Recently I’ve been living more purposefully/authentically, and the Universe has made it very clear that I am doing so by providing me with too many synchronicity moments to make logical sense.

I probably used to be skeptical of such things given that I didn’t grow up so spiritual, but now after having read several books such as “Reality Transurfing Steps I-V” and experiencing such synchronicity I can state with firm belief that there is something “going on here.”

What I’d like to share today is some “synchronistic experiences” which I have enjoyed recently.

If you are open to such things, you will begin to notice them yourself. For example, I believe it was Carl Jung who described once speaking with a patient who told him of a dream with a specific beetle, and that exact beetle began hitting the pane of the window.

While just one incident, this is an example of synchronicity in play. If you open your mind to such spiritual truths, you will begin to notice them… all the time.

They tend to occur most often when you are living life authentically or aligned with your true self. Things just magically come together. Sometimes they magically fall apart too, but they always come back together in shocking ways.

Perhaps they fall apart because we “lose the path,” and then they start to come back together because we are back “on it.” Who knows, perhaps things falling apart is completely intended- we can’t exactly know.

Background – Darkness

I had experienced a lot of the “law of attraction” and other universal synchronicity while living in Sofia, Bulgaria. However me and my ex broke up, perhaps due to back luck, perhaps due to a lack of maturity, or perhaps because the Universe wished us to move on. It’s hard to tell.

After the break up, I did have some strange coincidences and good events that were bringing things back together, a little bit, though I missed many of my blessings and began to spiral down into a dark cloud.

The past few months have been a blur. Despite having grown a lot, learned a lot, and accomplished many things, it was for the most part mental darkness that I was in.

Soon I felt ready to move out of the darkness & derpiness, and so I purchased a 2 week trip to Montreal, Canada. I’ve visited twice before and have an established friend group and know the whole city.

And that’s when things get weird.

Welcome To The World of Synchronicity & Spirituality

I landed in Montreal and received a call upon arrival from an old friend in Cyprus- he told me some things which he thought about my ex while I was living in Cyprus.

While painful to hear, I think they were true and unfortunately negative. Being an idealist I saw the best, and he shook me out of the idealization of my ex. We had a great talk about the emotional pain of such encounters.

After that I ate at my favorite restaurant, Schwartz’s, famous for the best smoked meat sandwiches in the world! I saw some people I know that worked there. I also met a guy from the UK living in Vancouver and visiting Montreal- we enjoyed a great chat.

I left to go eat some Canadian poutine. By luck, I was given a free shot- everyone at the bar was. Things like this, where I start to receive random free things and meet good people, always show me that I’m on the right path. 

While this isn’t necessarily synchronicity entirely, getting a phone call at that exact moment from someone I have not talked on the phone with since Cyprus is strange timing, and how often do you get free drinks? Well, if you’re a girl, that might not apply…

The point is that things started to go a bit better externally for reasons unbeknownst to me, but this is where it gets weird.

It Gets Weird Here…

After a couple days I sat down at a coffee shop to read a book. 2 Indian guys and a girl sat down next to me. I started chatting with the Indian guys to ease any potential tension.

We ended up connecting, and the girl came back: “I feel like you look familiar, have we met before?” We didn’t remember each other, if we had met, so we just all started talking.

They were cool, so I decided to get their Facebook’s. When it came to the girl, she exclaimed in shock: “WE ARE ALREADY FRIENDS!”

This blew us away because we didn’t remember each other AT ALL, besides her thinking I looked “vaguely familiar.”

We decided to check the chat history. No chat history. How could we be friends???

We then decided to check when we became friends. She does not live in Montreal- she lives in Germany, but not in the cities which I was in. I had obviously traveled a ton so it would not make sense how we could’ve met based on her travel schedule.

We discovered we became friends 9 months prior. We were both in Montreal in that time. I was there for 2 weeks, and she was there for 2 months.

We tried to talk about mutual events or places we could’ve met, but we just couldn’t remember!

During this conversation I began getting anxious: I had a girlfriend at that time, and as I tried hard to search through my memory I knew that I had not been drunk, high, or otherwise blacked-out, and I value loyalty to those I love so the fact that I would have her Facebook was strange to me.

She also had a boyfriend during that time (and now) so I just couldn’t figure out why we would’ve exchanged Facebook’s. It could’ve been from an event, but then why didn’t we message each other about or after the event?

After a long time of trying to scan our memories and understand this bizarre Facebook friendship, the pieces began coming back, and soon we re-pieced back together our entire meeting!

9 months ago I was walking down the street from an international language event, Mundo Lingo. She was walking up the street with her cousin. She asked me how the event was, and I said it was good.

She saw that I was learning German, and said she lived in Germany. I told her me and my then-girlfriend now-ex were planning on moving to Germany but I was struggling figuring out my visa stuff.

Because she was an American living in Germany, she was going to give me advice on how to move to Germany with my ex. We exchanged Facebook’s, but we both forgot to message each other. Because we had no contact, the Facebook algorithm prevented us from ever seeing each other again.

She was only there for 2 months, and I was there for 2 weeks. I left to quite literally travel AROUND the entire world- I was in London, Phoenix, Heidelberg, Sofia, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai (and maybe more?). She then went to Belgium, Germany, and Italy, and also traveled around the world.

9 months later, she showed up in Montreal for just 3 weeks. I happened to show up for just 2 weeks within her 3 weeks. In the first couple days she ended up by accident in a coffee shop sitting right in front of me!

Is that not absolutely crazy? Even crazier, these happenings are happening so often that I am not even beginning to feel that they are crazy anymore…

We ended up enjoying Montreal together as friends. My other friends were quite busy with University, so it’s almost as if the Universe gave me another friend to hangout with while they were busy…

Back in Phoenix…

And then I arrived back in Phoenix. On my first day back, I was feeling pretty inspired, so I purchased a one-way ticket to Bali, Indonesia. No more sitting around moping over my ex- it’s time to go make some happiness again!

Yesterday I was going to a health restaurant, and a guy comes up to me…

“I feel like you look familiar, have we met before?” Okay, while not exactly word-for-word, it was very similar to how the Montreal girl said it.

I started talking with this guy, and we did discover that we must’ve crossed paths before 2.5-3 years ago in Phoenix. We had several mutual friends on Facebook.

We sat down, and just started a great conversation. We connected well. He was very much interested in travel, which is yet another crazy synchronicity because I have quite the experience as a world traveler now. He gave me some great advice also.

How is it that I keep meeting people from my past I had completely forgotten???

Still Getting Weirder…

Today I was at the same shop with friends, and a girl said on the phone “I want to get a tattoo.”

You know what’s weird? I want to get a tattoo. I looked at her and smiled. I picked up my order, and then came back. She was off the phone.

I told her, “you know I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo also, and I feel like it’s some sign from the Universe that you’re saying the exact same thing.”

She replied, exclaiming at the delight of universal synchronicity. I then said to her…

“I feel like you look familiar, have we met before?” She replied “I don’t know…”

I asked her for her name. I gave mine. Suddenly, we realized we HAD met before. In fact, we enjoyed a New Year’s Party from 2016 to 2017 together! We had a quick attraction between each other, but then she just wanted to be friends and I was a bit needy so we stopped talking.

We reconnected, shared some cool stories / life updates, and then we re-swapped contact info and will hangout next week sometime.

What’s crazy is that I still felt a connection with her. It was instant. It was energetic. I’m sure she felt it also.

Synchronicity & Authenticity

While these stories of repeat coincidences happening over and over may seem mind-blowing, they’re becoming the norm for me.

As I live life more authentically, the Universe rewards me in strange ways. I may reconnect with an old friend, meet someone in an exciting and random way, or otherwise experience good fortune or a twist-of-fate.

The Universe takes care of us all, IF we open ourselves up to it.

Honestly, I don’t know quite what’s going on here, but something is going on because the amount of synchronicity in my life is far beyond what is normally experienced, and it would be too much a coincidence for coincidences to happen only when I live authentically.

Live Authentically- What’s Your Story?

Do you have any story of crazy synchronicity? If so, I’d love to hear it! If not, then try “feeling out” in your heart what is most “authentic” or true to you and see what happens.

I always say that you should follow your heart because no path is guaranteed in life. You could fail follow the most-followed path, or you could succeed. Likewise for the heart. The thing with the heart is that if you follow it and you fail, you at least can have responsibility for it.

Live authentically, live true, smile, improve, and be your best self, and PAY ATTENTION to the beautiful synchronicity of the Universe we are all partaking in. (: