Today I was randomly browsing some YouTube videos relaxing in the shade when the reason why I love travel/adventure/business so much: waking up.

No, I’m not speaking about the kind of waking up you do at 8:03 in the morning.

What I’m referring to is whether you’re actually conscious of your life, or if you’re stuck in some kind of haze not really going anywhere.

In many of my posts, I have referred to Bulgaria as some of the happiest times of my life- the reason for that was because I was living in a foreign country, making more money than I ever had, but most importantly the entire experience forced me to be conscious.

Currently I am in Canggu, Bali (Indonesia) and feeling very alive and great also. That being said I’d also be lying if there wasn’t a tiny bit of stress/discomfort involved.

Now though I’ve learned that stress is actually good for you. It helps you grow, stay alive, and most importantly stay awake!

For example, a recent struggle I had was finding better accommodation. I was staying in a wooden bungalow that had sound transfer literally right through it, so I wanted to find something better and cheaper.

I searched over many places, drove to many locations and researched the town of Canggu.

It wasn’t always pleasant, but it was necessary. I’ve now moved into a place which is in a prime location and just $425 for one month! That being said, there still might be better so I’m giving it a shot for a few days and then going with the flow.

I also have other goals/things up in the air such as whether I’ll go to Bangkok or stay longer, when a friend will come visit me in Thailand, etc. (the list goes on and on, such as where I’ll do yoga too, etc.).

Adapting to Bali while also getting a social life, handling business stuff, and all the other things of travel is not easy. It’s not always pleasant either.

It does keep me awake though, more than anything else. This is also why I’ve previously enjoyed “picking up girls” so much (or being in a great relationship). Sales is also exhilarating because you have to be very conscious to succeed in it.

I’ve also made a commitment to become excellent in Facebook Ads, and while not all days are pleasant, it sure keeps me awake too. Today I got a client 2 new leads for just $14 which feels amazing, but the next day I may waste $20 and I will feel frustrated.

But it’s worth it- and it’s not worth trading for anything.

What is “Waking Up?”

Waking up is more a feeling of general aliveness than anything else. It’s something you can’t easily put into words but rather just feel.

Deep down you know whether you’re awake or not. You know whether you’re truly living on the edge or losing yourself to a derp state.

In Phoenix for the past few months, I spent too much time not conscious. I was derping on video games, moping around about my ex, and while a lot of the tears were necessary I also was neglecting growth.

It also just didn’t feel like I was actually growing or improving, or that I was completely alive- perhaps that’s because of the long commutes because the family home is so far away from the center.

There’s just something about being completely independent, alone, and out in the world that makes me feel so alive. Better than alive, I’d say it wakes me up.

Again the same is true of entrepreneurship. Working a job was a derpy thing to do, but now my income rests on my own shoulders. Everything is my responsibility, and that wakes you up- fast!

It should be noted that being “awake” doesn’t always mean you’re completely happy or feeling good, however being awake tends to make you feel better.

If you’re practicing gratitude along with being authentic/living “on the edge” to be awake, then you will likely feel amazing- this is where I’m at right now.

Are You Awake?

The more I grow, the more I realize just how asleep I was and how so much of the world is. It feels like I’ve truly broken out of some matrix.

Freedom is invaluable. Working hard on it brings such a sense of purpose to my life.

One quote looms in the back of my mind is I write all of this- Tim Ferriss in his book “The 4 Hour Work Week” states something critical: boredom is the enemy.

As soon as you become bored with life, you aren’t really living.

I feel finally fresh again, here in Bali is where I’m meant to be right now, for I am so awake.

Everything is worth waking up for, otherwise I don’t think you’re really living life.

Are you awake?