Sometimes the world throws you curve-balls you could’ve never expected.

You think the storm is over, when really you’re just in the eye of the hurricane… it’s only halfway finished.

What footing you thought you had is now gone; you are suspended in air, falling, grasping, begging, and lost.

Sometimes, the right thing is to slow down, not speed up.

It’s the easy way out to get lost in routines and duties. Hustling all day doesn’t make you special, but in fact someone afraid to confront their own true feelings that arise in the seconds between distraction.

Sometimes the answers are right there inside of you, in that little nagging voice you drown away with vodka.

Lighting it up with weed helps not either. Unlike thoughts, this feeling cannot be medicated.

In the push to move forward, you forget that the brakes work no longer; you are stuck in inertia, moving forward, with only the wind to stop you.

When you let go, and realize that the brakes have broke, it is only natural to feel afraid.

What most do is press harder on the gas, for then at least they feel they have control.

Going so fast, they cannot look left or right, otherwise they will crash! The beauty and opportunities fade as the speed rages on.

Don’t you see that pushing on keeps you trapped in the cycle of no control?

By letting go of control, releasing the gas, one day your inertia-filled vehicle will rest, and you’ll be free to step out and bask in the beauty of now. Only then will you possess control.

Only then will you see how fast you were falling forward. Only then will things make sense.

Only then will you see what was yours all along.

Only then will you laugh at others who rush forward so fast they miss the celebration at the bonfire on the side of the never-ending racetrack.

You never wanted to go so fast anyways; you wanted to go fast to get “there,” so you sped farther away from “there” to get “here.”

Let go, slow down, and celebrate. You have arrived.