Everything I’ve ever deeply desired… I’ve gotten.

Online business & world travel? Check. Girlfriend? Check.

Whatever I kept sustained focus on always came… of course it took a bit more time.

The hard part is of course sustaining focus for a long enough period of time. Some people may discover that they don’t truly want XYZ (money/girls/whatever).

In the book “Reality Transurfing Steps I-V,” the author explains reality as though like a dream except a bit thicker.

If you are lucid that you are dreaming, then you can take charge of the dream. Want to fly? Boom. Want sex? Boom. Want anything? Clap your hands and it’s yours instantly.

Reality is a bit delayed… but I see the concept as being true in this reality too.

The winds of manifestation are much faster in the dream realm. In the physical realm, we can explain-away our manifestations as creations of XYZ, but you’d be lying if you said you could perfectly understand reality & success & everything completely.

I’m not presenting a woo-woo spiritual concept here that is anti-science; instead science can perhaps in a way validate what is described by “law of attraction” authors.

You might be quick to say it’s crazy, but shit gets weird at really big (black holes) and really small (quantum) levels.

For example, our current technology is approaching a too-small limit. You can research this for yourself (link) but here’s what I’ve learned:

Our tech is becoming too small to work. When things get as small as our current tech is, quantum particles (namely protons) can teleport through things for no other reason than it wants to.

This is not woo-woo but instead measured science.

There’s also the double slit experiment in which quantum particles change their behavior based on whether or not they’re being observed.

Some people think this means we live in some type of matrix reality or simulation. I disagree.

I think we have a “physical world” and a “spiritual world.” We, at the same time, live forever but also die. There is a metaphysical, and a physical.

Everything has a yin and a yang. Good emotions, bad emotions. Man, woman. Above & below. Life, death. Perhaps there is physical, metaphysical?

So back to where I was initially: setting intentions.

Everything I’ve ever wanted, for one reason or another, has came to me.

And by want, I don’t mean just casually or whatever. I mean that I actually took massive action, focused daily on it, etc… it always came.

Perhaps this can all be explained in terms of physical, such as the brain’s reticular activation system. The purpose of that part of the brain is to sort information in reality based on your beliefs. If you believe there is abundance, your brain will reveal opportunity & prosperity to you.

But, as mentioned earlier, no single human or as far as I know entity can understand the entire complexity of the Universe & reality itself.

I mean, just try explain your work day to your cat or dog. Watch the expression on their face. They don’t fucking understand.

So there are things “above our pay level” which we can no doubt never understand. Perhaps some machine we invent will understand it, but it’s unlikely even the machine will be able to communicate it to us.

All I know is that sustained focus tends to bring me results in life.

For more information, I’d recommend reading “The Science of Getting Rich” or “Reality Transurfing: Steps I-V” (not affiliate links).

While we may not ever be able to deeply comprehend the strangeness of our Universe, perhaps we can leverage parts of it for our own desires.

That is all I propose here.

In fact, we probably don’t even need to understand it all. The dog doesn’t need to understand where its dog food comes from, but cares only that it’s there.

We as humans may wish to understand a bit more, but perhaps all we really need to know is to have what we want.

I can’t say I’m an expert in that, except that anything I’ve focused on & taken massive action despite struggle (persistence) has always arrived.

I make no claim that this is truth or that I know any secrets about reality.

This is just my experience, and I guess neither of us can fully have the truth can we?

Just some thoughts to chew on for a bit…