Whatever happened to the childlike wonder in each of us? Is it still there, or must we accept life as is?

Is it possible to discover that feeling of ultimate feeling & joy? That feeling that you can tackle the world and be whatever you want to be?

I don’t know.

Somewhere along the way things “change.”

You have debts. You work a job where other people tell you what to do. You give up a few of your passions, and start studying all day long.

Friendships become stagnate, the best of human interaction reserved for relationships- if you’re lucky to find love, otherwise you sit staring at your phone screen across from your date.

Speaking of phones, the internet used to be a thing of awe.

Magical articles & endless information could be discovered. I still remember the days before the internet where you had to.. you know, TALK to people.

Is it the fault of modern society? Was is it in life that creates so much lack?

It seems that somewhere along the way from 10 to 20 things start to change.

You get limiting beliefs, beliefs about money, and you start judging & thinking about things.

Life gets lived in the head. Magical moments become less & less frequent. Colors fade.

You can try escape, but it seems to come from everywhere. Everyone is telling you “the magic fades,” and everyone grows old, and everyone dies.

We are surrounded by people not following their dreams. We are surrounded by people that don’t realize sugar is deadly AF, and so continue with deadly habits blind like pigs to the slaughter.

Maybe it’s modern society. Perhaps we were meant to live one as nature.

Every night we used to enjoy a wonderful spectacle of the stars, and now you have to travel for hours to get a proper view of the galaxy.

And that’s if you’re lucky. If you’re in Western Europe or any other super crowded region of the world, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever get a proper glimpse of the galaxy in your lifetime.

The streets are noisy, people are constantly stressed. People aren’t fit, instead they sit in a chair all day long.

Are you really surprised that we suffer from so many health issues? We sit in chairs all day, eat shit food, and that is it. 

Distractions are everywhere. Ping pong boop, you have a text, like, and follow!

“Open me, open me,” calls the phone.

Happy moments are reduced to photographs to post on Instagram.

Entire communities are wiped out in favor of “individualism.” Why work with someone when you can make all the money in the world online?

Time seems to run out. Chores fill the day. Tasks are required of you. The stress is constant, and unconscious habits pop out.

You have 24 hours in a day, yet you can hardly manage.

It doesn’t matter if you’re making $6 or 6 figures, you have some type of money problem for sure.

Addictions everywhere. Video games. Drugs. Social media. Tv. Netflix. YouTube. Food.

And what of it brings real meaning?

Did that next YouTube video fulfill you? Did the next round of Fortnite soothe the pain?

I’m talking to myself when it comes to Fortnite…

And what of the colors of each day? How would you feel resting forever tonight?

“Maybe tomorrow,” and if not tomorrow then the best moment was always “yesterday.”

Perhaps it’s that every life path is filled with pain.

Many envy me for traveling the world, but do not doubt for once that it has its yang also…

Relationships are hard. Friendships go. It’s magic, until you realize it’s just life.

And here’s the biggest frustration of it all: it seems that every turn puts you right back where you started, at least to an extent.

You can graduate school with perfect grades, get your dream job, get that perfect partner, and even eat healthy but still have that nagging feeling…

Maybe it’s human nature to be blind to fulfillment, so that we always keep moving forward. Or perhaps we can move forward fulfilled, but how?

I don’t know man. The child-like sense of wonder leaves everyone at some point, and I guess we gotta find a way to bring it back.

This is a very backwards world we live in, and we’ve gotta accept that.

No one can deny that we are far from the evolutionary path we were designed to walk. Modern life is like playing a 2018 video game on a 2004 computer: the hardware (our brains) can’t handle it!

I refuse to believe the child-like wonder is gone forever though.

I think meditation, and finding your authentic purpose could help. Surrounding yourself with great people must be a big key to this as well. Don’t forget being healthy, too!

Where it might be, I shall seek to find.

Got any suggestions for where to look? Let me know & I shall go..