Are you putting off your hopes & dreams? Do you need to ask that one person out, but hesitate every time you see them?

Stop it. I’ve traveled to about 10 countries now, and any regrets I’ve ever had could be summed up into one problem: too much dabbling.

For example, I wanted to learn Bulgarian, but I was lazy & dabbling all of the time. I could’ve easily left Bulgaria able to speak more than conversationally, but I never made the commitment to spend even one hour per day on learning Bulgarian.

I’ve never regretted taking massive action, even when I’ve failed completely. You can at least reward yourself for going all in for something.

Speaking of “all in,” it was actually my 4th lesson on my first magic mushrooms experience. Click HERE to read about it now.

Anyways, today’s video is all about taking massive action, and more specifically NOT DABBLING with the things you really want to do.

It’s okay to fail, and it’s okay to end up not liking something. It is NOT okay to dabble, and never know because you didn’t go “all in.”

Check out my new video “Stop Dabbling & Start DOING SH*T” by clicking HERE now!

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