Nothing gets me more upset than when people say, “you’re so lucky!!!”

Ya, as if my business, skills, and hard work just MAGICALLY landed into my lap from some fairies who gifted me with an abundance of high-paying clients.

Hahhahahahha, no.

There’s no such thing as luck. That’s a mindset you NEED to develop right now!

“Luck” is simply the term we use to describe situations & events which were out of our control. Because a lot of people have low self-esteem, when they see someone really successful, they tend to call it “luck.”

Little do they know, they are simply subconsciously rationalizing the person’s success so they can justify being lazy & sad.

Trust me, there was NO luck when I:
-Filed for an LLC
-Read tons of books in Barnes n’ Noble
-Setup a payment processor
-Researched various markets
-Got out and met several clients
-Got paid for delivering value.

In my last E-mail, we talked about how you should focus on providing value so you can get paid. The world is really quite simple in that way- and there’s very little luck!

For example, let’s say you get rear-ended. Bad luck, right? Well actually, it most likely could’ve been prevented. You could’ve braked slower, had more distance between you & the car in front of you, checked your mirror to make sure the driver was attentive (and if not change lanes), and more.

I’m not saying that there is infinitely no luck. We certainly do live in a world where there is a very small degree of luck.

It’s just so small it’s not worth dwelling on. The proportion of “luck” or statistics we can’t understand 100% are so low that believing in it will kill you when it comes to success.

The world is 99.9% decisions, 0.1% luck. I’m a marketer and expert strategist- believe me, I know.

People have tried to debate me before on the topic of “products” being “lucky.” As a marketer though, I know quite clearly that there is NO SUCH THING AS LUCK. There are instead statistics we don’t have yet.

There is no such thing as a “bad luck product launch.” Every reason of failure can be determined, quantified, and prepared for next time so that the next event isn’t such a failure.

Really now. If you’ve ever called someone “lucky” when it comes to success, how can you actually believe that 100%? I’ve made the mistake before too when I was young, but now’s the time to grow up.

If someone MADE a million dollars, why should we call him “lucky?” Was that million just magically handed to him from the clouds, or maybe was there something the millionaire DID that YOU CAN DO TOO to reach said results.

I believe in the latter. I know it to be true because I’ve lived it myself. Stop making excuses. Wake up and realize that success is not a game of luck, but rather a game of strategy & skill. Figure out what the millionaires do, and do it yourself. Then watch the results- I dare you.

Let me add too, that if someone for whatever reason IS “lucky,” then it’s not worth hanging around them for advice. Remember- the odds of YOU being “lucky” as well is 0.1%.

What I mean is that, the person who was truly lucky will never know what they’re talking about. Imagine this: what if a man won the lottery twice in a row. Would you buy a course from him called “how to win the lottery?”

Any sane person would say no! You know that that man was successful but only from his LUCK, so he’s not worth being around for advice.

On the other hand, if someone who put in the time, hard work, studied hard, and never gave up released a course on “how to travel the world and run an online business,” would you buy it?

I know I’d be interested. Like I said, when successful people release things like that it’s certainly worth checking out. Books are amazing as well- you quite literally learn EXACTLY what successful people are doing, so you can repeat it and become successful yourself.

It all comes down to the numbers. If you call something “lucky,” then you aren’t paying attention (or measuring) the numbers.

Stop believing in luck. It’ll get you nowhere. True success is built by developing habits and strategies that YOU can learn too!

I’m out,