Ever meet a drug addict? Probably.

Don’t be so quick to judge.

I bet you are an addict of sorts. It might be social media, escapism, or shit food.

But you probably have been, will be, or are an addict of sorts.

The “high” or “release” might just be a bit different.

All because it doesn’t come in the form of a needle doesn’t mean you’re free from addiction.

In this article, we are going to investigate the true cause of addiction, and how to be addiction-free.

Heroin: Not as Addictive as You Think? 

During the Vietnam war, at least 25% of American soldiers on the front lines admitted to using heroin.

Heroin is considered the #2 most dangerous hard drug, right under alcohol.

If it were legal, it would probably be #1.

Heroin is injected through a needle, acts fast, and works on endorphins.

If you’ve ever worked out and felt amazing after, that would be endorphins.

Imagine that times 1,000, plus a marijuana high (dopamine). That’s heroin.

So a lot of American soldiers used heroin. Like, hundreds of thousands of people.

And when they came back, something like 1-4% of soldiers retained their addiction.

Hundreds of thousands of American soldiers used heroin with no downsides and no withdrawals upon returning home.

Heroin: Incredibly Safe Short-Term

Believe it or not, heroin, morphine, and other opiates/opium is safe in the short-term.

Don’t be a fucking idiot and use it. That’s your single warning. k?

There are some short-term negative effects, but if you’re using with safe needles, the risks aren’t so high.

Even though heroin is “physically addictive,” that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re addicted on that first dose as the government would like to make you think.

In fact, most users report that you can use for weeks and quit without issue.

They use, go to sleep, feel amazing, and the next day isn’t so shit.

The problem comes with long-term usage, and a poor life situation.

So how can several American soldiers use for months/years (long-term), during a war (poor life situation), and not get addicted to heroin?

Why Use Heroin?

The better question is, why do people use heroin?

I guarantee you no heroin addict woke up and thought, “hey let’s use heroin, sounds like a great idea!”

With better high alternatives like psychedelics, and more readily available drugs like marijuana, using heroin is never anyone’s first intention.

In my personal experience, a lot of people start on heroin because they are in massive physical or emotional distress.

For example, someone might get injured and morphine really helps them in the hospital.

Then they get discharged and they’re in horrible pain.

Painkillers, as we discovered in my last article, are highly ineffective. So they turn to morphine, or heroin, or whatever-the-fuck pain-relieving drug they can get a hold of.

The other group of people use because their life situation is shit.

It starts with weed. Then cocaine. Then maybe psychs or downers.

Their escapist habits grow larger and larger.

Instead of fantasizing or playing video games, their release is in the joint.

And it gets worse and worse.

The problem isn’t marijuana, the problem is that their life sucks and they’re trying to escape it!

This is why making people felons for using heroin is a really retarded idea, and we need to end the war on drugs.

By making it harder for former heroin users to get jobs, we are effectively making their life situation worse, making it more likely they return to drugs.

Good job governments!

Contrary to the movies, no heroin user or drug addict I’ve met is a bad person.

They don’t just know how to deal with life.

And quite frankly, most people don’t know how to deal with life. The video game addict shit-talks the drug addict, and the drug addict shit-talks the video game addict. 

Grow up people! We’re all fucked!

Why American Soldiers Didn’t Get Addicted to Heroin

So why the fuck did 95-99% of American soldiers not get addicted to heroin?

They were in a horrible life situation, used often, and used for a long period of time.

And, heroin is physically addictive, right..?

I watched a very interesting video on this, click HERE for the video version of what I’m about to say.

My personal experience and research also validates the video completely.

When the American soldiers returned to the USA, they were greeted with friends, family, lovers, and an incredible life again.

The horrors of war were over. They were safe and comforted.

Studies on rats, and humans, have proven this time and time again.

When someone has an incredible life, they have no desire for heroin.

When rats are in a great environment, they don’t drink heroin-laced water. In fact, they avoid it.

However when rats are locked up in a shit cage all alone, they’ll drink heroin-laced water to their fucking death.

They will kill themselves!

The Solution to Addiction: a Great Life

Health. Wealth. Love. Happiness.

The more of these you have, the better your life will be, and the less prone you are to addiction.

The American soldiers quit cold turkey and were fine because they had support from family and friends.

The shittier your life already is, the more prone you are to addiction.

Social media is only amplifying the problem.

With the boom of social media, is it really a surprise that addiction rates are increasing exponentially?

The Vietnam soldiers didn’t return to a world of fake friends and online interaction.

They kissed their girls, hugged their moms, and drank beers with the boys.

Social media creates an illusion of connectedness.

But you’re actually lonely AF.

How long do you actually spend engaging with friends, family, and a lover?

The Key To Life: Engagement (and not Social Media Engagement)

I have a Bulgarian friend that, like a fucking idiot, got addicted to caffeine.

Like, not coffee. Literally snorting caffeine.

He quit, and is experiencing the worst withdrawals ever.

I invited him out and he said no. I insisted, convincing him it would make him feel better.

When I saw him, he was a fucking mess. He was shivering, shaking, looked sick, like he was about to die.

Another friend joined us, and the laughing and fun began.

At first he was slow to join in.

But after an hour, he was energetic, laughing, and engaged like the rest of us!

Then he stopped and turned to me:

“What the fuck? You’re RIGHT! My withdrawals have ended just because I’m out and about!”

The greatest pleasure of this world is connecting with other humans.

No drug can achieve this. There’s just something spiritual and magical about real face-to-face engagement!

The secret to life is in making friends and meeting your soulmate.

Do that, and you won’t want to use too many drugs.

In fact, you may just find that many of your addictions will fall away…

For me, I’ve noticed that many of my bad habits went away just by connecting more and more with people.

My girlfriend has inspired me to be such a better person, and it all comes with such ease!

I have to thank her especially, but also all of my other friends.

Without them, I would be nothing.

In fact, we all need someone. A friend, lover, or friends.

Your Mission: Get Out

Get out, have fun, and connect with some people.

Engage with life. 

The world is yours.