Capitalism. Damn Capitalism. Fuck those evil businessmen at the top, right?

As many in the Western World would like you to believe, “jobs” are “scarce” & they never seem to be enough.

But there’s a secret. There’s a hidden truth to the job market that, when realized, will allow you to get more than you could’ve ever imagined…

Market-Driven Products = Market-Driven Jobs

Despite socialism & communism having failed miserably around the world time & time again, many people like the idea of it.

That’s because these concepts focus on the jobs, rather than the goods these jobs provide.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying capitalism is perfect.

For example, many of the masses are not interested in health cures but instead pills. As a result, people searching for cures will struggle harder in health because pills are everywhere- it’s what the masses want!

More times than the alternatives, capitalism works because the market gets exactly what they want. 

As a result, job demands fluctuate, as market demand fluctuate.

Controlling Jobs Is Impossible

Those against capitalism make it out to be this evil, 1% type of thing. They act like those with jobs are slaves at mercy to their masters- the Top 1%. 

Guaranteeing jobs simply does not work. You can give everyone in the world a job, but there must be someone to “change” the jobs to fit new market demands.

I won’t go too much into detail in this, but it’s focusing on the wrong side of things.

What happens when people stop wanting the iPhone, and want an Android?

If people making iPhones are still paid despite not selling, the market is bound to collapse!

If a new business can’t open to make Androids, and people are forced to make iPhones, people are bound to not be happy.

This is a very over-simplified example. If you need more, hit “reply.”

One can simply not guarantee income by controlling jobs. Don’t even try.

Capitalism: The 1% vs. Government: The .1%

This section is unnecessary. Skip it if you want the practical advice.

Political Michael just wants to mention that government-controlled businesses are a joke.

While anti-capitalist kids run around screaming at the 1%, they act like the government is actually going to do a better job.

Right, instead of “the mysterious 1%,” let’s give control to the .1% , whom will have even more financial motivation for corruption, and are the fucking government, so breaking morals has no repercussions at all whatsoever.

Please. Don’t trust governments. I’m not anti-government and pro-anarchy, but a look at history will reveal that governments with too much control always fail. 

You see, free markets (with regulations of course!!!) are tremendously more difficult to explain than “give everyone a job and equal pay.” The latter is simple & sounds great.

That’s why “bad ideas” explode. The truth about economics is complex, and I won’t debate anyone that hasn’t had their own small business (hint: all small business owners know this secret that you don’t so of course they’re pro capitalism).

The “Other Side” of the Market

So, we know that capitalism works by allowing the market to work on its own.

All anti-capitalist advocates act like workers are at mercy to their slave-owners: the businessman. This is bullshit. 

The #1 secret to jobs, that only 1% of people know, is that there is a job market too. 

You might be going, “DUH!” But have you ever really considered this statement?


The beauty about jobs is they work just like products. If you don’t want an iPhone, you can buy an Android.

The same is true for jobs! Don’t like your job? Go find another.

When I got my first job at 16, I went door-to-door to every business within a certain radius of my home and asked for an application.

When I wanted to work at a bank, I put on a suit and did the same thing. Within the hour I had an immediate interview, and was later hired for the easiest, most ridiculous job of my whole life (but that’s a story for another day xD).

If you don’t like making “the man” rich, STOP MAKING THE MAN RICH AND QUIT! 

A business works because it does two things:

1) Supplies products that are in-demand to the market

2) Sources labor for a price workers are accepting of

Let’s say there are two restaurants side by side. Restaurant A hires labor at $8/Hr. Restaurant B hires labor at $12/Hr.

You as an employee are not limited to Restaurant A. Anti-capitalists do not seem to understand this.

If you don’t like the working conditions at Restaurant A, go to Restaurant B.

There is always a business willing to pay better for better quality employees. 

You ARE a Business

You have to see yourself as a business. You give value for a certain price per hour, or per X value delivered.

If you aren’t getting compensated for value delivered, you will have no problem getting another job.

If you want more money, you can deliver more value to become worth this money, or find a better-paying job.

The “1%” understand this better than anyone else.

The real world is not so tough or scary as it sounds. And quite frankly, no matter your views on politics, this is how the world works. 

If you aren’t 100% satisfied, find an employer that will treat you better. Hint: Employers compete for employees just like businesses compete for customers.

In the above scenario, it’s likely that Restaurant A will struggle to hire labor. Restaurant B will take all the good employees!

Finding a Better Job

The key to finding work is… to look for it.

I’ve never met someone without a job that has submitted 100 job applications.

I often heard in High School about how hard it was to find jobs. I laughed, knowing of several small businesses that needed help.

The thing is, you have to view yourself as having value. It’s better to have 10 job interviews than one.

You should be scoping out jobs, and see who will offer you the best deal. Too many people submit 5 applications, and go for the single job they were offered.

While working, you should play the field completely before settling.

In Phoenix, I got my first job within 1 week of searching. Again, I went door-to-door.

I found a restaurant that was opening at another location. He asked me if I wanted to help them with opening the restaurant.

I said, “hell yes!” I started working in a few days in a restaurant that still had a month to be opened.

Later this job ended up being shitty. They over-worked me and didn’t pay me what I thought I was worth.

Guess what I did? I certainly didn’t stay, and validate their abusive, over-working of employees tendency. Nope, they lost a good employee. 

So I grabbed my nicest suit, went door-to-door to banks, and was yet again met with an instant interview.

With finding digital marketing clients, I did all kinds of crazy stuff to get people’s attention and try sell them, including free work. 

It’s really not that hard. You have to get yourself out in front of other people thought.

The Success Mentality vs. Excuse Mentality

You must search for opportunities, instead of excuses.

I started my online business & began making money when I was such much in chronic pain that I couldn’t even drive!

As a result, I’m a bit hardened, and I honestly have a bit of an ego (and not enough sympathy). I’m sorry I can’t be nicer. The fact is, most people look for excuses, not for opportunity.

If you’re like most other people and can work, you have no excuse not to be making what you want.

Start with applying to 100 jobs. It’s an easy goal, really. If you’re unemployed you can do this in 5 days (20 store visits / day).

This should inspire you, but for many people this will trigger them a bit.

Many people unconsciously make an ego about “the evil 1%.” I think the reason for this is because people are terrified of change (myself included), and confronting the reality that there is actually more that you could’ve (or can) do is tough.

Your situation might not be your fault, but now it’s your responsibility. I wish everyone was born rich. Oh how happy the world would be then!

Alas, many of us are born poor or in tough circumstances. When the situation is as it is, it doesn’t matter who’s fault it is. It’s your responsibility!

Anything is Possible 

So the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There are corrupt politicians, evil businessmen, and the likes of such.

But for the most part, your wealth is within your control.

In my experience, the hardest part is in breaking “success barriers.” Making money is more a game of the mind than anything else.

I know for me and my situation I’ve achieved a certain degree of consistent success.

But I’ve made my own excuses for not being more successful.

I’m at that point where I know I can and should be making more money, and working on something I’m even more passionate about, but it’s really freaking hard. 

I don’t know why this is. Ego? Unconscious feelings of inferiority? The fear of success itself? Fear of embarrassment?

I wish I knew. What do you think it is?

Just know that anything is possible. Break your goal into actionable, daily steps, and take massive action.

Anything. Is. Possible. Now go get what you want. 🙂