Literally just 2 minutes ago I met a Bulgarian & a German working together on an interesting online project.

We met in one of my favorite coffee shops, where the owner & employees know me well and often treat me to free things.

The German guy has a contact in Thailand whom he can refer me to, so that I already have a social circle in Thailand when I arrive (I’m flying to Thailand in 2 weeks).

Sounds epic, right? The thing is, these types of happenings are not uncommon in Bulgaria.

Sofia, Bulgaria is endless paradise & absolutely perfect for social life.

The Social Life in Sofia 

It seems that once every 3-4 days I’m meeting new people by chance, and they always seem to know someone that I know.

The German guy I just met knows one of my German friends here, and they met also by chance in our favorite bar.

These things sound epic but they happen quite often… making Bulgaria an endless paradise.

Just yesterday I had fun hanging out with a long-time Bulgarian friend, and as I walked home I met 2 more friends walking down the street.

I spontaneously decided to hangout with them, and met a third person (a Greek guy) and we had fun last night.

A few days ago a Bulgarian friend announced he got a new job, and I recognized the name of the coffee shop he works at. My dual American/Bulgarian friend regularly goes there, and I also know the owner of the coffee shop.

My friend of course knew the owner, and he recognized the photo of my other friend that regularly goes to the coffee shop.

Sofia, Bulgaria is just wild. I don’t know if it’s just that I’ve developed a very large social circle & an open attitude to meeting people and that’s snowballing for me, or if the magic is truly in Sofia.

Every day I go to my favorite coffee shop (not the one I met the German & Bulgarian just now) and everyone that works there knows me. I regularly practice my Bulgarian with the owner.

I also know all kinds of other expats that get online laptop work done in the coffee shop, and meet several more often.

I’ve met Greeks, Ukranians, Americans, Bulgarians, Danes, and many more that I’ll leave it for sake of reading!

Bulgaria has its beauties & charms, but also its downsides: you live here for the social life, not for much else.

Endless Paradise

The cost of apartments, goods, and services here in Bulgaria are 1/2 or even 1/4 the cost in the USA & other Western countries.

For someone like me that makes USD via online work, staying in Bulgaria has some massive perks.

I don’t have to have a million dollars to live a million dollar lifestyle here!

The restaurants are amazing, with a wide range of almost everything (except Mexican unfortunately).

There are some very unique bars & hangout places which you can’t find anywhere else in the entire world.

The city is also very walk-able if you’re living in the center like me (and those that live outside the center report the same), so you’re always bound to meet acquaintances & friends on the streets and you’re also a 10-15 minute walk from just about everything.

Whether you want to go to one of the many beautiful parks, get a wonderful massage, eat delicious food, go to a bar, grab a coffee, or anything it’s probably within a 15 minute transport.

You NEED To Visit Bulgaria

If all of this hasn’t convinced you, then I don’t know what will.

Sofia is a city that has everything for everyone. It has the benefits of a large city (such as being able to meet new people & find new social circles) but also the benefits of a smaller city (you can meet friends on the streets & it’s very walk-able).

People are often shocked when they hear that I love Sofia and it’s my current favorite city in the world.

In fact, it sounds crazy to me sometimes also. I remember my first day- I was walking around in shock, terrified to order at restaurants because it was impossible for me to read the Bulgarian alphabet (note: the Bulgarians invented the “Russian” alphabet, never call it the Russian alphabet because Bulgarians invented it first).

I feel very grateful to have experienced many magical things in the past year of living in this city.

Sofia has provided me with the social life I could’ve only dreamed of, love, delicious food, great accommodation, and so much more.

Leaving Paradise…

But I’m leaving soon. On November 15, 2018 I shall travel onward to Bangkok, Thailand.

It has been my dream to live in Southeast Asia for quite some time now, and now is the best time to fulfill this ultimate dream.

Will it be better or worse? I can’t say.

All I can say is that I’m excited, and based on what I’ve heard it’ll be equally if not more amazing than here. The only way to know is to go and give it my all.

Who knows what will happen.

All I can say is that if you have the ability or chance, take a vacation/short stay to Bulgaria. I’m sure you will be impressed for what it has to offer.

I am infinitely grateful for the experiences I’ve had here, and Bulgaria will always feel like home in a funny way (this sounds very weird coming from my Omaha, Nebraska ‘murican background).

And.. the journey continues..