It’s 1AM, I’m tired, but damnit I figured it out (and no I’m not high)! Ready to know the truth about fulfillment? Okay, read on…

This world-travel stuff has been incredible: it feels like every day there’s a new epic adventure, and a new great lesson that comes with it. Today, my front tire on my bicycle got stolen during a 1 hour nap. I could’ve got mad, instead I took action. Within 1 hour, I met someone who coincidentally was trying to get rid of his extra bike. $40 CAD for a newer, better bicycle (only a few $ more than the cost of a new tire). Oh, and I got a free bike lock with it. SCORE!

My point? Instead of reacting to the bullshit of my bike tire getting stolen in the middle of the day during a nap, I said “maybe.” There’s power in the word “maybe.” By replying with “maybe” to situations that happen to you, they lose their power and you become the creator of your destiny. I even said “maybe” to the good fortune of meeting a drugged-up mechanic selling a new bicycle for whatever reason.

Sometimes I feel like my life is Grand Theft Auto 5. Instead of being the character and over-reacting and screaming (I missed an important meeting), I went on a hilarious adventure with some really high stranger. The full story is fucking hilarious, and it’s on my Snapchat if you want to see it within the next 18 hours: SatoriSecrets

I’m sure you’re wondering, “Michael, the hell does this have to do with fulfillment?” This small event, with the awareness I brought into it (and thus remembering every past event like it), I realized that there are things that are simply out of our control. However there are also things totally in our control. Our society seems backwards: We act as if good fortune is in our hands, and give up our personal ability to make decisions!

Play the game of luck no more. Say “maybe” to everything that happens to you. I felt a bit of pain losing my bike, and I felt a small high getting a new bike for a ridiculously cheap price (normal price: $250 CAD easily). What’s the point of playing the game of luck? By not reacting to the event, I can take proper action which is where fulfillment comes from. I now have two bike locks to apply to one bicycle, and both bicycles to sell later to make all my money back before I leave Montreal.

It hit me just minutes ago: Fulfillment comes in the result of your action. They say “Money doesn’t make you happy.” That’s bullshit. Winning the lottery will not make you happy- it happened to you. Working hard to become a millionaire will be massively fulfilling, and every dollar spent will be spent with wholeness.

If simple things like losing a tire on a bicycle bother you deeply, then you are not fulfilled in life. My observations and therefore guess would be that you do not take purposeful action, and instead live on the pendulum of life- every high, and every low bothering you. Be at the cause of results by taking action (in my case searching for the lost tire nearby and remaining open to meeting people). Do not be at the effect (reacting negatively to losing the tire).

A book I recommend on this is “The Kybalion.” It’s a super hard read, but once understood will change your life.

Now you know that fulfillment comes from the results of what you purposefully do, and to be fulfilled you need to take purposeful action. Don’t rely on “luck” or things happening to you, be the creator of your destiny!!!

Tell me now: What purposeful thing will you be doing this week?
Byeeeeee:) -Michael

P.S. I am not a super enlightened being; I fall prey to rage/highs occasionally too. This is a daily practice for all of us, one which I realized through personal observation. I am most fulfilled regardless of circumstances on days where I DO something. While “winning” or “getting” things feels good, earning and creating feels best. Good luck and good night!! -Michael J. K.