There are 3 keys you need in order to live life fully. Most people have an abundance of one, a scarcity of another, and an average amount of the last.

Obtaining all 3 keys is critical to living life fully. Here’s how to do it.

Key #1: Money 

Only the poor say that money can’t buy happiness. As someone who just paid $46 to go on an epic jet ski ride, I disagree. Money can buy happiness.

Money can also buy security. Find someone living paycheck to paycheck and tell me they’re truly happy. Nope, they’re probably worried about the next paycheck or utility bills.

Finally, money can purchase health. Healthy food is generally more expensive than fast food, and doctors don’t work for free.

Even in countries with “free” healthcare (as if such a thing exists), there is always a cost. For example, countries with free healthcare generally have insanely long wait times. If you want to get treated now by a quality doctor, you gotta pay up!

Money is widely misunderstood by society. Money is simply a tool to measure & exchange value.

When you get an $8.5 / hour job, you say that the $8.50 you make is more valuable than the hour that you spend. When you buy a phone, you agree that the $600 is worth less than the value the phone provides.

You produce money by generating value in the form of products or services. If you make a car, I’ll pay you to give it to me so I can save time & energy in transportation. If you give me a massage, I’ll pay you for the relaxation & pleasure it gives me.

There are some things which money can’t buy, such as pure love. But let me tell you, money buys a damn lot of amazing things.

Stop kidding yourself. You want money, everyone wants money, and yes it would make you happier.

Money allows you to buy products & services that will enhance your life. Figure out how to make it (by giving value to society), and society will give value to you in the form of money so that you can purchase things which enhance your life.

Key #2: Time

Time is so important and under-valued. People will waste hours trying to save a buck.

The difference between money & time is that you can always make more money, but time is an non-renewable resource.

When your time is up, it’s up. You will never be younger, so invest your time wisely.

An example of leveraging time is in learning a skill which allows you to make more money per hour.

Would you rather work 60 hours a week, or make 2x more money per hour working the same hours?

Be very careful with how you spend your time. You can’t make time back, so don’t waste it on people, things, and experiences which don’t bring you fulfillment.

One strategy that rich people use is they learn how to make money, then they “buy back” time by hiring employees.

For example, they make an average of $60 per hour with their business, then they employ someone for $10 per hour to work for them.

They get to keep $50 per hour, and have free time.

For everyone, it’s very important to figure out how you can save time. For example, anyone not working a minimum wage job should pay someone to do extensive cleaning for their apartment.

If the cost per hour of someone cleaning the apartment is less than the money per hour you make working, then it’s a no-brainer: you should hire someone to clean the apartment, then work another hour, then keep the extra cash!

Don’t think solely in terms of money. Think in terms of money & time.

One final example is theme parks. At “Islands of Adventures & Universal Studios” in Orlando, Florida you can pay something like $40 more for a “VIP” pass.

Most people don’t. Why though? The amount of time you say by purchasing the VIP pass allows you to ride 10x more than if you don’t purchase it, which makes the purchase more than worth it!

Key #3: Energy

What is the purpose to having all the time & money in the world, if you have no energy to enjoy it?

Not all time/money combinations are created equally.

Would you rather work 40 hours per week in hard labor, or 40 hours per week at a relaxed bank?

The former will suck up significantly more energy than the latter. When each person gets off of work, the banker will have more energy for his free time than the hard labor working will.

Time and money are both important, but so is the energy required and the energy that you have to enjoy your time & money.

Mastering The 3 Keys

Mastering the 3 keys does not instantly guarantee life satisfaction. You can make a lot of money working 4 hours per week with lots of energy in your free time but still be miserable & lonely.

However, mastering the 3 keys gives you a platform to better enjoy your life instead of someone that is exhausted working 60 hours a week on minimum wage.

If you lack in one of the 3 keys, your life is bound to suffer in some way.

You can of course find a way to be happy lacking one of the three, but it’s a lot harder.

Do not get obsessed with money, time, or energy. Be obsessed with all three.

These 3 keys, when properly in place, guarantee you the opportunity to be a lot happier than someone that doesn’t have these three keys.

To recap, you first need money to pay bills, get amazing healthcare, buy sustenance, and purchase other things that enhance your life or please you.

Again, my jet-ski ride was fucking awesome. You can fuck off if you don’t think money can buy some degree of enjoyment through experience.

Second, you need time to enjoy life & go for what’s important to you. Too many rich entrepreneurs have money, but they don’t have any resemblance of pleasure in their life because they work 80 hours per week for their money.

Finally, you need the energy to enjoy life. You can have money and time, but if you lack energy then what’s the point?

By getting all three keys, you don’t guarantee fulfillment, but you’re so much closer than everyone else.

Go get it!