fuckkkkkk, here we go,” knowing that I’ll be working all day, working out, meditating, forcing myself out to meet people and not be a hermit, the likes of that.

My recent (or now not-so-recent, but still clawing into me) break-up has really devastated me & my sense of reality. We were so close! Doing things alone 3 months later is still so strange…

There have been other stressors as well which I won’t get into.

The point is that this big emotional challenge is literally like climbing out of a prison, day after day after day.

Sometimes I get a bit further out. Sometimes I collapse. Sometimes I make it out for a couple of hours, just to be sucked back in from the safety net.

Letting Go

I won’t share with you what it is, but I must confess I haven’t let go completely yet. I’m still holding onto my safety net.

I’m not going “all out” for business. I’m not going “all out” with meeting people. I’m not “all in” for anything just yet, but I’m making progress every day.

Like Batman in the Dark Night Rises, I’m training. I’m doing my push-ups. I’m scaling the wall. I’m practicing the jump. I’m getting little tastes of sunshine, seeing the “other side.”

These moments are so enlightening. Everything feels so light & free. I feel like myself, at least for a moment, before the claws start dragging me back down.

But it’s happening. Inspiration is returning. Motivation is back. I’m remembering who I am, and taking care of myself.

I’m remembering that there is a world filled with infinite possibility; that I can choose success, it is there for me to take (and you too!) but I’ve just gotta put forth the steps to claim it as mine.

Rising Up

And in letting go & rising up, I feel myself free again. Soon I shall take that leap, let go of my safety net, and go “all in” again. I shall engage with life completely. I already am playing this dance more and more each day.

All it takes is action. Whatever desire you have in life, action is the energetic transmute which brings it to life.

Believe it or not, whatever you wish to have is already there, you just have to reach out and claim it for yourself. I know this to be true. Why is it so scary to reach out and grab?

I don’t know man, I don’t know anything about what’s really going on with this whole “life on Earth” stuff.

I just know that it feels like I’m in a prison, but Goddamnit I’m climbing out a little day by day and I hope you are too.

Winds of Fortune

In doing so, things are “magically coming together.” This month may have been my best month ever in business, and it doesn’t make sense. I don’t understand. But fuck man, it’s happening.

After all of my sad posts (staying true to what I felt rather than lying about a positive life), the winds of fortune is coming. I can smell it. It’s asking me to let go of my safety rope and take the leap once again into the world. I

It’s asking me to work harder. Meet more people. Manifest things. Create a life, rather than let life happen to me. Most of all…

I’m being asked to believe in myself once again. 

Which is scary, easier said than done, and no doubt a step up from my recent slump. It’s the next step though..


My biggest value in life is freedom. It’s why I’m an internet entrepreneur.

Everything I do comes down to my inherent desire to be as free as possible, whether it be in terms of location, money, lifestyle, whatever. I don’t like restrictions or being told what to do. I want to be free to choose to live as I desire.

The greatest irony is that I have indeed been free all along. There were no such demons or enemies which hunted me down, the only one holding me back was myself; I became my own prison.

I think we’re all a bit like Batman from the Dark Night Rises. We place walls & barriers called “fear” in between that which we truly desire but feels out of reach, when it’s really just there- you’ve gotta let go of the safety net because the jump is easier to make without it.

I said once that I felt like a dull knife, but now I am “sharpening the knife” once again. I am returning to “the edge.” I am growing. I am resurrecting.

What prison have you placed yourself in?