Did you know most people in even the “Western World” live paycheck to paycheck?

That’s horrible. People aren’t accounting for potential issues that could arise such as a medical issue, home issue, or car/other issue.

People simply don’t have the cash reserves to sustain themselves if shit hits the fan.

For example, in today’s video I show you my wasp-infested AirBNB apartment. If you were tight on cash, you might have to stay in the apartment or go through frustrating customer support to get your money back.

In this scenario, I easily got my money back. But what if this was a different transaction without security, and I was scammed? What if this was your apartment and you had to pay for a pest removal surface due to the damage?

If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, you don’t have the cash reserves for this. Good luck dealing with 50+ wasps!

In today’s video, we talk about exactly why you NEED to get rich. Check it out by clicking HERE now.