Recently a friend/reader responded to my “Follow Your Heart” post, specifically the parts about Universal Synchronicity & strange coincidences when you’re following your heart because the Universe is actually energetically connected. I also wrote a post completely about Universal Synchronicity which was referenced.


Okay, I wish I had a damn recorder on me. For the past few weeks to month of my life, I’ve been living a lot more authentically, and Universal Synchronicity has been happening on the daily to the point that it’s not even surprising me anymore!

I could write a huge essay on every synchronicity that has happened, but I’ll save you the details. A short example would be just now, I decide to write this article and BAM! The people behind me in this coffee shop start going on about synchronicity in the world.

It’s happening so often it’s not even surprising anymore. But, what does it mean?

My friend/reader told me she just bought a one-way abroad from her country to be happy because she’s struggling to get over her ex. We both experienced break ups in the same month.

She was later scrolling her Facebook feed, and saw her ex was going to the same city abroad she was going to! This all happened after she read my posts on “Following Your Heart” (authenticity creating synchronicity) and “Universal Synchronicity.”

Coincidence? Step 1, decide to be happy. Buy ticket abroad. Step 2, read my blog posts on authenticity & synchronicity. Step 3, realize that your ex is going to the same place.

What does it mean? Well, I gave her a long response (as I always like to do) and thought that others could benefit from the long response to her.

The question was essentially, “what is the meaning of synchronicity?” For the sake of time, I’ll write my answers now, and then you can also read my response to her Email, which will be the section beneath this next one.

What is the Meaning of Synchronicity?

I feel like the meaning of synchronicity is open to interpretation in the moment, but the real answer always reveals itself in the end. Because we can’t always know what’s going on we sometimes just have to observe & continue with the flow.

Like many things in life, we don’t know the answer until it reveals itself. During the act, we are clueless. That’s part of the joy & beauty of life.

Sometimes the meaning of a synchronicity will be abundantly clear, whereas in other times it will be quite vague.

An example of a clear synchronicity would be me struggling to decide whether to stay on the beach or in the mountains in Bali. I was leaning towards the beach because I love surf. Then when I was feeling that, my yoga instructor told me “a restless mind is like the waves, and you must learn to surf the waves” (or something like that, not exact).

It instantly became clear that Canggu (the surf village on the beach) was definitely the right, most authentic and aligned choice for me.

Other synchronicity in my life has been less clear, but became clear later on. For example I noticed when I arrived back in Phoenix I instantly connected with a new friend who also was struggling with a break up.

Now I’ve realized just how much he’s helped me grown, and I’ve also helped answer questions about his own life which he never realized as well (such as personality theory & chronic pain healing).

I also have synchronicity in my life which I can’t make certain of, such as coincidences involving my ex, or meeting a girl I went out with over 2 years ago, who also strangely is getting over a recent break up also!

All that we can say certainly is that we indeed live in an energetic, ever-connected world. Any world traveler will tell you that because the degree of which I’ve traveled makes coincidences like what I’ve experienced too impossible to account for statistics. The energetic truth of this world becomes more apparent the more intent you get in your actions (authenticity) too.

When it comes to interpreting synchronicity, if the answer is not abundantly clear (and it should feel calm, not like you need to prove anything) then you should just let it be and not try to ascribe too much meaning to it prematurely. You don’t want to give false meaning to something which will later end up meaning something else!

At any rate, you can enjoy the synchronicity for what it is: energetic connection. In the case of my ex, as well as my friend’s ex, it could mean that we are meant to com back together, or that perhaps me & my reader are connected in some way because we are experiencing this thing together, OR in my opinion, which could very well be wrong, it means that we are still energetically connected to our exes.

Whether more or less is supposed to happen with our exes as a result of this energetic connection is up for time to reveal, but in the meantime we can all enjoy the dance of life.

In short, synchronicity is the proof of the world being energetic. It may also exist to help us realize that we can use “law of attraction” or visualize to harness these energies to manifest what we want.

Sometimes the meaning is abundantly clear. Sometimes it isn’t, but then you must have faith that it will show itself eventually. Be careful not to be too quick to come to a conclusion- take your time and the answer will reveal itself. Synchronicity does happen for a reason!

My Email Response

My email response is mostly the same but has some different examples / explanations. Note: some edits have been made to preserve confidentiality. Note 2: I did not fix typos.

Hey [name], thanks for your response as always! (: I love getting responses like these. I didn’t respond so soon because I wanted some time to respond to it with more depth, to actually read everything. A half-assed response is no response!

Honestly I don’t know what to say. My ex actually reached out to me yesterday. She ended up listening to me and my side, which is all I ever wanted in the relationship- was to feel heard. Now that she’s given me exactly what I needed, I don’t know how I feel about things entirely yet. It was also rather strange timing for her to reach out to me [reasons undisclosed even to reader].

So you must be kind of feeling the same way, trapped and confused. Uncertain of what all this means. Honestly I can’t say that I know what it means, I could only hypothesize and even then it could be wrong. 

It could mean that you two will find your way back to each other, but I don’t want to give you false hope. It’s better to assume the latter, which is simply that you two are energetically connected still, and that energy is fading out. It could be some test of the Universe. It could mean that spiritually you are both connected and so both felt compelled to take a trip to [city] (nothing we ever do is really by our own design, we are all influenced by all others all at the same time).

That being said your motive for going was really fascinating- what I find crazy & synchronistic here is how you made a decision to be happy, and then you observed a synchronicstic experience with your ex (he also shall be traveling to the Netherlands). I also have recently made a decision to be happy, by traveling to Bali, and then my ex decided to reach out to me and give me the 1 thing which I always wanted from the relationship. 

Now we both feel conflicted. It is meaning for sure, there is definitely something going on, but be careful not to ascribe to it any meaning [prematurely]. For example, it could mean that “you and I are meant to be” (don’t take this literally, it’s just a very figurative example), as we are both experiencing a break up. It could also mean that “you and I are meant to re-unite with our exes.” Or it could also just mean “you and I are energetically and synchronicstically connected, while also still energetically connected to our exes, and so attracting strange coincidences and circumstances in our life to confuse us.”

Note: I want to make very clear I don’t actually mean that me and the reader are “meant to be” together, I was just giving an absurd example of how many interpretations there are to any synchronicity. Generally speaking the answer is the most obvious one, or answer of least effort required to obtain- simplicity is golden, however in any case when unclear give it more time for the truth to reveal.

I also have 2 friends here in Phoenix that are struggling to get over break ups- one near the same time period, and another which happened a couple weeks ago, and me and that girl actually went out over 2 years ago here in Phoenix! We met all by chance, in very strange & coincidental ways. The girl I went out with “back then” I synchronistically met something like 4 or 5 times in one week. However [undisclosed, basically I can’t figure out the meaning of meeting that girl again].

Or, perhaps all of this is happening to remind us that the law of attraction is real, and that there are strange energies occurring. It just occurred to me that these synchronistic things could have inherently no meaning, yet have meaning as a result of having no meaning. What I mean is that we are simply energetically connected, and that’s why these things happen, but they don’t happen for us to reunite with our ex but rather to remind us of the energetic forces in life. 

Wow, that was much longer than I thought it would be. I wish I could say more about your situation, but I felt I could only help you by sharing my situation a bit to reveal just that synchronicity is a strange and unpredictable phenomenon that leaves the meaning open for interpretation. While I do believe that there is inherent meaning in almost every “coincidence,” and that it is Universal synchronicity, I would also advise against ascribing it too much meaning (unless the meaning is clear) and let things play out as they may- and then in the end things will make sense. 

One final example of this would be me undecided of whether I should stay in Canggu (surfing) or Ubud (mountains) in Bali. My heart leaned towards Canggu, then I went to yoga and the instructor told me that “when the mind is rough it is like waves, and we need to learn to surf the waves.” They have never met a water/surf reference EVER before. In this case it was quite apparent that Canggu was indeed the right choice, and I should follow-through with it. 

In the cases of our exes, and what strange happenings may be with that, I can’t comment on what they mean, though I do have my suspects, but enjoy the dance and let it play out as it may.