Merry Christmas. You were expecting iPhones & gifts, but instead I’ll be giving you my ultimate discovered secret to happiness. Sad day.

Background- My Life

For those that don’t know, I’ve suffered almost every problem in the books now. Depression? Yep. Social anxiety? Yeahh. Minor psychosis? Yuuuup, I’m one crazy motherfucker without this (and low-key you are too).

This means that I’ve tested a LOT of stuff. I’ve tried affirmations, cold plunge in the morning, obsessing over business, and a myriad of other tactics to overcome “depression” for this elusive “happiness.”

Lots of things work, but few things are permanent. This trick will last, but there’s a catch- it’s a daily habit.

In fact, it’s going to be hard as fuck. If you’re like a typical American, you’ll first experience massive withdrawal akin to that of opiate withdrawal. You then might lose your sex drive, and get very, very cranky.

And then at the end of the tunnel, bliss. It’s worth it.

Oh, and your sex drive comes back. Woohooooo!

First Know That Everything “Works,” Be Careful

Before I reveal the single trick to happiness, know that there’s a lot of things that’ll make you happy- in the short-run.

If you want to be happy now, drink a beer or smoke a joint. If you want to be happy for a decade, read on.

Also, I’m saying “be careful” because you can’t neglect other areas of your life by focusing on this one trick. I’m obviously using click-bait strategies to keep you reading.

If you use this one trick but isolate yourself in a room alone and not sleep, you will go crazy and not be happy. Happiness is a combination of things, but there is one think which scientifically is proven to be the #1 predicament in life fulfillment.

So if you’re not happy now, focus on this #1 thing. Once you have this thing down, focus on other areas of your life.

This trick is meant to serve as a “baseline” for which all things in your life come from- once you have this down, you will find other areas of your life easier to improve, and you’ll be happier in improving them.

Do understand that happiness is caused by several things, but this one thing will build the foundation for long-lasting happiness. You can fix your sleep & say fancy affirmations, but this trick will have a higher return-on-investment.

So get good sleep and say those affirmations, but only after you’ve got this one habit down.

The Discovery of a Lifetime

Recently I’ve been obsessively tracking every aspect of my life as I attempt to heal from some chronic pain.

I’m tracking energy levels, mental symptoms (depression, anxiety, etc.), social levels, diet levels, everything.

It sounds crazy, but it’s actually quite simple. I created a “Google Form,” and at the end of every night I answer the questions. It takes at most 20 minutes. For the life-changing data I’m acquiring, it’s more than worth the investment.

The data is then plotted into an Excel sheet, and calculations are made to track correlations between variables in my life.

Once I see that certain items are correlated, I can create theories about causation. All because two variables are correlated does not mean one causes a change in the other.

That’s one the experimentation is for. I then create a hypothesis (ie. better sleep increases energy levels) and set out to manipulate one variable to see if the other is affected.

You Don’t Need a PHD to be a Scientist

A huge misconception in today’s world is that you need a PHD a degree in some random field to be a scientist. That’s bullshit.

Don’t wait around for Big Pharma to find another deadly SSRI to give to “depressed” people. The truth is that some of what makes us humans happy is not profitable for huge pill companies, and so it will never be discovered by them.

You have to be your own life-advocate, and that’s exactly what I’m doing here.

I’m a fucking scientist, experimenting with drugs, supplements, food, and all other kinds of variables to best optimize my life.

Why I’m a Scientist

I’m recovering from an injury and mainstream medicine has been ineffective in treating it. Instead I’m making personal discoveries by consulting doctors around the globe and testing new hypothesis’s on myself.

The result is that suddenly I’m healing again, and reclaiming my life which I almost lost last year.

As a result of this tracking and obsession, I’ve discovered some shocking information which applies to regular people like you.

Are you ready for the ultimate secret to happiness? Here it is.

The “Baseline” Secret To Long-Term Happiness Revealed

Healthy. Eating.

Cliche as it is, hear me out. This isn’t just “eating clean,” it’s about eating what’s best for your body.

You see, “healthy eating” is made out to be this painstakingly hard task for long-term health optimization only.

The problem is that we don’t realize the immediate effects of eating poorly. And oh man, are they horrible.

Things we accept as a society such as “allergies, social anxiety, fatigue,” and other bullshit is not normal. It is the result of shit being eaten.

Companies like Doritos & McDonald’s lace their food with highly addictive substances like “High-Fructose Corn-Syrup.” They have huge budgets, and can create studies that skew the negative effects of eating such dangerous substances.

If you put a gun to my head, I’d rather smoke weed daily & drop acid once/week rather than eat McDonald’s 4 times a week. The long-term health studies & my short-term personal studies prove that McDonald’s is more dangerous than both of the above combined by far.

America’s Death Sentence: Shit Food

Obesity, even being slightly overweight, depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, ADHD, and psychosis are all caused by shit food.

Don’t believe me? Track this data yourself. But, I’ll save you the time and share my own data. Click HERE to check out my data. 

This is very hard to notice at first. When you’re used to the negative effects of shit food, you aren’t exactly motivated to quit eating unhealthy food.


“What’s the problem with one ice-cream,” you might think.

I’ll tell you what it is: one ice-cream can limit your productive hours by 1-2 hours. Your mood will drop 3-4 points using a scale of 1-10. Your social anxiety will increase by 2-3 points.

This, my friends, is the difference between approaching a beautiful woman and meeting the love of your life and being too anxious & depressed to meet her.

Also, it makes your day shit.

You of course will not realize this if you are adjusted to feeling like shit all the time.

You will begin to realize this once you start a health journey. You don’t have to eat 100% perfect yet, just “eat clean.” Watch what it does to you by the end of the week.

Give up fast food. Give up dessert. Give up treats. Give up high-fructose corn-syrup. Give up foods that make you sleepy/lethargic.

Is that 1 minute of mouth-pleasure really worth dropping your mood by 2-3 points for up to 6 hours? Is unhappiness worth it for that small burger?

Once you start eating clean, you’ll begin to notice the immediate effects of these dangerous chemicals we call “food.” You will feel so good, so alive, and forget that one kit-kat could throw off your balance for the rest of the day.

So you eat that Kit-Kat, and next thing you know you find a reason to be depressed. You get agitated waiting in the next line. You can’t focus on your homework.

You just traded 5 hours of life for 1 minute of mouth-pleasure.

You Are What You Eat

You are exactly what you eat. If you want to increase productivity, be extremely happy, confident, etc. then you need to cut out the shit food.

The hardest part is adjusting. That first month is hell because your taste buds aren’t yet adjusted to how delicious broccoli tastes.

Instead you’ve been conditioned to extremely dangerous chemicals masked as “food.”

Once you adjust though, it’s a one-way trip. You’ll never again be able to enjoy unhealthy food because you will feel the immediate effects.

You are what you eat.

We live in a society where eating shit & feeling like shit is the norm. People suffer from “problems,” and take pills to solve the problem.

The cause of almost all of this is our shitty diet.

Do you want to be happy, energetic, and full of life day-to-day? Hit “reply” and let me know if you’d like me to write an E-mail about my personal experiences in dieting and “how” to eat.

It’s a deep rabbit hole. Let me save you the troubles and tell you what works. If this E-mail inspired you in any way, please hit “reply” and let me know so I can create more content to help people in this health journey.

Merry Christmas friends! I know this isn’t the message you want to hear as you indulge in chocolate and delights, but it’s the truth. Pay close attention to how you really feel- are you truly happy?

If this E-mail receives a good response I’ll write a detailed guide on how to overcome HFCS addiction (the chemical in these “treats” and “food” that fucks us up so bad). Again, this is a tough journey, so I’ll reveal everything I’ve learned battling it.

Merry Christmas & Good Day!