What happened to Driving The Universe? This “blog,” which is hardly a blog anymore, started out with a lot of ambiguity.

One of my mentors a few years ago told me to collect 100 Emails and start writing newsletters, so I just did it.

Turns out I’m fairly alright at copywriting (in ads as well), so I kind of kept writing and inviting new friends to join the blog.

A lot of people would write back with their thoughts on my life experiences, and so it turned into a unique “idea exchange” of sorts- so it felt for me. I would then publish new ideas, etc.

That was in the beginning, but over the years I stopped caring to promote it. I stopped asking new friends for their Emails, and slowly I started removing links to join it.

The “blog” had changed as well, in a way it sort of turned into a public journal of my own, especially after breaking up with a girl I dated for almost a year and I spiraled into darkness.

To be honest, this “blog” ended up having no clear intent. I was just writing different thoughts and ideas, and mimicking what a mentor told me to do- but I had forgotten the purpose for collecting the Emails, which was eventually to promote something, or build an audience to promote things to down the line.

But I never did any of that…

One friend living in Bulgaria responded to a blog post I had written, and I was completely shocked- I had forgotten I posted a link to sign up to my blog on my Instagram, and I removed the link.

I’m not sure why this intuitive rapid de-promotion of my own content started, but I have in a way my ex-girlfriend to thank for that.

The “blog” fueled a lot of my own arrogance, and she rightfully called me out on it.

I was writing as if I was an expert on many different subjects, and while I may “know” a lot, I hadn’t experienced a lot. What I mean is that I hadn’t tested many of the ideas that I was writing about, so a lot of it turned into a ton of fluff.

It also turned into a public journal of sorts, like the type of stuff I was comfortable getting responses to. Sometimes I’d write a post, then just publish it private so no one saw it.

Over the years I realized that this blog had no clear intent. I received some feedback on that as well, which woke me up to the reality (thank you!!).

In short:

This blog was intended to be used to promote different business stuff, but it ended up turning into a complete mess, a kind of promotional journal, and ended up also kind of being a waste of my own time.

That’s not to say that it’s all bad- the “public journal” has helped a lot of people through my writing, the point that I’m trying to make here is there was never any intent.

I’m trying to live in 2020 with a lot more intent, and also be careful of my weaknesses.

While this blog had many positive aspects, it also highlighted many of my weaknesses, such as:

  • Derpiness / aimlessness (lack of intent)
  • Arrogance (assuming I knew more about reality than I did)
  • Victim mentality (writing endless stories about the break up, confusion, darkness, etc.)
  • Lack of my own self-assuredness in decision-making

This is why I’ve been writing less and less as the months go on. Or the posts have been shorter and lacking clarity. Or just straight-up promotion for new projects that I was working on, and half-assed promotion at that!

With experiencing “real” successes in all areas of life, I’ve felt less-inclined to work on this, however that’s not to say that I won’t reactivate this project with more intent in 2020.

I’m writing this for those of you that have been around since the beginning, and have been confused as to why my writing has been less & less.

It also will explain why I’ve deleted many posts + links, locked some posts, etc.- until I discover a new intent for this Email stuff, I won’t be promoting it, and as it stands Driving The Universe is basically a public journal more than anything else.

Also note: the thoughts on this section are a bit jumbled, there was quite a few different events that happened that changed the course of things.

Anyways [